Biden Recognizes Armenian Genocide, Slammed By Turkish Foreign Ministry | MSNBC 1

Biden Recognizes Armenian Genocide, Slammed By Turkish Foreign Ministry | MSNBC


NBC’s Monica Alba reports on President Biden’s statement released earlier where he becomes the first U.S. president to acknowledge the mass killing of Armenians as a “genocide.” Leaders before Biden failed to acknowledge the event as a genocide over diplomatic fear of angering Turkey.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Biden Recognizes Armenian Genocide, Slammed By Turkish Foreign Ministry | MSNBC


    1. @President Joe Biden Technically, your statement is completely worthless to those who already know about the time Obama acknowledged the Armenian Genocide back in 2015.

    2. Important Public Announcement

      The Maricopa audit is confirming the rumors, that real ballots have a special watermark. No wonder the Democrats tried to stall.

    3. First thing Bidens done right. Now let’s talk about CCP genocide happening right now. I’m sure the CEO’s in bed with CCP will stop using slave labor.

    4. @Bat Boy Well, the word Genocide was made after the Holocaust, a few decades after the Armenian Genocide, so not 100 years. Still shameful.

    1. While Turks fighting against western block their own people Armanians decided to plunder neighbot villages, they killd tens of thousands of innocent people. Then Germany told Ottomans to send Armenians away.

    2. hitler based his genocide on transatlantic slave trade. Stalin genocided after hitler. America genocided the Middle East. china is now genociding muslims. everyone knows about past genocides. it doesn’t stop it form happening over and over again. it probably motivates dictators

    3. @Art Station Ideas maybe you should learn what Genocide means, not only what it means but why that word was created, you might learn something you brainwashed zombie

    4. Important Public Announcement

      The Maricopa audit is confirming the rumors, that real ballots have a special watermark. No wonder the Democrats tried to stall.

    1. Read about the Armenian Gangs (tasnak,hincak) killed about 500000-1.5 million kurd and turks in east Turkey.

    2. Joseph is the new Teddy Roosevelt. Support him. All men are created equal and endowed with inalienable rights!
      Among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. I’m proud to be American again.
      Peace & Prosperity.

    3. “Logic and evidence controvert the allegation of genocide. Reliable statistics demonstrate that slightly less than 600,000 Anatolian Armenians died during the war period of 1912-22. Armenians indeed suffered a terrible mortality. But one must likewise consider the number of dead Muslims and Jews. The statistics tell us that more than 2.5 million Anatolian Muslims also perished. Thus, the years 1912-1922 constitute a horrible period for humanity, not just for Armenians. Armenians cooperated with Russian invaders of Eastern Anatolia in wars in 1828, 1854, and 1877. Between 1893 and 1915 Ottoman Armenians in eastern Anatolia rebelled against their government — the Ottoman government — and joined Armenian revolutionary groups, such as the notorious Dashnaks and Hunchaks. They armed themselves and spearheaded a massive Russian invasion of eastern Anatolia.”
      “In Erzurum, 50,000 civilians were massacred by Armenian gangs, while in Van 45,000, Kars 17,000, Igdir 15,000, Erzincan 13,000, Diyarbakir 12,000 and Muş 10,000,”

    1. Yeah, and now let me hear about the American genocide on the American natives. That statement will too be coming from the American government. Any minute now. Just wait for it.

    2. @Mocro Lion they talk about it all the time, and have repeatedly acknowledged it in the past. Unlike turkey and erdogan, who lies about it and tried to suppress the truth

    3. @hermatred On the federal level the US government never acknowledged the genocide. Please stop lying.

    4. @Mocro Lion it’s been repeatedly acknowledged through the Executive, acts of Congress and Supreme Court decisions. What are you talking about?

    5. @Kevin Wolfe he’s using “Whataboutism” to somehow justify the genocide of more than 1.5 million Armenians

  1. An ottoman walks into a bar and the bartender says “Sorry, we don’t serve ottomans in here”, and the ottoman says…

    “Well, you oughta, man!”

    1. Important Public Announcement

      The Maricopa audit is confirming the rumors, that real ballots have a special watermark. No wonder the Democrats tried to stall.

    2. @George Kirakosyan I’ll guess I’ll just start up my own channel called the Nazi let’s see how that long that lasts

  2. i’m a turk. i know my history, i know what makes me proud and i know what makes me ashamed. i have turkish friends, i have armenian friends, i have american friends; and this is a great day for all of us. don’t let any rich man in a suit try to convince you otherwise.

    1. so…im a turk too … but this does not mean that i have to call it ‘genocide’ when it wasnt one… 03.01.1919-10.08.1921 malta juridical process by GB and france (GB had full access to the ottoman archives) …result was no evidence for genocide….ok lets go a step a few years further…erdogan (i dont like him) offert to armenia to open both archives (turkeys too) and build a indipendent historian commission to solve this question for both nations…result was that armenia didnt want to….why? maybe because it feels good to play the victim role…maybe the armenians think ‘hey the jews where a victim of the holocoust look how they are now and in this way we could have our own fake holocoust for our benefits’ ..the only thing i know is that indipendent historians have to give a statement not politicians who serve for a lobby

    2. I feel the same way. The only Turks disagreeing are those brainwashed by the Turkish gov/education system or their families

  3. “Nothing can bring them back at least admit to your crimes, and look these kids in the eyes as they watch their mothers demise”

  4. He acknowledged it as a genocide, because that’s what it was. Should have been acknowledged (politically and publicly) a long time ago.

  5. I really don’t understand why we didn’t do this a long time ago. So what if it hurts Turkey’s “feelings”

    1. @Maryann Smith You’re comparing 100 years ago with the present. Are you stupid? Then look at the Turkish population in Greece and Bulgaria (past-now). Did they commit genocide against the Turks?

    2. @OSCAR III-b “Every WW1 doc” HAHA Tells us what else you don’t know. Hey, I’m all for recognizing the archives once Brits open them up, except they won’t because they’d equally be guilty. Sit down.

  6. Turkey or any country should not deny what happened hundred years ago. Just say ” yes our stupid leaders that time was crazy”.

    1. we should not deny what happened in this country when the native people we slaughtered, infected, moved from their tribal lands into wretched areas that can barely sustain life and, NO I am not native American – just one that looks at the sad history of our country and the heartless thing we have done

    2. @merrily beck yeah, I hope turkey and other countries start calling the US out for the Native American genocide. It’s time to let all of the cats out of the bag lol

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