Biden Says Vaccination Still Number One Priority In Next 100 Days 1

Biden Says Vaccination Still Number One Priority In Next 100 Days


President Joe Biden tells MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell that he wants 70 percent of Americans to be vaccinated for Covid-19 by July 4th and that people concerned about their immigration status should get vaccinated without worry.
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  1. Hey Antivaxxers, I’m a bit dizzy now but the microchip from my Pfizer vaccine is working just fine, I got a satellite circling my backyard now.. Wohoo!!

    1. The chip in the vaccine is nowhere near as effective on spying on you as the chip all the Antivaxxers have in their cell phones, but then they don’t believe facts anyway.

    1. @Joe Blow you’re annoying biden is doing a thousand times better and done more then trump did in 4 years trump only keep his tax cut promise from 2016 and only the rich felt it. I promise you didn’t benefit from his tax cut. Youre the kind of person that would follow Hitler to your death. Fool.

    2. @Joe Blow then what has biden done that you don’t agree with get covid under control save the tanking economy?

  2. 100 days and a job well done so far. Continue the work while focusing on the priorities of infrastructure and defending voting rights.

    1. Yes doing great, hyper inflation, no borders, nobody working anymore, guy can barely talk a sentence.

    2. Infrastructure? Have you even seen how this guy defines infrastructure? Defending voting rights? How do you think he is defending your voting rights by allowing anyone to vote without ID? And let’s not start jabbering about it being hard to get ID, because that’s BS.

    1. Its like with sports fans. The loudest with the most fan gear, are usually the uneducated, who need an outlet for their aggressions and have plenty of time on their hands

  3. I live in Mexico now. I got my first dose of Pfizer last week because some moron in the US didn’t want it. Thanks!

    1. james guy good for you well done there are a lot of idiots in the states but then again when the next pandemic comes along and it is more deadly there will be no need to worry about dealing with them Darwins theory will apply and only the intelligent will survive.

    2. @timandsue legere If it’s a disease that quickly kills a large percentage of health care workers early, it’s going to be terrible.

    1. 99.8% survival rate. And 90% died with c9v9d not from c9v9d. So you are uneducated if you fear covid, or your a sickly person who doesn’t trust your immune system.

  4. The pool of people who have not been vaccinated is going to get smaller and smaller, while all of the Covid deaths are now concentrated exclusively within that group. I don’t want to be swimming there.

    1. Keith. My small town nursing home had zero covid until they started giving the vaccine.
      After vaxx, 40 came up positive and 22 died of covid. I’m afraid of vaccinated people. They are shedding the virus

    2. Smart people don’t take chemicals, they practice natural health and trust their immune system. If you bothered to look into what your being told, you would know 90% died with covid, not from c9v9d. Plus it has a 99.8% survival rate. Mostly old and sick people die not normally healthy people. Please educate yourself. You have been brainwashed by big pharma

    3. @P Balix Your insistence that you know more about the science behind these vaccines than the world-class scientists who developed them is only an indication of your own arrogance and pride. We didn’t eradicate polio by “trusting our immune systems.” We did it with vaccines.

      The science is clear. These vaccines are extremely safe. Over 200 million doses have been given out in the US with just one death from a rare blood clot. You have a better chance of dying from being hit by a bolt of lightning than from receiving this vaccine. The information you are spreading is not just wrong, it’s dangerous. If people listen to your falsehoods they may well die. On the off chance that that might happen, perhaps you should consider keeping your novel opinions to yourself. Remember, your words are not just being judged by this YouTube audience, they are being judged by God who never ceases to look upon you.

  5. Wow, a President who’s prepared for questions, has simple and clear answers, and doesn’t try to filibuster his way out of a discussion.

  6. Biden says what his handlers tell him to say. That’s how he earns his afternoon applesauce.

  7. If trump was asked these questions………………………… man, woman, TV, hamburger and French fries.

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