Biden to appointees: I'll fire you if you treat someone with disrespect 1

Biden to appointees: I’ll fire you if you treat someone with disrespect


In his remarks to over a thousand of his appointees, President Joe Biden laid out what he expects from them and what kind of administration he will have.

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  1. In case anyone forgot in the past 4 years, this is how a president should be, regardless if democratic or republican or anything else.

    1. @Michael Williamson can’t speak hate if it is the truth something your former president dump know nothing about

  2. “I’m gonna make mistakes…. we’re not gonna walk away and we’re gonna take responsibility.” Spoken like a true leader

    1. If you notice. All trDUMPSTER DIVERS are mirroring EVERYTHING that tRUMP failed in & was infamously known for, onto BIDEN.

    2. @Traitor Joe’s did you ever think that maybe the first black surgeon general was incompetent and needed to be fired?

    3. @James Jackson He wasn’t the first. Clinton had the first. Traitor Joe is a Trump cult member just making stuff up. Besides — first or not, whatever race — Trump’s Surgeon General needed to go because he repeatedly lied about Covid to the public to appease Trump. First rule of medicine: “Do no harm.”

    1. @Ray such comments aren’t necessary, kids can opinion too. Don’t just sit there bash him because of his age.

    2. @grant swords obvious lot of people will. Don’t like him or his party but he was elected on 11/3, end of story.

    1. @Z man I speak good ole ‘merican. Can you do some research before you show your racism so blatantly? Biden is on video calling servicemembers stupid bastards, while trump only called McCain a loser. There’s no source to confirm if trump called anyone suckers.

    2. @Bite Me When did I say I support Trump? You say nothing new, everything you have said has been said by the media for 4 years straight. News is so good at controlling simple minded people like you that you don’t realize all your “original” thoughts are not original.

    3. @Dena Pattison I do know that he’s going to need GOD’S help. I pray that President Joe Biden will seeks God’s wisdom & direction in the way he should go in Jesus Christ name Amen January 20,2021

    1. Imagine one man causing you this much trouble. You really let everything get to you, huh? Hey, maybe your blood pressure will continue to level out when we’re back in endless wars and our jobs being sent overseas again. Hope you enjoy that mandated face mask for a virus we have a vaccine for.

  3. “we work for the people! They pay our salary” is been a long while that we heard this… speechless in a good way

    1. RAT he doesn’t want to start any wars. Trump almost started a few himself though and the republican president before him did start one.

    2. Trump is gone and that is a blessing. For those of you here being disrespectful to PREZ JOE BIDEN. Please go live with trump. Bye

    1. @Tony Samuels I don’t hope. Hope is for wimps….. I on the other hand wish.
      I’m not sure I want to get to Biden’s age. The whole pissing myself and forgetting my name for an hour every time my wife runs the microwave doesn’t sound too appealing.

    2. @Mick Swann
      I dream about the president (the real one)
      I am in love with the president,
      He is my favorite person in the whole wide world

    3. @Jane Day
      Of course biden is a puppet for the socialist movement
      He never accomplished anything in the 47 years in politics

  4. It feels like such a different time to hear words like these come from the U.S. President’s mouth, instead of just hate and indecency.

  5. Brilliant!
    People also ask: DEMOCRACY:
    What is the basic meaning of DEMOCRACY?
    1a : government by the people especially : rule of the majority. b : a government in which the SUPREME POWER is vested in the PEOPLE and exercised by them directly or indirectly through a system of representation involving periodically held free elections.
      …from Google internet

    1. @Mark C 81 million Americans say no he is not! We the people did not want that person to represent the USA.

    2. Finally an Adult has returned to the Oval Office, and the Toddler in Chief has taken his n.b marbles and gone home

    1. @Ra I’m not saying that we don’t have problems I’m just saying that there is potential and possibilities to make it and strive too. Just like other people did it. No one is saying is easier and there is a hard and very sad history that must be ignored (and if I did , that’s not my point) but if you set your mind , you can do accomplish your goals. Is my opinion but I do respect your opinion if you disagree with me. Respectfully.

