Biden Remembers Former Sen. John Warner As 'A Man Of Conscience' 1

Biden Remembers Former Sen. John Warner As ‘A Man Of Conscience’


President Biden delivered remarks at the funeral for former Sen. John Warner. The president reflected on how he served his country and praised him as "a man of conscience, character and honor."

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Biden Remembers Former Sen. John Warner As 'A Man Of Conscience'


    1. Sadly today’s Republicants in Congress are enemies of the American people, but great friends with the Russians and Chinese!

    2. @Richard MacLean So enemies and not opponents? I guess I agree – I would not be friends with any BLM/Antifa terrorism supporter.

  1. Biden has always put country before party. Once upon a time, there were Republicans who did, too.

    1. @Sam Steffen Sam you have guts and brains, do not let the bots get to you.They will try to pull you back.

    2. Msnbc is the only “news” channel where there is actually more the ln one person who still supports Biden. Every other comment section is anti Biden. Msnbc viewers are the last group of Biden supporters

    3. @adam hurst : You wish that were true. Biden’s overall approval is around 55%. Trump never surpassed 50% once during his entire term.

    1. How unfortunate that Republicans have chosen the path that they are on. They have lost the traits you mention and they have lost sight of reality.

  2. Great speech of remembrance with empathy and respect, from a really solid and inspiring President. The former guy would simply not be capable of this. Not even close.

    1. @Paul Copland without doubt, trumpsollini gop are fossilised in past times and delusional about reality with foxy news murkdog trumpeting their glory

    2. Yeah Biden regurgitated what someone else told him to say. You people only bring up character which is subjective btw instead of policy. This guy is a failure, but at least doesn’t tweet rude accurate things.

  3. Empathy is the key. Especially towards the citizens. We all know tRump doesn’t have empathy anywhere in his body, and the republicans with a couple of democrats don’t have any either. Biden has more empathy in his pinky than they’ll ever have.

    1. Dan why is every liberal retort an ad hominem attack? And it’s always some childish insult it’s never some fact or statistic. There are no Biden lovers only Trump haters. And you only hate him because you were brainwashed to.

    2. C’mon man don’t be racist dogfaced pony soldier, I bet you never said a military term like traitor until one of your cult leaders started saying that nonsense.

  4. Well he also delivered a gushing eulogy for former grand cyclops klansman Robert Byrd. So so much for Biden’s judgment.

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