Biden Reveals Plan To Distribute Covid Vaccine Nationwide | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1

Biden Reveals Plan To Distribute Covid Vaccine Nationwide | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


With just days until he takes office and takes over the bungled U.S. response to the Covid-19 pandemic, Biden unveils his sweeping plan to end the delays and red tape so far plaguing the distribution of vaccines in America. Infectious disease expert Dr. Nahid Bhadelia joins to discuss. Aired on 01/15/2021.
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Biden Reveals Plan To Distribute Covid Vaccine Nationwide | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


    1. Yes but the silver lining is no one has set up a system to distribute them quickly. See if Trump or someone in a position of power such as him or his team were to set up a way to distribute these vaccines it could be done more efficiently.

    2. only 2? no lol. I’m pretty sure we’ve distributed 11.4 million, but we have over 300 million people in the country, and each person needs 2 separate doses

    3. @Kenshin In April we paid for 100 million doses from 7 companies for $1 Billion each.. We have an option for another 200 million from each for a total of 300 million from each as part of ‘warp speed’

      So…. That is AT MOST.. if you want 300 million doses from the 2 approved and 2 pending approval is $8 Billion.. for 1.2 Billion total doses..

      A few weeks ago with the previous package we gave them $50 Billion for fun, and now we are giving them another $90 Billion for kickbacks I guess..

      Which congressman or senator is getting this money for family? Did Joe Biden’s son get another job on the board?

    4. @The Grinder2K17 We have spend 9 months setting up 3 layers of distribution. Primary through normal medical distribution channels, which we are using now. Secondary which is direct through government channels to hospitals directly, which we are using now. Also a 3rd emergency channel where thousands of military vehicles were modified to carry the chilled vaccine, which we are not using, because it is not yet needed.

      Vaccine production is very high, and this year everyone who wants one will get one. All done with $10 Billion from April 2020. Why in the last 2 weeks did we give them another $50 Billion, and plan to give them another $90 Billion? Who is getting the kickbacks?

  1. Imagine having a hart attack.. but first before we can do anything heres a cv 19 test… *( ANNNND …. HES DEAD!)*

  2. If you want people to even consider taking a vaxx you need to abolish the law that keeps these vaxx companies immune to liability. I find it odd how after the uk goes through their first wave of inoculations they discover a new stain thats said to be 70% more contagious plus affecting small children.

    1. @Billy The Kid How is it any benefit at all if he got the virus after taking the shot,he didn’t have it before,I am pretty sure the 2nd shot isn’t going to make it just go away.

    2. @Nikki Solo It’s not to treat it it’s to prevent you from getting sick with it because it causes your body to make antibodies. It’s a 2 shot vaccine, so after the first shot you still want to take precautions because you may not have immunity. if he already has Covid it’s not gonna do him any good.

    3. @Billy The Kid also after the second shot it takes two weeks to be effective. The flu shot is the same, takes two weeks.

    4. @Billy The Kid What about those who GOT SHOT S IN THE ARM! ( Sound like he is talking about dogs..we are HUMAN BIDEN!

    1. I don’t drink hard liquor, but I’d be in for a drinking game for every time Biden loses his train of thought at the SOTU address.

    1. You know what if it’s a hoax don’t take the vaccine and see if you don’t eventually get this virus. You might also know it by names given to it by Trump like the China Virus or the the Wuhan Flu. Which might I add those are pretty racist terms. If you don’t believe me then just look it up on YouTube you’re already here.

    2. @The Grinder2K17 “Which might I add those are pretty racist terms.”

      How so? They have nothing to do with race. I know, everything you don’t like is racist. Get a life loser.

  3. I think it’s becoming clearer to the most of humanity that Biden is simply a tool for the shadow government to get everyone vaccinated/sterilized . Trump has merely been a distraction to divide the country and to politicize the agenda21 . If you don’t see it at this point, then you don’t want to see it and that’s at the peril of humanity. For decades they have been distracting us and dividing us trying to make us scared of death and believe that we are only physical bodies, rather than Souls in a body. This is spiritual largely and it’s time to wake up everyone

  4. I remember years ago reading about how ppl who could not contribute to the economy were becoming an increasing burden on society..there was an ethical dilemma of what should we do with old people who could not work, the increasing homeless population and the mentally ill.. These types of ppl drained billions in resources and tax dollars. I think they finally found their answer..Hello, Covid vaccine..

  5. “We will have to move heaven and earth to get shots into people arms” …wait am I a cow? I have no say so when it comes to my own body. Really now!!!

  6. The USA has on average 54,000 deaths per week. Since we’re attributing almost every death that happens to Covid, 30,000 per week means that we’re doing better than normal…

  7. Who’s going to pay for this
    Tell the people where the money
    Is coming from
    How much is covid.
    How much going to bail out states
    I think votes were so high in some states,because they expected
    money from Biden

  8. Is Biden still alive?

    Why do we see a double perform on social media?

    Will there be a double at the inauguration too?

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