  6. Out of everything what POTUS has said; the conspiracy theorists will only hear “Work like a devil” line

    1. ‘We’re going to work like the devil’ was the complete sentence, I believe.
      …and, my thought exactly, Shourov, the moment it left his mouth.
      Expect to see it, removed from its context, on every conspiracy/fake news/pro-Trump/faux Christian site, endlessly replayed over the next four years.

    2. I have a feeling they’ll jump on the fact that he mentioned he had a conversation with Xi Jinping. They (the nutjobs) seriously believe China will rule America through Joe.

  7. How a President should sound when he speaks…”Everybody, everybody is entitled to be treated with decency and dignity” May the American people begin to heal, love and respect from the NZ.

    1. @John Washburn we had to deal with russia hoax and fake impeachments for 4 years, you telling me to give it up after 3 months ?
      Sit in a corner and humble yourself

    2. @John Washburn no you let it go after 4 years of “Russia Russia Russia”… guess what we ain’t letting it go since that’s the only thing your writing… so please you let it go and admit how biden is going screw with America

    3. Thanks so much for your good will and thoughts, we need all the good will we can get. President Biden has a tough, long, rough road in front if him, I hope he has the strength, I think he’s shown he has the will.

  8. If Biden comes through and does what’s “right”for ALL Americans…he will literally go down in history as a hero.

    1. , if he takes glories for success he should be ready to take the blame for any failure. His failed adm failed miserably to address the pandemic.

    2. @Tommy MJ and btw…conspiracies and lies have been around longer that our country has been and they aren’t going anywhere cuz there will always be crazy people

  9. I understand why his nickname is “Sleepy Joe” … Seeing & listening to Biden’s well thought out plan, for the first time in years, many Americans can get a good nights sleep not fretting about an irresponsible reckless conman destroying the country.

    1. @jay collins
      You probably don’t respect your parents or your parents don’t respect tou for you to have such an opinion about the government.

    2. Reading these comments are alarming, unity is not verbally attacking each other. Goodness, respect, what’s wrong with people. Agree to disagree and move on.

    3. @Casey Mitchem
      Hey Casey, look at history. Every time a Republican was in the presidency the economy crashed. Then comes a Democrat and he fixes the country. And so on and so on.
      Do you even listen to the words he speaks? Do you try to understand hiw dedicated this man is to our country? Do you only see your little self in this world?

    4. @Fat Silver no please explain how raising gas and groceries and taxes helps the economy. We are 84 trillion in debt most spent was Obama administration. More than all the past three presidents before him combined. Gas was great, groceries went down yet you say republicans kill the economy. Jimmy carter a democrat Ronald Reagan fixed it. The George’s were basically democrats. They spent money on wars that no one wanted. I didn’t vote for bush jr the second term because of the money he spent. So tell me what biden did in the 47 years he was in office?

    1. @Jss FkBiden 80 million including Georgia, who was the nail in the coffin for Trumps tyranny wanted Biden soooo

  10. I feel like he’s preaching to the choir. Everyone has a bad day, but I can’t imagine anyone in this administration having the level of nastiness, meanness & hatred we’ve just experienced with the ‘Chumps’.

    1. He’s setting clear expectations. Recalibrating. Reminding, restating all that the behavior of the previous administration is not the norm and won’t continue into this administration.

    2. Preaching to the choir for sure, but more than that, this being broadcast tells the American public what he expects of his staff

  11. “We’re gonna take responsibility” it’s incredible that the bar was so low the past four years, that hearing an adult say they’re gonna take responsibility feels so good

    1. When the government makes all these pretty promises, you should be worried. Especially when it comes from the man who had to drop out of two presidential elections for his lying and plagiarizing. But yeah, he’s our sole savior. Joe “you ain’t black if you can’t decide between me or Trump” Biden.

    2. 🖒 Today is a fresh start for America…. never mind the trash that’s trying to bring us down !!

    3. @Michael Williamson not sure about the ‘other one’ but he didnt run in 2016 cause his son died. you of course knew that didnt you trumptard?

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