Biden Thinks We Can 'Fight Terrorism Without Endless Wars': Jake Sullivan 1

Biden Thinks We Can ‘Fight Terrorism Without Endless Wars’: Jake Sullivan

President Biden’s National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan discusses the president’s forceful defense of his decision to evacuate Afghanistan and argues that it was a historic airlift that went beyond what people anticipated

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  1. endless war forever. we r not the world policeman. keep r nose out of other peoples business. war forever

    1. @Mary Rodger finally someone intelligent here… People don’t realize why we haven’t had another terrorist attack like 9/11 since 2001…American military presence,it’s bc of them and now this clown and his morons think they did well…I’m sure the Taliban are grateful for our parting gifts we left them

    2. Then why did Joe biden, despite 8 years as vp and decades in congress, never try once to stop them? Thus far all he’s done is follow and break, trumps treaties.

  2. What would you say if Trump was in office. I do believe you would be Praising all the BS he would be handing out to all of you because you loved it for 5 years not even recognizing him trying to stay in Power after the Election.

    1. @superflybry123 yes it does. Biden did it all wrong, the troops should’ve been last to leave, there are priorities such as civilians and equipment

    2. @Diego A ..and trump would’ve done it slick and clean I guess – you know – like in northern iraq with the kurdish pullout after his phone call with erdogan? Nah? Don’t remember that? didn’t think so.. lets just focus on squaring the circle of ‘Pullout good when trump said, pullout bad when biden implements it’

    3. @Nancy C says trump supporter who thinks …
      ‘tromp sed it wuz frowd so yep wrrr gown’ go wiyath thayat – it musss be trrrewwww cawz he seyad it’

    1. Great movie. We should be learning about such things in school but that would be considered indoctrination. There’s also the fact that Great Britain tried three times to rule Afghanistan and failed each and every time just like the Soviet Union. Back to Charlie Wilson’s war a big part of that was that the United States gave them weapons to fight off the Soviet Union but when it came to rebuilding schools and such Congress didn’t want to hear it or invest anymore dollars. Anyone who has watched footage of the current Taliban siege can see they are well fed, well clothed and very well armed. They don’t look like a bunch of starved scraggly prisoners who were just busted out of Pakistani prisons but then again they’ve had a year. Where did they get all of these supplies?

    1. @big blob So brave of you. When are YOU going over to fight for them? There are more than enough of you keyboard critics to fund and manpower an invasion. What’s that? Oh, right. another chickenhawk.

    2. @Penny Munger Its just not possible for the Imperialist to act against the interests of the exploiting capitalists and landlords in the colonial world.

  3. 20 years of war is enough. Our military heroes have tried their best. Thanks for your service and your families.

    1. What makes you think the war is over? Now that we are not fighting them there they will be here. Shoot Texas this morning and that’s only the beginning

  4. “forceful attempt”
    Well that is a desperate interpretation of the what the demented fool was spewing.

  5. “Maybe instead of complaining, you should be helping.” Arnold as Dutch to whiny CIA agent Dillon as they set up perimeter defense against the “Predator” 1987.

    1. @Anthony Carroll Healing only starts after the criminals are sentenced, and restitution is made. The bank robber wants to say he was just kidding, so let bygones, be bygones, doesn’t cut it.

  6. Let’s take care of the war on democracy in this country first..Republicans are trying to destroy the USA

    1. Too late, Demorats did it..maybe instead of appointing people based on their qualifications instead of what they identify as or how they feel,we wouldn’t be the laughing stock of the world

    2. Right on. Republicans are showing our enemies how to damage the US from within. Tell lies (masks, vaccines, election fraud) that create chaos, then try and win an election. Out of Hitler’s playbook.

  7. Thank you to all military personnel (and Afghan allies) for their patriotism, courage, and sacrifice! You are all American heros! My condolence to the many lives lost during the 20 years in Afghanistan. Thank you President Biden for the courage and commitment to end the war and the return of troops back home.

    1. No one has subdued Afghanistan ever ! it will always be a lawless warring country full of warlords and different groups !! It will never ever be a democracy in the mold of western democracies . The Republicans seem to believe they can change things through military might but once again a low tech insurgency has won out after twenty years .

    2. @BlaQ Bay17 Trump left Kurdish allies to the mercy of the Turkish army and allowed Russia a free hand in Syria . Ending a twenty year war with absolutely no hope of ever winning it was a sensible decision . Vietnam was a chaotic exit just as Afghanistan he as been getting out is always harder than getting in . The trouble is America keeps making the same mistake of getting into wars that it cannot win . Afghanistan has never ever been subdued the British ,Russians and America have failed all super powers .

  8. Afghanistan was lost the moment bush decided to invade Iraq. The loser ex president released lots of fighters from prison. He negotiated with the terrorist but he never gets blamed for anything he does.

    1. @His Panic All these rotten politician’s who voted for the war should be punished starting with the socialist traitor Sanders.

  9. Biden knew he’d get a ton of backlash for this. But he knew it was right and he has a clear vision for how we need to focus on what actually keeps us safe. The war is over. Thank Biden

    1. Trump ensured thanks to his deal that any future admin would have to follow through on his agreement. Sadly for him Joe biden was his successor and has a long history of making a mess of things.

    2. @Chad Leach This was a capitalist war against the workers and farmers of Afghanistan. A war in defense of US imperialism the combination of US foreign investment backed up with military violence.

  10. It’s absolutely ridiculous that American has a joke of a visa system!!! Shouldn’t take more that 5 business days to do the actual work of verification. The other 18 months is nothing but bureaucracy.

  11. The problem with this war is that there was never a clear goal for how to achieve our aims and how to exit, thus we stayed for two decades had many killed, many wounded and many psychologically debilitated…

  12. Coming from an administration that lied about the known state of the Afghanistan government and botched the withdrawal in numerous ways, what credibility does it have left?

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