Biden talks gun reform during ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ appearance | USA TODAY

Biden talks gun reform during 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' appearance | USA TODAY 1


  1. Trump was getting out executive orders like candy? He had 220. Obama had 276. So what was Obama doing? Hitting the express lane?

    1. @S K it would be a debate if anyone could actually provide a counter point rather than just changing the subject

    2. Did he talk about destroying our country?? Gas, Inflation, Supply Chain, Crime, Illegals or evaporation of my 401K?

  2. By gun reform you mean making me a criminal for disassembling and cleaning my firearm like a responsible person? Because that’s what this bill does.

    1. Where does it say that? I looked and couldn’t find anything that said that was part of the law, so sources please.

  3. When you run an administration based on “equity” above all else, this is what you get: a stock market in the tank, 10 million jobs open, failing schools, uncontrolled debt, crime waves, homelessness, and a lazy unprofessional workforce with zero rigor and pride. Let’s go Brandon.
    ~Jim Eagle

    1. @Brian Levine “President Bush signed the bill into law within hours of its enactment, creating a $700 billion dollar Treasury fund to purchase failing bank assets. The revised plan left the $700 billion bailout intact and appended a stalled tax bill.”

    2. @Mobilus In Mobili *you’re

      Also thanks for proving my point I was making to someone else

  4. From the comments, it looks like no one is buying this. Most people think he’s done irreparable harm to America.

  5. First, all the elected officials give up the armed security they enjoy using the weapons they want to ban us from having. Second, they must abide by the gun control laws of their home jurisdiction wherever they go. Once they do that, then I’ll be happy to discuss restrictions on my Constitutional rights.

  6. It’s so great to see President Biden conferring with noted Constitutional scholar, political philosopher, and firearms expert James Kimmel. I’ve been low-key obsessed with his work ever since I read his law review article reinterpreting Miller in light of modern combat (nonlinear, noncontiguous, COIN). And his criticism of striker-fired pistols was prophetic; if the US military had read it they would have avoided a lot of problems with the P320.

  7. Joe should sit down with someone who disagrees with him, like Ben Shapiro, and convince the other people. Kimmel is already on his side.

    1. @Jesse only from an American lens can you say that. When ppl arent called out, thats the issue. Proud boys and antifa need to be called out for their bs.

    2. @Sam R Why try sell somebody that is already on you side, he needs to convert people to his beliefs.

    1. Hey man, the three people who actually watched this live are offended.

  8. Chicago has the toughest gun laws in the country and still had almost 800 homicides in 2021. Is that the success we’re looking for?

    1. Sure did. This guy can’t even make it up the stairs on AF1… Never saw someone fall UP stairs before

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