1. Bottom line is we’re going broke, borderline homeless with high gas and food prices. Not to mention the insane rent prices that no one can afford.

    1. @Titanium 147 no its not price gouging. It’s inflation and then they adjust prices accordingly based on what they pay to get items created and shipped to you. Also lockdowns closed mom and pop stores but didn’t close big businesses so the politicians are why there is record profits. Why are oil companies making records profits you ask? Because Biden said he’d end oil production and has severely limited drilling. If you were selling something and the president said he’d put you out of business you’d raise cost in an effort to mitigate those losses too. It’s not that every business suddenly got greedy, regulations lead to cost increases for everyone and it will always be the bottom that pays. Tax them more like democrats want and you’ll pay more not them.

    1. Notice the complete silence. Almost like they know they messed up big time. Acting like dogs with tails tucked in-between their legs. The more messed up thing is that there are some of them that are still proud of this failure of a leader and are willing to defend him tooth and nail.

  2. Yeah, Joe, stay optimistic. You are not having to live it. Heads up though, you are in for a rude shock in the coming months.

    1. @Stoned Homer 10 things Brandon should never say again:

      Corn Pop
      Come on Man!
      I got hair legs
      I like it when kids sit on my lap
      My son’s the smartest person I know
      With notable exceptions
      You know the the thing
      Fire two blasts in the air

  3. Wait “trickle down” 🤯 hadn’t I heard that before? 🤯🤯🤯 God I HATE this administration 🤬

  4. My fellow Americans, due to rising inflation, I am going to make sure that I send billions of taxpayer dollars to a different country. But we’re making progress!

    1. @Titanium 147 so pumping oil out of the ground in countries other than the USA will help with climate? How about the fact that the USA pumps oil cleaner that the countries we get it from? Oh and to get the oil from other countries, it is shipped on tankers, transported by train and truck, which do what? Oh that’s right they burn up more fuel than anything. So how are we helping the climate by doing this?

    2. @Mr. Wolf we don’t help the climate. People just want to live a temporary lifestyle of lavish comfort by destroying everything in the process.

    3. @xplicitDe the climate will be fine. We have data on climate for about 100 years. Earth is billions of years old, it’ll be fine.

  5. Great leadership as always Joe! Blame someone else for the problems if this country without taking ownership of the issues!

    1. That’s all they ever do & Trumps been out for almost two years. If Biden would happen to run again & win another term he would still be blaming Trump smh.

    2. You all are so ungrateful. I’m sure we will save at least 17 cents on our hot dogs this 4th of July. A whole penny more than last year. What more do you want?!?

  6. Everytime Biden gets asked about the economy: “Look at all we have done”
    Everyone else: “Look where it got us”

    1. @Eric w You just started an important point that is always glossed over.

      The Dems actually wanted a lot MORE spending during covid. If Dems had it their way, we’d be at 12-16% inflation.

  7. Gee, Thanks, Joe, I feel so much better knowing you’re in charge.
    Hey, and thanks to all you who voted for him.

    1. I don’t know anybody that voted for him. People I know that voted for Obama many years ago, voted for Trump these last 2 presidential elections 🤔

  8. With the prior administration, the economy was hitting on all cylinders from mid-2017 until the start of COVID, gas prices lowest in history (adjusted for inflation), ultra low unemployment. None of that can be denied and economic factors are what drive the morale of this country. We are reaching a low point, one that we haven’t seen since the Carter presidency.

    1. @GamblerToGuru news flash Trump is not currently president. Forget the 65. The 5 plus in gas prices the price for food and goods

  9. This guy speaks about things that will truly never effect him. Thank God our country only has 4 year terms…

  10. The country destabilized as soon as super bumbler Brandon seated himself in the White House. I miss the low gas prices, low inflation, controlled southern border, and peace in Europe that President Trump gave us.

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