Biden Signs PPP Extension Act: ‘A Bipartisan Accomplishment’ | MSNBC

Biden Signs PPP Extension Act: 'A Bipartisan Accomplishment' | MSNBC 1


    1. @Chris Davis Hahahahahaaaaa… Best comment of the month..!!! 😂🤣🤣👏🏽👌🏽👍🏽🌊🌊🌊

    2. @Jasmany Foch –
      Trump: “I want to see Biden in prison!”
      Biden: “Why does Trump think I would visit him in prison?”

  1. AHHHHH!!! It’s so nice to have a real President again, after 4 years of raging incompetence and active harm to America.

    1. @Jerry Cole And what exactly were they doing under Trump again?

      Oh, right. Nothing. Thanks for proving my point.

    2. @DAVID Because you have an overactive imagination.

      And think listening to the man who said injecting bleach was a good idea.

    3. @Jerry Cole How exactly is the boarder open now? Its the same it was under Trump except they ate not separating families.

  2. The PPP has saved me and the small company I work for. I just hope things get better soon or there won’t be anything there even when the virus is gone.

    1. The virus isn’t going anywhere while you have idiots who refuse to get vaccinated and wear a mask

    2. @Wisconsin Man – First you say there is nothing to get a shot about. In your very next statement, you are bragging on don the con getting everybody vaccinated …. except for you.
      Q:. Why do you hate China so much?
      A:. Because they created the deadly COVID virus to destroy our country.
      Q: Why won’t you wear a mask?
      A:. Because COVID is fake.

    3. @Wisconsin Man – Reporter: “Mr Trump, what are your greatest accomplishments?”

      I’m the first one-term president in 30 years.

      I’m the first president to lose the popular vote twice.

      I’m the first president to be impeached twice.

      I’m the first president to lose the presidency, the Senate and the house in his first term since 1932.

      I’m the first president to golf 55 times during the deadliest pandemic in over a hundred years.

  3. It helps if we go back to the old way of doing things where we work with the Republicans to come up with a plan to move us forward. We have been involved in so much bitterness and name-calling that we have forgotten how to govern. This is an example how to get things done and how to work with the minority and allow the minority to have a voice. As Democrats we have always champion the cause of the minority.

    1. @Solona Q It is obvious that you have never been in business. A person has a 35% chance of success if they go into business. The deck is stacked against you, everybody has their hand out. Various government agencies have rules, fees, permits, inspections and schedules by which you must abide. Very true that the Trumpster has filed bankruptcy several occasions but he is also a success in many other ventures.
      I would need to have some links about your assertion that he is owned by other governments. We know from the Mueller investigation and then later from the hand written notations of former CIA Director John Brennan that the Russian thing that we attempted to prosecute Trump about was dreamed up by Hillary to take pressure off her Carol is handling of classified documents, her Unprotected servers and her cell phones. Mueller and his sworn testimony stated that there was no evidence that Trumpster had colluded with the Russians.
      The propaganda that Putin wanted Trump more than Hillary is either very poor reporting or if shows that Putin is a fool. Trump severely damaged the Russian economy, their py-6 was under terrible pressure early on, and he broke the Russian stranglehold on Europe they giving the option of purchasing American LNG. Even though we know him SpaceX, Do USA is still under contract with the Russians to take our astronauts to and from the ISS.
      If he can be faulted for anything it is the fact that he believed the communist Chinese. He also believed the WHO which we now know help the communist Chinese to hide how dangerous and deadly the COVID-19 virus was in the ease in which it could be passed from animal to human and then human to human. Trumpster believed the communist Chinese which deserves ridicule. I believe however, that he was fresh off a trade deal with the Chinese communist, he was negotiating with the Canadians and the Mexican on that successful trade deal and he wanted to build on that success. The focus on trade I believe clouded his judgment early on with the communist Chinese in their virus.
      I don’t believe there’s any covenants whatsoever that he was in cahoots with other government agencies. Indeed, he put great pressure on NATO to pay their fair share of their defense. He negotiated with Mexico and other south and central American countries to contain their illegal immigration. He pressure in Mexico to control their southern border, they have a wall you know. So I don’t know where this government interaction story came from.
      The Trumpster now has the historical distinction of being the first president ever to survive two politically inspired impeachment.
      Just like we allowed Hillary to escape prosecution for her actions, we need now to focus on the future and not look in the rearview mirror anymore. There were a lot of trouble is brewing out there and we need to make sure Joe is given good advice to make his presidency the best one ever.

