Biden says US willing to respond ‘militarily’ if Taiwan is attacked

President Joe Biden's remarks on whether the US would intervene militarily if China were to attack Taiwan reportedly caught his own advisers off-guard. The White House has since said that its policy has not changed. #CNN #News


  1. “It caught the close advisers off guard” Oh please be real., this is this 3rd time He saying he will defend Taiwan.,

    1. @Foniks Monkee Let me blow your mind about a new invention, Chinese long range missiles, thousands upon thousands of them. They dont have to invade, just shoot missiles until Taiwan surrenders.

    2. @Christina Law yeah, but let me blow YOUR mind. The problem with that idea is that they need Taiwan to be intact. TSMC factories are strategically placed in such a way that it would be hard not to damage them in either landing invasion, or long range missile strikes. China would not want to destroy the supplier of their own processors as they have no capacity of their own to produce them. And they would not want to destroy the infrastructure of the island so as to make it useless.

      I don’t believe this is a strategy the Chinese government is even entertaining.

    1. @Dave Waldon Psst … Lets check Trumps twitter and see what he has to say about all this =p

  2. remember a year or so ago when we couldn’t even acknowledge taiwans existence for fear of upsetting the chinese overlords?

  3. Remember that Japan last year or 2020 announced that Taiwan is a strategic red line. If Taiwan falls, Japan cannot be secured. And so they will act accordingly. Very important strategic position.

    1. @Brick Hunter I agree. Then it is a question of power. China yes weaker. But it is so close to its border and also with strong determination on Taiwan. While japan and USA, questionable. How about another 60% stock discount?

  4. And this afternoon we will hear the White House walk it back!! Joe should not make these comments until he has checked with Barack!!

  5. Why telling Japan? Go to Taiwan and tell them directly. Ironically, I believe Taiwan asked to join the meeting and white house rejected…

    1. America will never help taiwan trust me.
      She can do all the posturing she wants.
      Historically she has only invaded impoverished third world countries and goat Shepards…..even then she ran into major cost overruns and spent more than a trillion.fightint Vietnam cost nearly 9% of her GDP in debt in one year.its one thing to fight goat herders and Vietnamese rice farmers. fighting Russia and China requires serious commitment and justification,and nothing is worth it,not even Taiwan,even Japan maybe 50/50.

      Fighting Russia and China is a whole different gameplay,she has to draft up a massive force of say 1 million at least,the bare minimum enough to hold one or two province at least.

      And the cost of sending such a massive force thousands of miles and the upkeep is enough to cripple a titan andg brinf it to its elephant knees.america is going to require a bailout.

  6. doesn’t it seem like he was 3% sure that he was supposed to say yes? This is a vulnerable time in our country.

    1. He didn’t come across as very confident, but that’s cause this is a historical change of strategy, for the West/US. The age of appeasing Putin & other dictators, culminated with Russia’s bold & unhinged invasion of Ukraine — the White House/president obviously feel it is time for a change of tone if they want to see a different result.

      Thing is, what are they going to do when they see this doesn’t necessarily work, either? In the current precarious situation (for the West), which China is taking ample note of, it was obviously very important for US to assert itself more firmly on the global stage — *particularly* when it comes to Taiwan. That is, if they want to have the best chance of deterring this thing…

  7. I know Psaki is at her new job watching this thinking “I’m so glad I’m not there today”.

    1. @Boris Probotkin delusion: believing in things that arent true.

      Example: Believing psaki was honest.

  8. We saw how “strategic ambiguity” worked out against Russia…. Aka it didn’t. The people who want this obviously don’t see that.

    1. @Foniks Monkee well russia has stated there goals many times and it is the ukronsi forces that are doing the dieing and russia is not leaving elensky has spoke with russia many times and then the next day he goes back on what he said ,

    2. @Foniks Monkee I wrote things pretty simple you should be able to understand so what about the n a ssi why do you like the nassi ……..

    1. Some of you are mad because you weren’t in time to stand in line so Joe could sniff your child’s hair.🤣

    1. Gas market is global. The only way the US President can control the price is to stop participating in the global market. Price inflation we are seeing is also global, demand-generated inflation. Whoever was in office would see the same challenge.

    1. They can only do so much – just so you know, this issue is worldwide. It’s not entirely under the control of the US president. In Japan we are at 100% inflation for fuel and 4% inflation for food. This is a country that has not had any significant inflation for 30 years. So you know it’s serious when Japan’s inflation is increasing.


  10. This wasn’t an accident just so everybody knows. It’s literally the third time he said it.

  11. Behind the curtain, Obama already implemented damage control for Joe’s statement. 😂😂

  12. People shouldn’t be too surprised by this. Taiwan is an extremely important country. The island dominates production of the chips that power almost all advanced civilian and military technologies.

    1. @David well isn’t tsm opening a plant here , we should develope more things here in the us , and then people will want to buy from us , get rid of this forced health care and if companies want to offer that they can and if people want health care instead of pay they can go to those companies that offer it

    2. @There’s Nothing after you die well china already has those chips but your right they cannot manufacture them so lets make chips here of the highest quality and then people will want to buy from us

    3. @D A that treaty does not say anything about not making chips , lets do what’s good for america , lets make chips * lets be a leader *
      not a follower

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