Biden speaks after Afghanistan's government collapses 1

Biden speaks after Afghanistan’s government collapses


President Joe Biden admitted that the collapse of the Afghan government and the Taliban retaking control happened more quickly than the US government had anticipated, leading to the ongoing crisis playing out in front of the world.

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    1. @Brian Schettler Thank you President Biden for bringing our AMERICAN troops home NOW!!! Thank you for cleaning up after that fu$%head DONNIE DUMP and his GARBAGE DEAL with the Taliban… If their own Afghan army wont fight for them, neither should we.

    2. @K.W. Matterhorn taking credit for another Trump policy..i bet if Trump was president and pulled them out in May you would be saying “oh how dare Trump pull troops out and how dumb is he”

    3. @Brian Schettler “Omgosh” is not even a word. It’s oh my gosh, or oh my goodness, or oh my god. See…two can play that game. That’s all you want to do it seems, be infantile.

    4. @Richard De Fortune Really – biden no other choice he could have pulled them out you can make all the excuses you want for him and trump biden could have pull everyone else out interprets their families and all westerns before he had 7 months to prepare but you believe his pathetic little fairytale story

    1. @SpankySpork You might be right, but Fords numbers went up after he pulled out of Vietnam. This situation is similar. Getting out of Afghanistan is overwhelmingly popular, and right now we are just seeing the media virtue signaling at the behest of the military industrial complex to try and provoke more endless war.

    2. @SpankySpork Not exactly. Pakistan have been helping the Taliban for so long Afghanistan was given everything by us for them to succeed. But they failed for years right under our noses.

    3. @Mr Epicurus, go to time stamp 3:00 and just listen to the guy you voted for until you get to 4:30. I know it’s painful, but we gotta do it anyway or else we aren’t informed and we draw bad conclusions like you have already done. If you suffer through the entire 90 seconds, you will hear that he had the decision to make between sticking with the Trump deal or not withdrawing and that he believes he made the right decision.

    4. @Mr Epicurus Thank you for confirming Biden as a weak boy. Trump drove the Taliban out of Afghanistan in weeks. Now the Terrorist that Obama pardoned is running it, thanks to YOUR illegitimate dementia ridden Bidjing.

    1. @Julie B Project much? Lol…. Sorry. Your mouth cannot hide your lack of usefulness to The World. No wonder you are such an angry one.

    2. @Alex T You do realise how insane you sound don’t you. After all this time, is it 9 months already, not one of you has brought any proof WHAT SO EVER of any dead people voting, thermostats changing the voting machines (that was a really good one).What else, oh yeah, the Kraken and the my pillow idiot and his clown show. Bat s**It crazy. It reminds me of the Monty Python sketches.

    3. @The Homeless Travel Network Airways all of the sudden Republicans care about Afghan people? Hahahahah Everybody wanted out. Joe had balls to pull the plug. It was time. If they don’t want to fight for themselves, f..k them. Enough money and time was invested in Afghanistan over 20 yrs, and they lost it all in 4hrs.

  1. I wonder if the Afghanistan government was paying the soldiers ? We sent them a lot of money and where did it end up? Taliban didn’t look like they had much trouble taking over.

    1. @BURBERRYY at least the people coming will be smart enough not to vote for the same laws and policies that just ruined their countries.

    2. Listened to a woman’s story…she tried to stop her 13 year old daughter being taken by the Taliban. They gouged her eyes out with their hands. So have they changed???

  2. We have just deployed almost triple the soldiers that were assigned there when this went down.
    Hope they don’t end up staying.

  3. 20 years, and too much money down the drain for this to be the outcome. I can’t help but imagine what else this money could’ve been allocated towards. Prayers for the Afghan women and children.

    1. The 20 years was an investment to stabilize the region and to give us a base of operations in the region. We accomplished both of those goals.

      People don’t realize this has not been an active war for years. Only 2% of overseas American soldiers were stationed in Afghanistan and the American death toll has averaged 15 per year over the last five years.

    2. Comical how uneducated you are on the subject yet so opinionated. Biden’s own intelligence and military advisors said this was a terrible idea and laid out the consequences. For 20 years we trained them and supplied them in our military model. Air strike first / medevac if necessary and then lastly send in ground troops. The whole Training and experience of the Afghans was based on this system. Biden took away all the air support. Even the few planes the Afghans had they pleaded for us contractors to get them running. Biden ceased any support. He left them to get slaughtered. Left the women and the children at the disposal of the Taliban. This joker against the his own advisory destroyed the life’s of many people. FYI we have troops deployed in over 150 countries on humanitarian duties. This was no different.

    3. If you think the taliban won’t attack American soil you are braindead.. saying this isn’t our fight, is completely ignorant

    1. We were never ever going to win this war should’ve never been there in the first place or at least got out after we killed Bin laden.

    2. @Konstancja Seifried Bin Laden wasn’t even caught in Afghanistan.. Imperialist America was there for their own interest, just like they were in Iraq, Vietnam, and any other war America started.

    1. Yeah Joe the Taliban now have most of our weapons. Stop blaming everyone else for your piss poor performance as a president.

    2. @RM M Calling people “cave man” because they lived in a cave for 20 years is just telling the truth. At best these fools are from the middle ages. I didn’t say anything about race so get over yourself.

