1. Not only she should be removed, she should be charged for violating the civil rights act by discriminating against reporters based on their skin color.

    2. @N W 100%. But sadly from what I hear it’s not possible to remove her without criminal charges. Worst mayor in America by far, and the left remain silent.

  1. how is the gentleman who’s always been on the right believed to know anything?

    bottom line : any republican who didn’t see trump coming has at best been living a lie, period!!

    1. Any Republican who didn’t see Trump coming is a father who didn’t see his ‘fat wife’ dropping a look-alike miniature human coming.They were in on it from the beginning.

  2. Considering all the utter chaos happening now, you’d think Manchin would want to settle instead of adding to the circus. Follow the money.

    1. Where is the proof that it is occurring? Site evidence it has occurred on a level where it has affected the outcome of any U.S. election.

  3. People at highest levels of govt’ tried to destroy democracy, such as Trump.
    People have Utility bills do not prove they are USA citizens ( someone else can open that acct for them ).
    And Utility bills do not required to be USA citizens to open an acct.

  4. I’m looking forward to Megan Rapinoe getting cancelled for her anti Asian racist comments made way way back in 2011 . Goodbye Megan

  5. And Manchin holds a zoom meeting with 8 (read’em) 8 republicans. Not 10.
    There seems to be some “running out the clock” going on.

  6. Motor voter? This is stupid. You have a SSN? You’re registered nationally. To complete, go online for your local registration in conjunction with a utility bill. This is easy. I could write a requirements document in 2 hours.

  7. If the Democrats really want to increase their number of Senators they need more Joe Manchin’s.

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