Biden responds to Cuomo resigning amid sexual harassment scandal | USA TODAY 1

Biden responds to Cuomo resigning amid sexual harassment scandal | USA TODAY

When asked to assess Andrew Cuomo's tenure as governor aside from personal behavior, the president praised the New York Democrat.


President Joe Biden said Tuesday that he respects New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo's decision to resign following a report from the state attorney general's office that alleged Cuomo sexually harassed 11 women including state employees in violation of state and federal laws.

"I respect the governor's decision, and I respect the decision he made," Biden said.

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  1. Welcome to the evil press. I thought it was just a Trump thing. They never treated Obama like this. To bad Trumps not there to put them in their place like a real President.

    1. Just like Sammy Gravano said Andrew Cuomo killed more people than the Gambino Crime family ever did

  2. When can we expect Biden’s resignation now? Ain’t it ironic the fake news is completely MUTE about Biden’s ultra creepy advances on women but if Trump were in office it would be non stop comparisons.

  3. He did a great job?!? Clearly he hasn’t a clue. And no one asked if he did a good job on infrastructure. Earth to Joe, earth to Joe, come in Joe.

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