Biden Slams Belarus For ‘Outrageous’ Plane Diversion, Arrest 1

Biden Slams Belarus For ‘Outrageous’ Plane Diversion, Arrest


President Biden called for an international investigation after an "outrageous incident" when the government of Belarus diverted a commercial airliner to arrest an opposition activist on board. 
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    1. @john smith Doesn’t it bother you that the account “Sarah F. 4.1” has only been in existence for four days? lol

    2. @B.L.M VDV I live in Washington D.C. I am not about to get doxxed. You people attack places and smear around your own feces.

    1. And you’ve been to Russia when? Wait, I bet you never been outside of the United States.

    2. @Chris_P_Bacon Well Russia now is very different from 1980. I believe that both Russia and Belarus are examples of what happens when the democratic system that we have built for ourselves and served us well during the last 70 years start to be perceived as less relevant. When we start to let people, like Putin or Luckashenko that have no love for democracy or intention of giving up power, to become relevant figures in our state. There will always be a % of the population that is willing to give a strong man power as long as they believe he will give them what they want. And these people will not give them economic benefits, those they save for themselves, but they will give them a sense of nationalistic pride, culture wars, saw division between their supporters and the rest of society. Some will never know what they lost because they will only believe the word of the leader. That is why EU and US are important, it is difficult to explain to Belarus or Russia people that they are the best when their neighbors have a much better life than they do. This is what made the Soviet Union fail in the end, the inability to match the west on the benefits they accrued for their citizens. That is also why the media is dangerous, they bring you information that the strong man do not want you to know.
      Two final thoughts: (i) we really need to show why living in a democracy is important, and you can only do that being more successful in redistributing the benefits and showing the downsides of regimes like Russia and China a (ii) we have to seriously understand that we already have a number of people like Putin or Luckashenko in our politics and America that supposedly were the leader of the west is…to some extent, falling for the strong man song.

  1. These “strongmen” sure are terrified of journalists. What pathetic excuses for human beings.

    1. Non state sponsored journalists are pure evil, fake news and need to be “re-educated”, note; (I’m planning a trip to china and wanted to bank some social credit points)

    2. If Trump got elected for the second time, he would be like the Fascist president in Belarus.

  2. Build a NATO military base to house American and other NATO military assets in Poland. Russia just might pressure Belarus to stop causing problems for it as it causes more pains for Russia. IT seems like Western countries aren’t good at playing the bluff cards.

    1. No thanks, get the Americans out of Europe, We will take care of our self. No need to have additional US troops here, since you might elect a power-hungry dictator again like you did with Trump.

    2. @Mads Elmvigyou clearly have no idea how geopolitics in Europe work or you are a Russian supporter.

    3. @Pyrrhic What a strange sentiment. And I guess the notion of European military already being stronger than Russia, plus we are not being US’ little pet, has gone completely over your head. I and many other Europeans warned US about this, we don’t forget what path USA went with, when it came to chose between Russia or Europe. And we don’t trust US in long term deals, since the next president can just throw everything under the bus again. Maybe you should come down from your high horse, and accept US caused this, being mad at EU does little to show any maturity in the situation.

    4. @Mads Elmvig EU military is strong with good man power and military hardware. But it lacks in cohesion. There is no unified response from Europe because of its diverse interests and sovereignty. Europe or the NATO members in Europe would be disinterest in any military response to their neighbors unless there is US support. That’s just reality and saying Europe will do something if Russia did anything is a joke. If Poland commits, it doesn’t mean France and Germany will. Germany commits, doesn’t mean France will. Uncertainty means no cohesion.

  3. What Sanctions?? What about those new Boeing planes – including the 737 max – that Belavia – Belarus’s flag carrier airline – just bought.. you don’t like how they do things yet you’ll take their money? stop selling to a dictatorship USA!

    1. Excuse me but Boeing is a privately owned corporation & it is Boeing that sold them a 737 max. Not the US.
      There are limits to what the US can do where multi-million dollar corporations are concerned. The US is not a dictatorship.
      At least get that much straight!

  4. Pathetic Lukashenko move to stay in power at any cost. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

    1. sent fighter jet pilot to bring down airliner carrying traveling aggravating bratty journalist wunder-kid on board . I understand your sentiment & perspective . However,…. we need another word other than ‘pathetic’ . Something that says… bossingly swaggerlicious but lacks Jehovian appeal ? What’s the word for that :

  5. The FBI has at least done this once that I’m aware of, engineering that a flight gets diverted into American airspace so that the flight can be ordered to land and that a person can be arrested. Comparing the corporate representative of an online gambling company to an opposition journalist may not be comparable to some but the tactic is the same.

  6. If they called a threat from hamas, that means they’re in cahoots with Belarus, and Belarus is in cahoots with Russia, and that
    says a lot !

  7. What more do you expect from the filth of man. As they see the defenders of Democracy turn their backs on their own people.

  8. They didn’t “basically” do anything, they actually called in a fake bomb threat to hijack an airplane. This is so insanely disturbing.

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