Biden Shifts Infrastructure Focus To Group Of Bipartisan Senators 1

Biden Shifts Infrastructure Focus To Group Of Bipartisan Senators


President Joe Biden's infrastructure talks with Republicans collapsed Tuesday, the lead GOP negotiator said. The end of the talks will increase pressure on Democrats to pass a sweeping package using a special process that doesn't require any Republican votes in the Senate.

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Biden Shifts Infrastructure Focus To Group Of Bipartisan Senators


  1. Oh, did your guest say something? I couldn’t tell over the thunderous sound of someone furiously writing their thesis. Can we turn down the sharpie’s microphone in the main mix, please?

    1. It’s a continuing problem on this show. The staff is probably too fearful of Joe and Mika to bring it up.

    1. @Kathleen Wyatt I was in college in the 70s. We were told back then that there were so many people in the world that soon everyone would go crazy and start eating each other.

      Now, as to climate change or global warming or whatever the PC term now, it has become so politicized that people not believing it should come as no surprise. Most people, myself included, aren’t climate scientists. I’m an environmentalist and even I don’t know what to think, especially when the GND included things like a universal income for people who choose not to work, and many of the people promoting it are blatant rich hypocrites who fly around the world in private jets while telling the peasants to stop using energy, and who have multiple houses while so many peasants have none. That cow fart thing didn’t help, either. The GND is full of stuff that has nothing to do with the climate. It’s a massive government intrusion into the lives of Americans. I don’t trust the government when it comes to living my life. I’m pretty good at running my life myself.

    2. @Kathleen Wyatt
      Below is a small excerpt from an article on this subject proving that climate alarmists have been wrong almost every time. The article is on the new American website and is titled “Climate alarmists have been wrong about virtually everything”

      (Among the top global-cooling theorists were Obama’s current “science czar” John Holdren and Paul Ehrlich, the author of Population Bomb, which predicted mass starvation worldwide. In the 1971 textbook Global Ecology, the duo warned that overpopulation and pollution would produce a new ice age, claiming that human activities are “said to be responsible for the present world cooling trend.” The pair fingered “jet exhausts” and “man-made changes in the reflectivity of the earth’s surface through urbanization, deforestation, and the enlargement of deserts” as potential triggers for his new ice age. They worried that the man-made cooling might produce an “outward slumping in the Antarctic ice cap” and “generate a tidal wave of proportions unprecedented in recorded history.”

      Holdren predicted that a billion people would die in “carbon-dioxide induced famines” as part of a new “Ice Age” by the year 2020.

      Ehrlich, a professor at Stanford University, similarly claimed in a 1971 speech at the British Institute for Biology, “By the year 2000 the United Kingdom will be simply a small group of impoverished islands, inhabited by some 70 million hungry people.” He added, “If I were a gambler, I would take even money that England will not exist in the year 2000 and give ten to one that the life of the average Briton would be of distinctly lower quality than it is today.”)

    3. @Kathleen Wyatt Anyhow, you’re the only willfully ignorant narcissist in this thread Kathleen. Scientists have proven the climate alarmists wrong in multiple occasions. You either can come to terms with that or continue believing a lie.

    4. @Kathleen Wyatt I noticed you ignore the fact that the so called infrastructure proposal is actually the Green New Deal in disguise.Deflect much?

    1. @Nunya Bizznus I didnt say Republicans were. But Californias bureaucracy certainly is. We all know who runs the charcoal state. Lol

    2. @FREEMAN PEAVY never collected any welfare in my life and have been paying my share of tax for my good income. You don’t know me, so please present your facts and points instead launch personal attack.

    1. @TruthSeeker08 why should he? Biden doesn’t have business to grift Government from. Trump’s golf course pocketed over 100 million from US government just from him staying there. Trump is just using donating his salary to fool you.

    2. Make no mistake, there is big money in there that will end up in Hunter Biden and Frank Biden’s accounts.

    3. @Cold Beer do you imply Eric, Ivanka and Don Jr got lots of $$$ for past 4 years when their Daddy was in the WH?

    4. @Freedom Life They were already wealthy before ‘orange man’ took office. On the other hand, the Biden’s became wealthy from ‘the big guy’s’ connections made during his time in elected office and putting them into position to skim off the flow of US money. Deny it all you want to, but even Hunter openly admits it now.

  2. Just a big waste of time. All this stalling. There will be no bipartisanship helping the American people.

    1. @marksasoldier Hey Joe isn’t so slow … he won the presidency and 81.5 Americans voted for President Biden… along with millions of republicans and I was one of them lol … and I said what I said

    2. @Confuddle Leg That tax rate is not nearly high enough. Democrats are trying to do too much too soon right now, when one thing goes south it poisons the whole well. They are probably moving so quickly because they are likely to lose the House in the midterms, but it’s hard to get the country on board with your ambitious infrastructure agenda when you’re also talking about ending the filibuster to push through controversial bills.

    3. @Liz Pedano 81.5 million is a lie. The public support on the ground and even the ratio on videos on the internet shows the truth. How can fox be the most watched new station in the US and Honestly say that biden was somehow more popular then Trump and obama. 81.5 million.

  3. Take the original agenda but share the funding between all senators voting in favor. That would cut the cost at almost half!

  4. MSNBC creates news. They obviously don’t report it. Keep reading the comments for the facts & determine for yourself.

  5. When did “news” become a paid opinion? Reporters should be hung for spreading opinion rather than fact.

    1. It’s an opinion/commentary show.. but what claimed facts, specifically, do you take issue with?

    2. @Thought Virus Maybe you misread my comment, I have a problem with reporters NOT reporting fact and instead spout their own beliefs over an issue.

  6. Watching news is like watching horror movies but worse because of the ‘reality’ of it.

  7. Biden has destroyed this country try in less than 6 months. Good job. That’s a record.

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