Biden Says Afghanistan Evacuation Depends On Taliban Cooperation 1

Biden Says Afghanistan Evacuation Depends On Taliban Cooperation


President Joe Biden spoke on progress of evacuations in Afghanistan and the August 31st deadline and how that depends on cooperation from the Taliban. 

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  1. With all the Jan 6th coverage by MSNBC, it’s interesting how they’re staying quiet on the leaked Jan 6th FBI investigation.

    1. @J The shaman guy was photographed twice last year participating in BLM/Antifa riots. He was Antifa in Trump gear. Why do you think he went soooo far out of his way to keep saying he was acting under trumps words? Is it really hard to believe the scum bag criminals that burned down 7% of all American infrastructure wouldn’t stoop so low as to try and make Trump supporters look as bad as possible? Aside, that, 99%

    1. @tick421 are you blind, if you don’t vote for me you can’t be black, unlike the black community, the Latino community is very diverse…those are from Biden, you cannot prove in any way that Trump is racist, without taking his speeches out of context.

    1. @Maake Klein wtf is a kiwi is that a candy bar? I am a Marine Veteran and Joe is doing a great job the only one with the guts to get out of this dumb war and the only americans left were told to get out a month ago wy did they not leave?

    1. @Carl Campbell wow,carl your such a deep thinker!! LolololololololoL LolololololololoL LolololololololoL LolololololololoL, NOT!!!!

    2. If I was convinced this was the most secure election ever, I would welcome the unveiling of audit results, to make my enemies look like complete idiots, fully discredited.

      But that’s not what I see and hear. I see and hear the screeching and howling of demons.

  2. This is what happens when liberals lead with feelings instead of real leadership. And to think, the president had them leave behind all weapons, and military machines, vehicles, body armor.. to Taliban or whoever wants to take it. To use against US citizens still in Afganistan.

    1. Trump surrendered and bragged about it being irreversible and how no one could stop him and then tried to force troops to withdraw right before he left office.

    2. @CuriousNerdKitteh load of crap and you know it. Trump would immiediately go to war if the Taliban didn’t hold their part. He’d also remove our folk and equipment and bomb our bases before leaving

  3. If I were sent on a mission that could End at anytime I don’t think I’d expect it lasting 20 years nor get so comfy & not be on the ready to Exit at any time & I’d probably be keeping watch on how things were going but that’s just me & doubt any Pres would get flack for doing what Joe’s trying to do.

  4. Whoever is in charge of Joe’s teleprompter could they increase the font size so this guy can see better?

    1. @Lee Valley where?? I seen one with his hand on his granddaughters shoulder, while getting a picture taken. You people are soo twisted. How about the fact that Trump said that if his daughter wasn’t his daughter. He would do her.

    2. @Spiffy sp His granddaughter’s white this one was not. Here is your problem, all you got is words. Me, I know there’s a photo out there. Fox showed it with all joe’s inappropriate touching. I also know he inappropriatelysexualy touched women, and they filed. Actions speak VOLUMES, joe’s on loudspeaker.

    1. @Kimberley Gager well when you see attack helicopters flying over your houses driving by the Taliban you’ll understand

    2. @tick421 “when evil dictatorships try to abuse innocent people we are the death that rains out of the blue clear sky to stop them.” – …and when you have your very own evil – would be -dictator? Who stops him? Asserting yourselves as the World Police is all very nice. Thankfully you’ve managed to oust your own evil dictator with a minimum of fuss. I estimate Three to four hundred thousand of your own people died early due to Covid19 not being taken seriously at the start. But that tragedy has served to prevent T**** from gaining that second term.

    3. China, Russia and our enemies that the Dems love will have access to our weapons and our technology. There needs to be an investigation on Biden concerning this botched exit from Afghanistan and why did it happen and how Biden benefits.

    1. Do you see any Americans on those planes? They only want people here they are sure will vote for them in the future

  5. I can already imagine the amount of fun the taliban is having with the Afghan and American women that are left defenseless and at the talibans mercy. Great job Joey.

    1. @Kimberley Gager why didn’t Biden get all Americans out before he removed the troops, that’s only common sense

    2. Now you pathetic leftists scream Biden sucks? It was only a matter of time before you puppets of propaganda start seeing the light. Don’t worry, our real president will be back soon.

    3. In your twisted mind. Where are all the brave Afghan men to fight the Taliban? the clown trump tried to negotiate peace with these taliban terrorists.

    4. You can’t possibly be this stupid. The Taliban’s reemergence was thanks to trump springing their captured leader from prison in 2018.

  6. Thank you sir for making the Taliban great again. Your plans to make them bigger and better than ever are going great.

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