Biden Takes His Campaign Into Trump Territory With A New Troll Of The President | Deadline | MSNBC 1

Biden Takes His Campaign Into Trump Territory With A New Troll Of The President | Deadline | MSNBC


Joe Biden debuts his latest attack against Trump in a town hall speaking with Pennsylvania voters, setting up the election as a battle between “Scranton and Park Avenue”. Aired on 09/18/2020.
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Biden Takes His Campaign Into Trump Territory With A New Troll Of The President | Deadline | MSNBC


    1. It don’t think Trump passed a grade above fifth or sixth. His own sister said she was shocked he got into Fordham because she had to do his homework in high school and his niece said he has a learning disability. He paid someone to take his SATs to get into penn and has paid a lot of money to keep his grades a secret. I’m convinced he never graduated from Penn and a few of his professors there said he was a terrible student before being hushed.

    2. @spaxxed Take a look at Trump’s academic career…oh yeah, that’s right, we can’t because he won’t release any of his transcripts. Though, I imagine they would be like the bathroom scene from The Shinning. ^.^

  1. I like the part where republicans looked at t’rump and said, “THAT”s the guy who will finally make everyone respect us.”

    1. Baby Teano EXACTLY American voters are Sick & Tired having their intelligence insulted by Career Politicians and the DNC that parades a feeble elderly poser as a Mentally fit leader.
      Heck, even Obama tried to convince Biden Not to Run. At the time I suspect Biden didn’t recognize
      his former Boss. Well, let’s hope they inject Joe with enough Amphetamine Cocktail
      September 29th and POTUS doesn’t request drug testing.

    2. CMUNIC8 more like Children who don’t get their way. Search “Hillary concedes reactions”
      Thousands of starry eyed Leftist crying hysterically in bewilderment.
      Repeat midnight November 3 2020.
      November 4, TV comedians Scarborough, Brzezinski and Maddows start another 4 year quest
      “Impeach Impeach Impeach” those TV entertainers made Bank
      last time around with Russia. Scarborough’s got his eye on a 130’ yacht
      and Italian Villa next to Clooney. Maddows gender reassignment

    1. *President Trump’s platform:* Defeated Isis, lowering big pharma prices, energy independence, criminal justice reform, peace in the Middle East accords (2 Nobel Prize nominations), crushing much of Radical Islam, zero wars, First Step act, action against opioids bringing death rate down, excellent COVID response enacted the Defense Production Act 78 times, action to stop anti-American critical race theory, border security, 50+ hostage release negotiations, cracked down on North Korea, renegotiated NAFTA, housing, bank and labor deregulation, lower taxes, strongest economy ever, 50-year record low unemployment of 3.5% in September 2019, lowest unemployment rate ever of 4.1% for blacks and Hispanics, 7 million jobs created pre-COVID, 10+ million post COVID. *Democrat’s platform:* Must defeat Trump… or you’ll all die, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump… *We Love You.*

    2. @Unsung Hero while rich remain cruel. Those individuals who earned their wealth partake in helping their community. Like dr dre snoop and ice cube to name a few.

    1. Don’t assume that because Joe isn’t “ivy league educated” that he doesn’t have an education! He graduated with a bachelor’s from the University of Delaware and the College of Law at Syracuse University. He has worked as an attorney, senator, law professor and Vice President. He does have working class roots though that gave him mental toughness, compassion and faith, which all lead to a strong sense of morality. He understands law and our constitution, which alone puts him light years ahead of the fascist imposter currently in the highest office in the land. He is an educated yet down-to earth man.

    2. @Keith Johnson – Shelby GT500 Don’t you realize no one cares about your gibberish? You’re really not accomplishing anything

    3. @Barry Ulrich No one has ever claimed Harry Truman payed anyone people to take tests for him. If you have some information that he did , please share it…

    1. @Dan Blazer —- You are absolutely correct !!!
      On Nov 03. Biden will be awarded the — Gold Medal — by the American People
      Meanwhile your Cult Leader will become a Footnote in History as the First President
      In History to be hauled out of the WH in Jan 2021 in Golden Handcuffs.

  2. “A man who is empty on the inside must decorate himself on the outside.”
    “Real living is living for others.”
    ― Bruce Lee

    1. That’s a beautiful saying, so true, if I had one message it would be those who truly understand this are blessed.

  3. Remember this: a right-wing gov in Japan said: wear masks, and mailed all masks in February/March. September = 1300 dead out of 126,000,000 in the size of CA with one of the oldest populations in the world. Sane government saves lives. You have a clear choice, people. Vote for Trumpshenko again and keep dying or choose life and a calmer USA. Easy, right?

    1. @amen
      Our great democrat Govenor of our state declared the state will never open completely without a vaccine.
      I’m looking forward to being a noncompliant resident.
      Put a democrat President in office i have no choice except to be a Outlaw….

      If light is outlawed only the outlaw will be able to see where he’s going.

  4. _”Gold-plated toilet bowl owner.”_ LOL! Such an appropriate description of that Nouveau riche fraud and all the tackiness he surrounds himself with.

    1. In casino’s everything you can touch is real. Everything you cant is foam or fake. That’s trump in a nutshell.

    2. Thank you!! I’ve been trying to find the right word to describe Trump, and you said it – TACKY. That’s EXACTLY what he is. I said things like crass and boorish to describe him, but you hit the nail on the head.

    1. …And not just the children in America depend on it. Sadly, everything points to trump 2020 = WWIII, or at the very least Civil War in the US. 🙁

    2. @Computer User At this point, even if it was ‘brain dead’ joe (or whatever other ridiculous name you want to give him), he’d still be a better choice than trump. How about you read one of the many books that expose trump for the fraud he is and educate yourself a little. I’ve read 2.5 so far. How many have you read?

    1. @robert hicks do you know anything about the cyber bullying “cause”, The first lady picked that and I haven’t seen or heard much. I was just wondering if there was a site or anything for kids to help against it.

    1. I take it you would rather have someone that has been proven to be a -servant- friend of the ccp rather than someone that has never been proven to be a friend of Putin?

    2. @tgiambusso31 One thing? That’s easy. He is an arrogant braggart. He has talked down about women. Some would say going to a prostitute is bad but I really don’t see that. That’s two things. There are plenty more, I’m sure. The thing is, what he has done for the country more than offsets his negatives. Biden on the other hand hasn’t done ANYTHING good that I know of to offset his negatives. What’s worse, is it isnt even Biden who will be president. They have admitted it will be a Harris administration with special guest, joe biden.

    3. @tgiambusso31 Just read one of the many books that expose trump for who he really is. I recommend Mary Trump’s book. Educate yourself and then report back your findings. 🙂

    1. We need to call our individual states Republican representatives to tell them tRump doesn’t get to pick a judge this soon to election.

    1. You are right, Comic. Americans don’t want decency, they want a mirror where they can see themselves reflected. Trump is that mirror.

    2. @Lloyd Hannemann Nope. Trump will win in a landslide, and the US will cease to be a democracy (which it isn’t too much of anyway). In the unlikely event that Trump loses, get ready for a takeover by the military and a spectacular collapse of the US as a Republic. Bye bye, American friends. Say hello to Hitler in his new reincarnation.

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