1. When leftists at CNN say dementia Joe Biden “scores big wins” we all know who the losers are….the American tax payer!!

    1. He already voted for the infrastructure bill, which is not surprising, as he was one of the sane Senators who put it together. The other thing won’t pass.

    2. After four years, Trump failed to get an infrastructure deal.
      Well done Joe Biden……way to go…

    3. @Favour Bridgette something that’s actually for the country instead of the former guys wealthy friends.

    1. @Ron Hanisco Why did 19 Republicans vote for the Infukstructure Bill? The same reason 12 people voted to acquit O.J. And gas was under $2 less than a year ago under Trump. Who cares about under RINO Bush. Him and Obama are besties. They think the same. They’re Globalists. Wake up! C’mon man! No joke!

    2. @Joboygbp Edwards nobody wants a world war genius. You can thank Fire and Fury Clownmander Trump for burning bridges with allies. You dope.

    3. @Joe Rubio You are so blind Gump. Trump is the first President in a long time not to have started any wars under their administration. Wake up man! As soon as Biden took his seat in the Oval Office, Russia, and China, and Iran have been walking all over him. Then Kim Jong-Un decides to start testing missiles again. You are very; how should I put this nicely? Not so bright.

    4. @Joboygbp Edwards Hello! If gas was $4 and over during the Bush administration but it wasn’t his fault as you all said, why is it Biden’s fault for the price. And hey, wake up. There was a shutdown. No gas was being sold and stations had to sell at a loss due to Trump’s inaction. Don’t tell me. I drove to Boston for work every day. I’ve never gotten through the city so easily in my life. Now? Back to the same old traffic and stations and suppliers have to make up for their losses. Economics 101. Still I only pay 2.99 a gallon. You’re the one who needs to wake up and get a clue.

    1. When leftists at CNN say dementia Joe Biden “scores big wins” we all know who the losers are….the American tax payer!!


  2. trump people be like…how did that happen? Answer: taking your job serious and respecting the opinions of your necessary opponents.

  3. It’s what happens when you actually work instead of playing golf, lying about Covid, and trying to overturn the election.

    1. if trump put as much effort into fighting covid as he did trying to overturn the election, he would have won

    2. @B.a.S.t.A.r.D I heard they found a few bamboo fibers already during the AZ audit. I guess one of the vote counters had a pair of bamboo chopsticks his lunchbox.

    3. @arvandero
      Lol really hey I’m surprised you didn’t mention Russia with that
      Chopsticks are more of a hunter biden thing
      Well you seam confident fair play
      I feel confident to lets see how it all plays out

    4. @B.a.S.t.A.r.D Well MAGA followers believe Trump will be reinstated in August that according to Trump himself. He’s got 20 days left this month, tic toc..tic toc.

  4. Jeremiah 17:5- Thus says the Lord, “Cursed is the man who trusts in mankind And makes flesh his strength, And whose heart turns away from the Lord.

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