  4. Hollyweird can now make a movie how heroically they saved their own from Roof tops in Kabul and ultimately saved the World!

    1. @jonz : Well, trump literally met with the Taliban, legitimising them, just like he did with president Kim, so nothing surprises me. I guess, once he realised they had no money, and it was the Saudis he needed to speak to, he moved on? . . .

    1. @TheRawfishking no they are not. invading foreign countries makes Americans less safe usually, not more safe.

    2. @Riker Terronez The ideal war for the corporations is one that goes on for a very long time where a lot of weapons are used and bases built, but not many US troops die. Just like the one in Afghanistan.

    3. @Isaiah Wood The ones that people are enjoying their freedom and liberty. If you’re an American, then enjoy it.

  5. It’s this” them against us” mentality that kept us so divided. We created the vacuum of power when we helped the warlords get rid of the Russians.

    1. ليت اميركا واوربا تعرف الصديق الحقيقي من المزيف . الريس مبارك نصح بعدم غزو افغانستان لكن اوربا استمعت لابن زايد الوغد . لقد كلفن بصبيانيته المليارات وما زال يورطنا . نصيحه للغربيين اقتلوا ابن زايد فهو يعمل مع الجميع ضد الجميع

    1. Wouldn’t have been nearly as bad if Biden didn’t break the bilateral agreement between the US and the Taliban.

  6. 20 years Afghanistan had to prepare a homeland defense system to repel any invasion by the Taliban, and as soon as a handful of Taliban turn up on their doorstep they all bolt.

    1. @Joel Marquez Trump said troops would be out may 1st or there would be a bigger conflict. How the hell is this anyone but Bushes fault?

    2. @Snoglydox it’s not the when, where, and why. Of course we want our soldiers back home ….it’s how it was done… we still have American people over there… regardless we can all agree yes we need our people back home. 20 years too long. Too much money. But this does not fall on trump at all…. He joe Biden as he has stated before he is the best in foreign policy… turns out he is incompetent, I knew this would happen he would make one decision that has basically put the whole darn world on notice … it’s the how and he failed

    3. @Newtrixter it’s how it was done Biden messed up and I knew this incompetent piece of garbage would do it …. He belongs in a damn nursing home

    4. @Snoglydox I hope you listen to that ex military personnel Matt …. No excuse… Biden sucks unbelievable

  7. I agree… if their government doesn’t stand up for their OWN land. Than why invest more on them when we need to get better too.

    1. @Alisha Ohara there’s problems all over the world nothing is perfect maybe if we were like Canada we would avoid all this issues. But no everyone wants power everyone wants more everyone wants to stick noses where they shouldn’t. So honestly it’s on the governments sorry people have to go through it maybe tell that to the governments not to be so selfish because at the end of the day they’re obviously just thinking about themselves. If they’re so scared they had to run away from their own land sorry they didn’t have balls to actually protect they’re people. Go tell that to the their president not me.

    2. @Alisha Ohara we go risk our lives for OTHER people. We have families, kids, we have a life too. 20 years. Wouldn’t you miss your family? How would you feel if you had to be there for 20 years supporting people you don’t even know… when you could’ve been with family. How do you think OUR troops feel, we did our part time to do their part.

    3. @Vanessa Katzen wow, I hope you are happy that so many young girls are being sold as sex slaves right now thanks to Biden decision to withdraw our troops without proper procedure. I hope you are also happy that there are AMERICANs citizens trying to leave Afghanistan without any mean to make it to the airport since the Taliban took over the city. You must be thrilled that we abandoned those who have been helping us all these years.

    4. @Shane Kasper no one would attack a country with their right to bear arms that’s going against the strongest military and citizens whom are armed some to the teeth.

    5. @Alisha Ohara then that is their job, if they’re not doing they’re job how is that citizens problem? All governments are corrupted there’s so much we can do. So please stop going off on me for having freedom of speech

    1. Nope——the CIA would have done the same thing—–recognized they had a losing hand. This is on the US for propping up a puppet for a decade or more. Shame on us—–we knew the President was useless and so did the AFghan Army fighters. Now the Taliban has picked up over 100,000 well trained fighters—-trained by our Army and Marines.

    1. @Joseph Kempinger III It was not Taliban, it was Al-Qaeda who committed 9/11. Go check your facts streetboy.

    2. This was not as useless as shown in the media.

      In those 20 years we worked our arse off to maintain peace so that people could run their everyday life (At home and in Afghanistan).

      In those 20 years thousands of students including girls completed their school and gained university degrees in Afghanistan. Many of them are now professionals in various sectors, not only in Afghanistan but all around the world.

      These are just couple of achievements I mentioned.

      Our brothers in arms did not die there for NOTHING, they believed in what they were doing and gave their lives for cause .

      So please do not say its useless, yes we can say it did not end as we wanted but we off course we did something for the betterment of the society.

      A veteran here.

    3. @EelahgnaL Blue i hope so. Maybe one day these people, tired of the talibans and remembering their 20 years of “freedom” will fight by themselves to take back their rights again. I really hope so. Thank you for your reply, and for your services

  8. Right on! Now let’s watch the media make a big controversy over this for ratings. Because the media doesn’t care about anything but ratings.

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