1. All the shooting were in no gun zones
    There are laws that don’t gt enforced that may have stop the shooter

  2. if you have a restraining order, you can not buy a firearm and the sheriff department is suppose to go get the firearms. Back ground check are already there. So did he really sign anything?

    1. @Joanna Harlowe Jamerson and that should be up to those states to pass that. There are over 20,000 gun laws in this country on the state and federal level none of those 20,000 stopped what happened in Uvalde

  3. I have to ask, was there some backroom deal made here? Democrats got a gun legislation passed into law and at the same time Republicans got Roe overturned. What miraculous timing to pass two unmoveable pieces.

    1. @Glass Jar ya it’s weird how all of Bush’s people stuck around for Obama then helped Hillary run…. I’m sure that’s just a total coincidence…

  4. This is going to affect every criminal who goes to a gun store and applies to purchase a firearm…. Oh wait it won’t.

  5. This guys son literally illegally bought a firearm avoiding the laws to prevent dangerous people from purchasing firearms. Yet nothing happened.

  6. Thank God there will be added laws to protect us from those who don’t follow laws. 🙄

    1. @Sir. Rosé J R Let’s just say that you don’t want to hire Vacnol to be an English grammar tutor for your kids.

    2. This will take a trip to Chicago man with no bulletproof vest and no gun and run through the streets and have a good time and say whatever we want cuz it’s such a nice neighborhood out there in the city of Chicago cuz the government gun control laws really working out there… Who’s with me?

    3. @Sir. Rosé J R “the murder” Here murder is being used to describe something that “took place”, it’s describing an act, a verb.

  7. I like how the words keep changing. First it’s gun law, then it’s gun reform, now it’s gun safety. The narrative shift is ridiculous. Pro2A always!

    1. @Jeremy Backup one new part of this law is if you are convicted of domestic violence can’t by a gun. Because wife beaters do mass shootings. You could literally ban all guns 100% and mass shootings would continue

    2. @Deborah Freedman And y do you make that statement Most criminals …… Please share info documentation .of that statement I don’t believe sales out of trunks in parking lots .or bro next door qualifies .

    1. @Paul Gnandt are you saying people in power cause chaos to tighten their grip on power why would they do that???

  8. All Presidential candidates should have to pass cognitive and IQ tests before they can be elected.

    1. If they did that trump would have never been presedent and America would not be fasing the problems we are fasing right now.

    2. @Latimer Eldridge trump did take a cognitive test and passed. How is Biden’s inflation and rise in gas trumps fault? Please explain

  9. He should sign a law that requires school resource officers to stay on campus at all times unless properly relieved. Thats common sense.

    1. @A B know why they use that system in high security buildings? Cause it works. If you were really pro gun you oughta be more receptive to solutions that don’t slowly kill the 2nd amendment with a thousand cuts.

    2. @Fritz The Cat Is that what that means? I thought it was one door meant for entering and exiting. If so, they should probably change the term or something.

    3. @Fritz The Cat id want to see data from local fire departments on full-capacity schools performing fire drills with a single exit before just jumping to a conclusion i heard ted cruz say on television

    4. @A B it’ll check out just fine. Secured entrance doesn’t mean the building wouldn’t have multiple exit only fire escapes. Seen em in hundreds of commercial buildings. Big metal door with no knob or bar on the outside. You can see them at Walmarts FYI.

      You won’t get told to think that watching CNN or FOX bub.

  10. It’s crazy how quick they can sign a law into existence but they will never sign the laws that will actually help us progress as a people

  11. “We’ve had a whole lot of discussion of that in our whole household. We this is it, anyway, Jill and I…” He can barely get through first few sentences 😂

    1. @Jeffery Tallant Yes, that does seem to be Thomas’s take in that case. However, you should read the section of the recently passed law that pertains to red flag law outlines (known in the law itself as pre-deprivation). It specifically guides states to craft those laws in such a way as to follow the 4th, 6th, and 14th Amendments as interpreted by Congress and the courts, including the Supreme Court.

      That said, the Caniglia v Strom case will now factor into that outline. It would be rather difficult for Thomas to try and tear down something that follows his own legal opinions.

    2. @AndrewDeLong so cool how you use your 1st amendment right to try to stop someone’s second amendment right.

    3. @AndrewDeLong I’ve already read it but if it makes you happy do what you want. You can see from past laws like this that the states will have varying degrees of enforcement and funding. Or maybe Pelosi trys again to make the Capital Police a nationwide agency…

    4. @Ray c If nothing else, good on you for reading it and actually stating an informed opinion.

      Still, you’re not wrong. The RFL incentive will result in a patchwork of laws. Which is kind of ironic given the totality of the issue at hand here.

  12. I wipe my cheeks with Joe Chiden of Beijings bills, unless he reads it out loud for us without sounding senile with fully blown dementia.

  13. He should sign a law that makes people follow the laws. That’ll really help our country!!! 😁

    1. @LTH HEADQUARTERS You must be right because I have no fucking clue what you’re talking about.

  14. The second amendment has never been absolute…..
    Yes it has
    You couldn’t own a cannon when they wrote these laws….
    Yes, yes you could, in fact the government depended on civilian cannons. They were called privateers.

    1. @miknarf I mean you trust the government with them already… the only difference is you think the government actually cares about you. I don’t know about you but I rather have a civilian own those as long as they have the skills, knowledge, and competence to handle them than the government who has shown through out history they are willing to sacrifice it’s population for the sake of personal gain and finances.

      The same way I have the right to own firearms but have the competence to know that I can’t go out and start pointing the muzzle at anyone or use my firearms with bad intentions. I have the right but it’s my responsibility to be competent when exerting those rights.

  15. Coincidence he’s doing this right after the Row vs Wade act verdict? Trying to tick off some of the Supreme Court members. 🤔

    1. Hopefully they’ll tell him what’s up with infringements on several ammendments before too much damage is done.

    1. Maybe that’s their plan…an unsecured border is good for business…so if he bans guns, we’ll want an open border so we can still get guns.
      Legalizing drugs is ruining the cartel’s monopoly…they need a new source of income.

  16. imagine signing a bill into law knowing it’s an infringement. and then the people not holding you accountable.

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