Biden Stuck Between Manchin And GOP In Infrastructure Deal 1

Biden Stuck Between Manchin And GOP In Infrastructure Deal


With legislation that could partially define his legacy hanging in the balance, Biden is facing a largely hostile GOP and some Democrats – particularly West Virginia Democrat Joe Manchin – who are making an infrastructure bill's passage in the Senate very difficult. Garrett Haake and Lisa Lerer join to discuss.
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  1. So let’s protect BIG CORPORATE,because they don’t have trillions! The rich get richer and the poor get poorer!

  2. I believe, that just making sure that the right thing is done is not enough, you gotta do it the right way too.

    1. The fringes walked away, now claiming victimhood of being divided, OSTRACIZED, that everyone changed around him, Nope, you walked away from Norm, and thereby ALIENATED yourselves in the fringes of the far right.

  3. It’s either democracy or the filibuster at this point if Manchin and Sennma are going to vote like a Republican they might be a Republican

    1. Okay but they’re not going to turn RepublicanBAHAHAHAH youre just mad you have no power to do anything and just watch your own people in your party vote against you and help usmakes me happy seeing all the dems legislation blocked.

  4. Machin may go down in history as the destroyer of the American Democratic way of life.

    1. …. A good buddy of mine in Los Angeles, at an international freight forwarder, told me that they are getting over-run with shipping containers from China.
      ………He said he was in Longbeach, CA over the weekend and he said that there were over 60 container ships moored and anchored yet to be unloaded
      I thought that the US was limiting imports from China? I thought that the tariffs were still in place and that there was very little importation from the Communist Chinese. He explained to me why frieght transportation is so expensive… He said supply and demand. He said they are running 24/7 freight from China. What has the Biden administration done to cause this? Why are we destroying American manufacturing and jobs with a flood of China goods? I imagine that your readers would be interested to know the details.

      ……………..because CHINA rules the USA. BECAUSE the USA people just whine.

      …………….get in your statehouse en masse learn and do

  5. There needs to be a way to get rid of representatives in Congress and start over! With the current generation in Congress, there is no room for any other generation on the planet.

  6. When your politicans cry defunded the police then use your tax dollars to increase their own secure for protection yea nothing to see here

    1. @John B Pay the single digit IQ Troglodytes no mind, they sit around there section eight housing getting baked now that weed is legal, everyday.

    2. @NightBloodRayna they’re the ones complaining about showing an ID to vote but are excited to hand their to the worker at the dispensary their ID to get their bag of weed

    1. It does fund those things. Republicans just don’t want to fund “radical liberal” things like renewable energy and elder care.

  7. Nearly fifty years on the government teet and Biden has yet to form an original though, let alone one that benefits American citizens. Term limits are an absolute must if government has a remote chance at success for the people.

    1. The disaster was inherited from a useless president and treasonous Republican Party. The democrats are trying to make America great where as the republicans want to take America backwards. You should get out of your mothers basement and into the real world.

  8. Manchin needs to work for the entire country… do the “next right thing” for everyone.

    1. You must really hate the working class, which he represents. He’s incredibly popular in his state, virtually no chance of getting rid of him.

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