Biden signs executive order to help detainees like Brittney Griner | USA TODAY

Biden signs executive order to help detainees like Brittney Griner | USA TODAY 1


  1. Sanctions? How exactly is that going to bring home the people affected? Realistically wouldn’t that just piss off the captors? I can’t imagine that would be safe for the hostages.

    1. “held hostage and wrongfully detained” are the key words.. Brittney Griner is a criminal, broke the law and will win the prize given out by the law of that land!

  2. But no executive order to reduce childhood poverty….or homelessness…..or anything that helps us lowly peasants…

    1. Possible 10 year sentence. I for one hope she has to do every damn day of it. How Stupid can someone be to take drugs into Russia.

  3. So, how does an executive order designed to enforce U.S. laws going to change Russia’s mind on THEIR laws?

    1. I know right……… I’ll bet Xi Jinping and Vladamir Putin are shaking in their boots…hahahaha

    2. Exactly…and doesn’t the u.s.enforce drug laws on foreign citizens?so basically we need to expand the two tier justice system in this world right? Mr. Price would you go this far for a common serf?

  4. How is she wrongfully detained or held hostage? She’s guilty. Now we have to trade a Russian super villain for a WNBA player?? 🤣 nooooo

  5. will this also apply to immigrant people and smugglers coming to the U.S.?
    or this is only for americans breaking the law outside the U.S.?

    1. The US do not need any smugglers and law breakers, there is enough drugs and law breakers within its borders, starting with the lawmakers. They do not need any help from the outside.

  6. Sanctions is the only tool left …. Not law, not negotiations, just brutal force. But remember others might simpluy quit that system.

  7. Who? Brittney who? 99% of American’s want to forget about her on page 6 of the Oregon Tribune….at 7 months Brittney Griner is old, bothersome and rather ridiculous drug smuggler story…best left in the past… I just hope we’re not talking about her next year or the year after while serving the 10 sentence…

  8. In this case, all people held in US prisons on drug charges are wrongfully detained, and therefore should be let loose.

  9. I find this extremely ironic…..where were the santions when americans were trying to get out of Afghanistan?maybe they just should have just gotten picked up on a weed charge.

  10. So…Where’s the executive order to nationally legalize marijuana and related products, and release individuals in jail/prison for possession charges? That’s basically the message you’re sending, that it’s not that serious.

  11. Why did it take a famous lesbian basketball player to finally sign the executive order? Should have been done long time ago. Sad times.

    1. Don’t be a clown, the US has no control over other countries’ justice systems and Americans do not have a “get out of jail free” card tucked in their passports. Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time.

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