Biden Reveals New Initiative To Get Americans Vaccinated 1

Biden Reveals New Initiative To Get Americans Vaccinated


President Biden spoke about a new initiative to promote more Americans to receive a Covid-19 vaccine. His month-long plan includes "free child care, free rides, free shots" in hopes to get as many people vaccinated by July 4.
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    1. Hey Pinkman. What’s going on with Better Call Saul season 6. Are you and Mr.White going to be in it.? That would be awesome yo.

    2. @VodShod No Show Joe is either a troll, or very ignorant. Now, ignorance is not stupidity, but in his case, it might be.

    1. @William H Music 2021 5 month old YT account, and over 900+ comments on this channel alone. Totally not a Russian bot. Lol

    2. Dang bro… must be somewhere near my age…..I haven’t heard “buddy-ro” since 1969….thanks for the memory!

    3. @Andy Willy isn’t Russian. He’s a Reagan voter who learned nothing from it. He gets dumber with old age not smarter.

    4. @Sarah F. 4.1 That logic is like jumping off a cliff because a majority are stupid enough to do it.

    5. @Demetria Karnavas most of the magats are evolutionary throwbacks. I think their genetics are all intertwined in the deep south and red states lol. Eyes too far apart or too close together!

  1. Nah, I took hydroxyclouqine , drink bleach, and inject sunlight, and look at me. I’m a bat-human hybrid

    1. @Squidward Q. Tentacles – Great comment. So, maybe Democrats had to jump into the “race game” to win elections, but this hard? What this means is, we will never be free of the pandering that happens on both sides. The right is not great on this issue, but watch out…here come the Democrats. It’s a mistake. People are going to get sick of it.

    2. @Bat Boy you just might have changed my mind on a couple of issues. Going to do some thinking.

    3. @Bat Boy a lot of people are more focused on attacking each other over stuff like race instead of seeing the true enemy, I wish it wasn’t like it. Divide and conquer

    1. Take the booster next, my stock market value dropped because not enough people are getting vaccinated..

    2. @Victoria Biggs boosters are not needed until there is a mutation that changes the virus to something the current shot is not equipped for or it has been long enough that the current protection from the virus has diminished. The way the vaccines work having additional past the second right away may actually cause it to become less effective, since it is kind of like the kid who called wolf, and the town started preparing for a wolf attack. Do it too many times and your body can lower it’s effectiveness should an attack actually occur.

    3. @VodShod it’s a leaky vaccine aswell, so its creating evolutionary pressure on the virus. The vaccine gives you a th2 response for that specific strain instead of the full response. So natural immunity will protect you against the new strains while vaxxed people will only have some protection against the less deadly strain. They are incubating new strains of the virus and don’t care because they get free donuts and can post it on twitter.

  2. TickTockers have more views than this clip ….

    Im glad vaccines are free for anyone willing to take it and the rest will pay the price .

    1. I had the 3 vaccines all on the same week … JJ , Moderna and Pfizer ; now i have super powers .

    2. @787UrbanApparel They cancel each other out if you get all three. Your dr. didn’t tell you? Who is it Fauci?

    1. Voting is limited to 1) illegal aliens, 2) cheaters, and 3) those lacking gray matter. Which of those categories do you fall in?

    2. @Bryan 1 illegal aliens never voted 2. Cheaters because you don’t like whom they vote for 3.grey matter? So not all Americans can vote according to you? don’t worry trump is coming back, August he claims

    1. @O S Your ignorance shows. Look up “The Dunning-Kruger Effect”, but I think many have told you that already.

    2. @Blue Patriot You have a thoroughly relativistic basis for your attempted discernment. But again you’ve known that all along. As such, your judgement of me has no authority beyond your finite and depraved self-worship. The irony is you are profoundly ignorant and are to blind to recognize it.

  3. He said we are “DEAD wrong” if we think the vaccine has side effects. poor choice of words as always.

    1. @Death to Communism Also, username checks out. How about: Death to fascism, authoritarianism and nationalism?

  4. I guess releasing a new initiative is better than releasing an old one. Who writes these titles?

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  6. We are not dead we are just going to be 350 for Trump because like I never do this and I’m 9 years old

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