    2. @President Joe’s Hidin’ The term “move us forward” in my estimation means to continue the progress to move us out of the COVID-19 nightmare that we have been in. It also means to return us to the supercharge economy that we had before COVID-19 killed millions of people around the world and ravage the worlds economies. These were two of the promises that Joe made during the campaign. Joe and his administration was given a solid foundation on which to stand concerning COVID-19 and economic progress from the previous administration. If he can accomplish these two things he will be great.
      I fear that some are attempting to undermine his presidency for some reason. ‘Mexico Mayorkas’ has created a health, national safety and Humanitarian crisis by re-instigating the Obama administration open border policy and allowing foreign nationals to enter the country unchecked. We don’t know who suggested that he reinstate the ‘bathroom thing’ allowing persons born male to compete in female athletics, the likelihood of decimating women sports and angering parents of junior and senior high school students may be the end result.
      We all need to ‘move forward’ and ensure that Joe is giving sound advice so that he can be the best president ever.

    3. @T. R. Campbell “supercharge economy”? Good luck on that. We’re coming out of COVID with an even bigger share of the pie being held by corporations at the expense of the average person. This looming foreclosure and eviction crisis is not going away. Who do you think will reap the benefits of all these failed small businesses and foreclosed residences? Not us. And that’s all thanks to BOTH the GOP and the Dems

    4. @President Joe’s Hidin’ The economic indicators were very clear. Our iconic JFK gave us the roadmap to economic prosperity. The Obama administration failed to open that roadmap but Trump did. Trump invoked the JFK tax plan as well as adding some of his own measures and using executive orders to rescind many draconian regulations that were unnecessarily impeding business. Prior to COVID-19 striking the world, the American economy enjoyed full employment. The poverty level for the USA dropped to numbers that we saw back in the 1960s. Protected class individuals to include women, Hispanics and blacks ventured into entrepreneurship. Black unemployment was at a historic low. The Wall Street Journal reported that lower and middle income Americans were experiencing a higher percentage of wage increases than were the upper class individuals.
      COVID-19 brought the destruction of the worldwide economy (with the possible exception of China) and has cost close to 2 million deaths around the world. Mexico just yesterday revised their death toll and increased it by 60% making Mexico the second highest country in the world with COVID-19 deaths.
      So, Joseph ministration was given a solid foundation on which to stand to return our supercharged economy as well as getting us out of the COVID-19 nightmare.

  4. Thank you for moving toward getting the businesses more help but please all them to.fully reopen of course making sure that all businesses have training and a plan on how to keep their patrons safe.

    1. JW, that’s what the money is for. Now the states and cities have to use it correctly. Some will, some won’t. Pressure from us locally WILL make a difference.

    2. @David Hale Republicans are about blaiming Democrat’s for what they actually do. Its pathetic.

  5. If you look closely at the picture you can see a parallel picture of baby beau under the desk and where baby John jr was with his dad jfk.

    1. Wow. THat’s amazing. In the same spirit of invoking JFK, are there any pictures of Tara Reade next to Marilyn Monroe?

  6. wow… a president who actually thanks people from the ‘other side’… with grace and honesty. something 45 would never have the capacity to do.

    1. Trump is a manchild but his policies worked better. I’d rather take the manchild than this incompetent fool

    2. What happened to the 545 kids under the very incompetent leadership of chump?! Have they found the parents of those children? Incompetence is the one real word that best describe the previous administration and of course don’t forget idiots.

    1. @Dirk Diggler – He’s a lightweight. They complain about TDS. They began bashing Obama 1 year before he was elected. Then the 8 years he was president. And they’ve bashed him ever since. That’s 13 years!!! We’ve only been bashing the orange marmalade for 4 years. Their panties got all in a knot.

    2. @Dirk Diggler I didn’t block you. What’s more likely is the YooToob algorithm deleted your post for trying to post your explicit “love” letters to me
      Sorry but I’m not into a 3 some with you and ra5928

    3. @President Joe’s Hidin’ whatever you say, at least you are aware of who the real president is, on your user name. 😉
      You snowflake

    1. LOL..all states go money based on population and amount of unemployed. But somehow Republicans claim its only Blue states thst got money.

    2. Red states already get huge govt handouts … Remember when Jared said the former guy should ignore blue states because ‘ They aren’t our people … ‘

  7. “I didn’t even read the bill!” Nancy Pelosi
    “It doesn’t have my name in it, so I didn’t read it either! Plus, I’m not even President anymore!” Donald Boogeyman
    “I like Bill !! He brings me my oatmeal !!” Joe Pratfall

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