Biden Says Russian Interference In US Elections Will Not Go Unnoticed | The ReidOut | MSNBC


    1. VA PrimeTime He’s arresting innocent people are you for real really you don’t see what’s going on all the low life Trash that are killing people shooting at cops killing small innocent children I could go on and on and on so how do you figure he’s killing innocent people

    2. @Denise Pawlina Did FOX scare ya enough tonight ?
      I bet they told ya EVIL BOOGIE 😈 LIBERAL SOCIALIST PROTESTORS were burning down the cities & Raping young children as well .
      Sorhos was laughing as he helped Support it all.
      Spooky 💀😱👿 deep state 😱
      Ohhhhhhhh .
      Be Afraid AMERICANS.

  1. What is Putin going to do if he doesn’t have an employee in the White House come next January?

    1. Well whaddya know, reincarnation is true! Senator McCarthy goes by the name of Richard Alexander now.

    2. Maybe we’ll go into Civil War like you Democrats keep pushing for. Remember,we have law enforcement and Military on our side. Come out and play Warriors.😂

  2. The Russia virus will go away once the weather cools down in November, it will be like a miracle.

    1. Agolf Twittler lol I don’t know what’s funnier your face or what came out of it 😂😂😂

    1. So tell us how Biden will “protect the country”?
      Didnt he yell racist and xenophobic when Trump stopped travel from China?
      Joe was hiding in his basement when 100ks of ventilators, masks, ppe were being produced?
      47 years of Nothing political career.

  3. Donald Trump has still 40% approval rate? This is a tragedy for the intellectual capacity of the human race. How you can be so brain dead to support Trump 😬😬

    1. Johnte Price Russia wears a strap on and gives it to trump everyday. He’s a pawn. Trump your a disgrace to America! Buh bye loser. Nov 3! Jail time.

  4. You have my vote Joe and my entire family. My 85 year old Dad hates Trump. BTW he is a Korean war vet as well.

    1. AB Mia – Lets “adult” this up for you little girl…

      Trump hasn’t done anything since taking office. Well…Nothing but lies and golfing.

      Obama took a 9+% unemployment rate down to 4% and dealt with H1N1 and used up all that medical supply and created that pandemic team before leaving office because Trump and Obama were warned this very thing could happen.

      What’s Trump do disbanded Obama’s pandemic team first thing and never replenished all that medical supply that Obama used up dealing with H1N1 and was told that this was coming in November. He did nothing.

      Trump said he would be to busy to golf yet he’s golfed more than anyone else at HIS resorts and he was golfing early March. (Fact times 100)

      Trump’s tremendous beautiful wall (that’s only 6 miles long) can be breached with a recipocating saw purchased at Home Depot or get blown over by a strong gust of wind…but remember HE declared an emergency for those funds.🤦🏻‍♂️

      Trump started his tariff wars with everyone and I’m sure those will come back to haunt us soon…just ask our farmers how they felt about it (the ones not out of business that is). He’s literally compromised every relationship we’ve had around the globe, except for dictators & authoritarian governments. That should tel people enough right there period.

      Trump’s “biggley medical health care for everyone plan” that’s non-existent and he’s literally 3+ years into his tenure. But he said on Friday he’ll have a new healthcare plan in 2 weeks. 🤣

      Trump’s buddy-buddy stimulus package in 2018 that wasn’t even needed in a already moving economy.

      Trump’s farmers bailouts which is more than the automotive bailouts and they may as well be welfare farmers of the United States.

      All of theses are bankruptcy numbers and we’re heading right there from “Mr. 6X Bankruptcy man.”

      I voted for Bush, Obama, & Hillary simply b/c I knew who Trump is as a person. I did research the man & found he’s a disgusting person inside & out.

      Obama took a country that wasn’t in the best of shape and dealt with a lot but left it in a better place when he left office.

      I actually miss Obama

      And let’s not forget Trump’s buddy Epstein and those 20 plus children want proof watch the episode about Epstein on ID channel and you don’t have to be on a plane to be at those houses on video

      let’s not forget Trump’s bashing of a military vet on memorial day weekend all while he was weeble wobbling at attention

      Trump definitely isn’t going to be the life of the party double fisting beers since he can barely sip water out of a tiny tiny glass

      shall we get Trump an esclator for every rally so he can appear to walk out on his own

      for the record Biden grew up with a speech impediment since he was a kid but people like yourself are akin to being & stating clueless for their lives.

      🎤 Drop

    2. B Z He’s going to be re-elected whether you like it or not,and you know it.Your psychotic rants aren’t going to make a difference.I see another sad November coming your way,you know,the thing?

    1. Damon Reid hey would never try and do that its just the way it was worded nobody was sure what you meant.

  5. Is “I’ll be right eventually” an improvement over “I don’t take responsibility at all”? 🤔

  6. “I was sad so the Whitehouse got me 2 toy trucks to play with, I liked the blue one but the red one was my favorite. Bing bong Bing bong” – tRump

  7. Its not about Russian interference going unnoticed , it’s about WHY is nothing being done about it 😕

  8. Biden has released several plans for his presidency
    Trump has no plan in his 2nd term but to stay out of jail

  9. At least V.P Biden knows what needs to be done when he becomes President! And we rest assure that he will not be on the pH with Putin, instead it will be President Obama for advice! 🤣🤗

  10. It’s nice to see that our next president is a real and sane human being instead of a psychopath and TRAITOR.

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