Biden Remembers Richard Trumka As 'A Great Labor Leader' 1

Biden Remembers Richard Trumka As ‘A Great Labor Leader’


President Biden began remarks by remembering his close friend AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka after he passed away at age 72 from a heart attack.
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  1. Joe Biden used to drive an 18 wheeler but that was after he kicked cornpop out of the community pool because he had afro Sheen in his hair and he would wear a bathing cap.

  2. Biden doesn’t remember anything. He reads what he is told to read, asks questions from reporters he’s told to ask and leaves when he’s told to leave.

    1. @Chris_P_Bacon Biden said he ran for president for 3 reasons and can only remember 2 of them. Biden ended several of Trumps policies and restarted them. Sound to me like he’s NOT better in the slightest.

    2. @Hari Seldon He plagiarized his great 2020 speech. Says you ain’t black and can’t make a coherent sentence. You just described Biden! Hunter, the crack head, is the smartest person he knows!

    3. @Hari Seldon you know the White house is selling crack head Hunter Biden’s art for political favor, right? I’m sure you’ll try to find a way to justify that though. Idk why lesser people always look the other way when one of your… I mean their… kind does something illegal. Truly disgusting.

  3. Joe Biden wakes up in a different world everyday. Every word that comes out of that man’s mouth is a lie.

    1. @jeck jeck numbers are up because tater head is releasing positive illegals into our country and everyone knows it except you get some help you need it

    2. @sour kush
      LMAO, GOP fascists being literal super spreaders has NOTHING to do with it. Reich wing game: ”Blame the immigrants, always.” It’s the only way you can get those racists to vote at all:/

    3. @Censored User Oh cause he forgot something. Wow it would be one thing if you focused on Biden’s actual policies than a verbal slip-up. The fact that you are melting down over a verbal slip-up says a lot.. Explain Biden’s actual policies and why you oppose them and I am happy to understand your opinion. If you don’t want to explain Biden’s policies, you are exemplifying a person with Biden derangement syndrome who focuses on verbal slip-ups to deflect from policy. Look, Biden is suffering from cognitive decline, but why are you melting down over a verbal slip-up. I would apply the same standard with Trump’s verbal slip-ups and Biden’s verbal slip-ups. I’m not gonna melt down over a verbal slip-up. Rather I’m going to focus on policy.

    4. @Sarah F. 4.2 Trump is not Putin’s puppet. Trump was pretty tough on Russia. For example, he signed a bill establishing sanctions on Russia. He also pulled out of the INF treaty.

  4. Was that while Biden drove an 18 wheeler? Or maybe when he worked in the coal mines? I bet it was when he was fighting Corn Pop…That was a bad dude.

  5. I like you all on MSNBC’s post. The msnbc-loyalists on the other handtalk about living in fairy-land

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