Biden Signs Executive Order For Sanctions Against Russia | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC 1

Biden Signs Executive Order For Sanctions Against Russia | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC


President Biden signed an executive order for sanctions against Russia for interference in the 2020 election and named their Foreign Intelligence Service as those who carried out the SolarWinds cyberattack. NBC's Kristen Welker reports from the White House. Aired on 04/15/2021.
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Biden Signs Executive Order For Sanctions Against Russia | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC


    1. @R Torres this is called argumentum ad absurdia typical of right wingers who don’t understand nuance or gray areas. To you simpletons, there are no complex solutions, only black-and-white simplicity.

    2. @Mainely – I am a leftist and anti-war. Most of these moves have already been in the making. It was Obama that passes the 1 trillion nuclear armament upgrades. Trump followed through with that and built them. Biden continuing all these aggressions, to me proves that it’s the same policies no matter who’s in power. Back in 2018 (when Trump was PRESIDENT) the Pentagon shifted to China and Russia. That’s why you see so many moves against China now too under Biden. As an anti-war advocate, I care about our people. And I care about how much we’re spending to the detriment of our population as well.

    3. @Mainely – one other thing, Ro Khanna made a good point on Democray Now today, he said if we are leaving Afghanistan that should save us tens of billions (I think he said $50) so if that’s the case, why is Biden asking for an increase in the defense budget? We should be putting that towards us. This is why I am worried about the rising tensions with other nuclear states. Because it seems those Billions will go towards countering those two countries.

  1. Biden can get tough on Russia because he never “Took a Golden Shower” in a Moscow Hotel with Russian ladies of the night..

    1. @Andy B And who would care besides you MAGAZombies? Unlike daughter/mistress Ivanka, he has no security clearance access to classified materials.

    2. @Andy B
      Come on sotnikov you can do better at this trolling thing
      I have faith in you

  2. Go President Joe!!! Finally we have a prez with brains, a heart, and cajones…unlike the previous poser.

  3. Reporter: Is Putin a killer?
    Trump: We killed a lot of people, too.

    Reporter: Is Putin a killer?
    Biden: Yes, he is a killer.

    1. @Michael Garrity On what planet have you been living for these past 20 years?
      Rather, in which *fairy tale story* have you been living in???

    2. Israel interferes exponentially more in US elections than any other country.

      Where are the sanctions?!?!

    3. @Hobbes Tiger I have no clue what you’re referencing. The CIA has not killed nearly as many as the FSB, although they once upon a time (30+ years ago) were probably on par with the KGB.

      Keep in mind Russia literally annexed an entire country less than a decade ago. They killed a British civilian on UK soil just a couple years ago.

    4. @Jiayang Shao trump did nothing for soldiers and didn’t even attempt to confront Putin about the bounties on american soldiers. Any normal person would have done something about that and he didn’t. And that’s why he lost re-election

  4. Remember Helsinki? Trump was on his knees in front of Putin, siding with Putin over our own intelligence.

    1. Clown tricks… look over here (Hey Russia, Russia, Russia!) and ignore over there (China, China, China), while they nod in amusement how you fall for it every time.

    2. @TAKE THAT YOU AS SOUL! And Putin challenges him to a debate just to humiliate the US. Never show your weakness and the lefties have dementia on full display for all to see. Now the socialists want to pack the courts and end the filibuster. There needs to be a civil war.

  5. …well done Joey – but wouldn’t it be great if the big three could put aside their differences and get together to discuss *exactly* what we’re all going to do about climate chaos?? Maybe we’d all feel better about each other if we all pulled together, for once!!

    1. hugh tuck yes it would be great. Maybe in the “bizarro world”…
      The world could tick off so many boxes. Global warming would be a smarter tackle. But again (sad) only in a “bizarro world”. Maybe global warming would force our countries to work together but unfortunately in my pessimistic view I see us taking care of business together and then retreat to our different sides.

  6. The treasonous failed presidential candidate can no longer cover and protect Russian war operations against the United States. Putin will push as hard as he thinks he can get away with but hopefully we don’t have hidden agents left over who will provide Putin with information.

    1. @Pat Craig Most people are not feeble minded Trump worshipping traitors. We don’t care how many lies you tell or how many times you tell them, the Good Lord blessed us with fully developed brains and we know evil and betrayal when we see it. Open up the Bible and constitution and read it or perhaps you can find an adult in the library to read and explain to you.

    2. @Boycott Goya Watch out Pat. It’s one of those self-proclaimed high intellect lefties. Boycott Goya lol. So you pretty happy with the rate dementia Joe is destroying the country. Southern border letting illegals with covid in during a pandemic is such a great idea. Pack the SC. You lefties have no respect for democracy or the constitution which you obviously have never read. The patients are running the asylum.

    1. Mitch? He has been having terror dreams since President Biden took office. Those campaign contributions are slipping through his fingers and everytime he speaks lately he digs trumplicans into a deeper whole.

  7. Russia: Puts a bounty on American troops.
    Trump: I don’t even know Russia. I’ve heard a lot of great things, but I’ve never met Russia.

    1. That Russia bounty story was a lie. It was debunked. Quit repeating CIA talking points, you willing dupe.

  8. Remember when Trump took Russia diplomats into the Oval Office and didn’t allow U.S. press or photographers, that spoke volumes.

    1. @Chaos IQ45 Tя☭mp did the exact same thing with some getting leaked out and seeing dead kids laying on the floors but I’m sure you don’t want to remember that like your typical tiny orange testicles supporters called hypocrites and Confederate Communist lovin Treasonous traitors maggots.

    2. @Intelligence Committee Jesus, you lefties just can’t get over Trump can you? I guess dementia Joe didn’t learn his lesson in Iraq either. He’s about to make the same mistake again in Afghanistan. Guess him and Harris don’t have the stones to go down and look at the crisis they have created at the border either. Dementia Joe and his joke of an administration have brought the US to their knees in a few short months. Incredible.

    3. Remember when Biden blacked out news coverage of the mess at the southern border? So much for being
      the most transparent POTUS in history.

    4. @wandering spirit Biden stop people from coming in until things were better taken care of, but he didn’t invite foreign diplomats in over Americans.

    1. Sanctioning a nuclear power is “normal”? Looks like you suffer from partisan brain worms.

  9. I guess the rumors are true no more new import Molot, or Ishmash aks in the US ever. And we will probably never see that sweet Tula krinkov 5.45:/

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