Biden Shifts Into High Gear To Hit July 4 Vaccine Goal 1

Biden Shifts Into High Gear To Hit July 4 Vaccine Goal


With just over a month until Independence Day, the Biden administration is shifting its effort to get more Americans vaccinated into high gear. MSNBC's Brian Williams discusses with Ashley Parker.
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    1. I live in California. Dems run everything in to the ground. Massive homeless problem here even tho we have a Dem super majority. Gas taxes, property taxes, state taxes, dmv fees, environmental regulations, businesses leaving, no border security, over regulation of everything. But let’s continue that nationwide with mr sleepy creepy

    2. @Baybay wrong! Trump supporters just don’t live in fear of the virus! 98% survival rate, I have less chance of surviving a 4 year Biden presidency!

    3. @David Gibbs I trust that is your belief. Well, you can only speak for yourself. I am sure others can’t survive Trump’s presidency either. I live in a red state where some folks did tell me it was a hoax.

    1. @Daniel Riggs Why? Because it’s true? I understand facts mean nothing these days. But while you were hiding in your basement over something you can easily survive, real people were living,

    2. @David Letting government infect as many people as possible is even more pathetic than waiting to barbecue until it’s safe to socialize again.

  1. Already in Toronto, vaccinated people are over 72% of adult population, after starting vaccines months after U.S. states started doing. In Ontario, it is around 71% and will soon takeover all of U.S. states, if not already.

    1. ​@Sheep Dog You’ll likely be quite disappointed considering there’s no scientific evidence to back up this claim in the first place.

    2. @Sheep Dog then you-not -vaccinated folks will enjoy your life after the majority are gone. My high school (one of the best in the state) had reached 98% vaccination rate before 05/15.

    3. Let’s remember that, here in Ontario, we have 14.57 million souls and counting. The United States has over 330 million as a whole. This is an apples to oranges thing.

      Also, define “vaccinated”. One shot, or two?

    1. @BaybayThese are CDC data from their website… In my local college out of ~2000 students being in campus positive test was confirmed in 1300 cases over the entire year…. During this time nobody died, and one student got hospitalized… I was growing on the other side of the Iron Curtain during Communism…. and Communists after 40 years have never been even close to reach such level in lockdowns, limitations in contacts, destroying trustworthy relationship between people, pulling people away from churches, etc…

    2. @75Pafcio if you had such concerns, you probably shouldn’t get it. We like to travel (even internationally). So my family of 5 plus all relatives (total 30+) got the vaccines, we will keep our fingers crossed and praying. I have relatives in Canada, China, India where Pfizer vaccine is hard to get and all vaccines are rationed. People are jealous of us even having incentives like lotteries…for just getting shots. I really appreciate what I have /where we are now. You got tones of information. Thanks for sharing it. I respect people who have different background and options.

    3. ​@75Pafcio, yes, I got pain in arm too. I’m done so it is too late. I want it or not. Like I said so far so good. Me and some of older people in my BIG family got flu vaccinated every year and we are doing fine. Thank you for worrying about us. You take care yourself. Stay safe.

    4. @Il Was Thank you so much. To be honest, I pray every day to be wrong with my doubts… I wish you all the best….

    5. @Baybay Thank you for this polite discussion.. The only problem I have, is that concerns I have should be publicly discussed.. I pray everyday to be wrong with them, but more I look for information I am wrong, more information proving my concerns appear. Even incentive as lottery is crazy: in real pandemic, that would be so deadly people should want to take a vaccine without any lotteries… We started to perceive the vaccine as a shot for immortality…

  2. No way the republicans let him reach his goal. They want him to fail so that they can complain if we don’t open by July. They are going to ramp up anti-vaxxers ads.

  3. Republicans when trump was president: “trumps vaccine is great. Even pence said don’t politicize the vaccine, I’ll take it”

    Also republicans: “Bidens now president so therefore I no longer trust the same vaccine. I won’t take it”

    1. @Andy virologists not associated with ccp/who say all vaxxed will be dead within 3 yrs. Should be interesting to see if they’re right. Explains why employees at cdc, fda, nih don’t want the vax.

    2. I know only Republicans saying couple months ago: “President Trump we honor you, but keep the vaccine away from us”….

  4. Even though I still hope the best for Biden, I’m afraid that it may or may not reach the goal for July 4th due to the chaos in the US and the no-good Republicans and the Trump Supporters.

    1. As far as I’m concerned, we should be open July 4th regardless of vaccine progress. By then everyone that wants the vaccine will have had a chance. As for the antivaxers, they never wanted the shut down anyways so let’s give them what they want.

    2. @Ethan Antivaxers mostly have updated traditional vaccines… We just read… For example I read on the CDC website in official data, that in 70,000,000 population of kids in age 0- 17 years, ~300 kids died with COVID… and ~45,000 kids died due to other reasons…. There is very simple math (but still science) behind it. Can you give me any reasonable reason why we have to vaccinate kids? And why we do not address all other reasons of death?

    3. @75Pafcio I was saying that we should open up regardless of whether folks like you get vaccinated. What’s there to argue about here?

  5. I would love to see what Biden’s “high gear” looks like to you people.

  6. The Biden administration is doing a lot of good things for America and the American people.

    1. @elr2141979 screw guns. The dollar shields you from the bad crowd. Try making a bundle. Then lets talk about guns.

  7. Dems: 100% fully vaccinated in both chambers and WH; GOP: 44.8% of House members and at least 92% of senators are vaccinated.

  8. “There is ‘no doubt’ Donald J. Trump will be confronted with a surprise infectious disease outbreak during his presidency” – Dr. Anthony Fauci 2017

  9. Hey Brian I focus on reporters who should try to uplift American citizens spirits not ones who try to annoy them

    1. Who cares, Trump lied to the country 30,000 times and he lied about Covid resulting in over half a million deaths.

    2. @Hunter Roberts
      Sure he did dope. Your fake president called him a racist for shutting down flights from China, which SAVED millions, while THE BIG GUY was taking 10% to look the other way.

    3. @Mine Finder Trump is a racist that’s a fact and the worse president ever he lied about covid repeatedly, Biden is not corrupt like Trump logic is not your forte, If it was you would know nobody ever accused Biden of corruption until he announced his candidacy, that’s when Trump’s smears began, you are dense and not very smart, just another troll confusing stupid people.

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