Biden scraps Keystone XL pipeline hours after taking office | Canadian Ambassador to the U.S. reacts 1

Biden scraps Keystone XL pipeline hours after taking office | Canadian Ambassador to the U.S. reacts


Canadian Ambassador to the U.S. Kristen Hillman discusses U.S. President Biden's quick action to cancel the Keystone XL pipeline project.

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  1. I feel like the invading army lost. And is being dismantled in front of me. Fortunately the are plenty of jobs for pipe fitters, electricians, plumbers and construction in the future

    1. Typical uneducated response. Where do you think they will get their oil from then dumb dumb. Dictatorships like Venezuela and Saudi Arabia. The world needs oil now and for decades to come. You use oil byproducts everyday. You are typing on a device that has oil byproducts in it. Get educated on the facts and stop embarrassing yourself.

  2. Time for canada to build it’s owns plants to make secondary and tertiary products. You can make the world’s largest shingle plant out of the tar and expand the ft Saskatchewan plastics and derivative products. Move the products by train and supply the Sarnia market directly rather than importing usa products.

    It’s not an easy transformation and cannot argue it would be economic but finished products are worth more to transport.

    1. Canada does have refineries but they are on the east coast. One of the pipeline projects was to reverse and improve existing pipelines so instead of delivering refined products from the refinery, they would deliver crude to the refineries. Of course Quebec says no even though a fair proportion of their population agrees with the project. Note that like many refineries, our refineries can only tolerate about 10% of their feedstock being heavy oil so it will still take foreign oil just to process our oil. There are some small refineries in Alberta for the production of gasoline but hardly enough to be significant, however there was talk of upgraders to improve the quality of the crude by synthesizing synthetic crude. We haven’t heard anything of that since Kenney took over.

  3. Oh, please. Canadian powers to be have NEVER had the guts to point out the fact that Obama was instrumental in getting construction of the XL started – then took his photo op to say he was against it on his way out of office, not to mention how environmentally UNFRIENDLY truck, rail and maritime transport of oil is.

  4. Canada has to get tough or get beat up. I don’t understand her “move forward” quote, there is no forward, there’s stop, reverse, or negotiate for pennies on the dollar.

  5. But ottowa and the French still want the money from Alberta though eh? Be nice if we could just tell them to poke off…….. see how quick it would change then

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