Biden To Deliver Voting Rights Speech In Philadelphia Next Week

NBC's Monica Alba reports that President Biden plans on giving a major speech on his administration's efforts on voting rights next week in Philadelphia. This comes after the president met with leaders of civil rights organizations behind closed doors.

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Biden To Deliver Voting Rights Speech In Philadelphia Next Week


    1. @Jeff Libby that’s what cnn and msnbc told me and they are authorized news sources !

    2. @Johnathan Doehead I call bullcrap. In todays day and age are you being racist towards black people thinking there too dumb to get a id?

    3. @Common Sense I am a anti racist and am protecting black peoples right to vote with no Id !!!

  1. I wish I had Platinum Health Insurance like the corrupt Politicians voted for themselves. Instead of my Bronze.

    1. The southern red Republican states has the highest rates of uninsured people in America. Perhaps the world for that matter.

    1. It’s simple take their ID to the voting booth and vote you have the right to vote like everyone else

    2. Which is nullified when corporate interests or Putin buys legislators to vote against the public good.

    1. @Robert Hylton So, you support illegals coming in our country and now you MAD we don’t speak proper English. Racist much?

    2. @Colorado IsME You can thank Ronald Reagan and the Republican party for giving millions of illegal immigrants amnesty! All for cheaper wages in America. They sold out the middle-class for cheap labor! This is why the southern red Republican states has the lowest paying jobs in America! Moscow Mitch even blocked a raise in the minimum wage under Obama and Trump while Corporate America is making profits. This is now the first time in U.S. history the Federal minimum wage hasn’t gone up in a decade! Perhaps you gullible cons will love to work for peanuts when Moscow Mitch gets rid of the minimum wage?🤔🤣🤣

      This is why Biden and the Democratic party wants to raise the minimum wage. To help lift millions of working class Americans out of poverty thanks to Moscow Mitch who put them into poverty!

    3. @Ron White Ok what does that have to do with Joke B. on his way to walmart? And you do know minimum wage is a negotiating starting point for business right? The companies could pay more. *If you are still stuck at a minimum wage* sounds like a personal problem! I started at minimum wage in the construction field. Soon I will be starting my own business. I learned the trade and bought tools within a year! I never made minimum wage ever again! JS. That’s all.

  2. My grandson had a great idea. Put polling booths in thousands of Walmart across the country. Free rides for all those who do not have transportation. Walmart has the best facial recognition in the United States and they already work with the government. Fingerprints and ID. It could easily be set up by 2024.

    1. Leon – Should people who frequently shop at Walmart have the right to vote ?
      Or drive ? Or buy alcohol ? It’s a strange place.

    2. @steve jette the Democrats are saying the people that like to shop at Walmart are the ones that are being suppressed.

  3. This is going to be awesome to see the Democrats get 80 million voters to the voting booth LOL

    1. I don’t know when you grew up, but when I grew up, there was about half the people in USA as there is now…With States cutting polling places, hours of voting time, ways to vote, and all other republican cut backs in voting..Even with all mail-in ballets, DeJoy mail cut backs, and long lines of vote in-person, it did take days, and weeks….Just hope President Biden gets voting rights restored, before 2022 election…So every one can vote in a timely manor….and covid still under control, VOTE IN PERSON, VOTES COUNT, VOTERS COUNT….COUNT ALL VOTES, IN 2022, AS YEARS IN THE PAST HAVE DONE…20 REPUBLICAN SENATE SEATS UP FOR ELECTION, SO VOTE BLUE…TAKE TOTAL CONTROL OF SENATE…SO WORTH WHILE BILLS AND ACTS WILL GET PASSED…CLEAR OUT MOSCOW MITCH DESK….

    2. @may wilson I grew up in the 50s and 60s so if there is twice as many people give them two days give them three days to vote they don’t need three months. Now everybody has a mail-in ballot and they take it to a Dropbox. Not everyone needs a mail-in ballot if you want to mail in your ballot give it to the postman you don’t need drop boxes in the middle of nowhere they can be stuffed with ballots in the middle of the night.

    3. @Bo Jo The peoples votes were mostly tallied, and President Biden was announced winner on November 6, 2020..The Electorial College, did not vote till December 14… January 3.. is the announcement…Confirmation this year was by Congress on January 6, 2021…That is the approximate dates of Electoral College every Presidential Election…The peoples votes are in with in days…..With the Covid, and DeJoy, Mail-in Ballots, took longer to all come in….

    4. Iowa sent a mail in ballot to Every resident of the state. They said the voting went really well. I don’t see why people are so uptight about drop boxes. Last go the Repubs went as far as to remove mailboxs! Plus our troops overseas mail their votes in.

    1. MSDNC doesn’t air his full speeches. Same with Trump – all you get is a couple cherry picked clips overlaid with state sponsored opinion.

  4. About time! Everyone citizen should be able to vote. We don’t live in Belarus, Russia, NK, China etc, etc…

  5. How about a Voting Rights bill that gets passed that the Republicans can’t mess with

  6. America is going backwards to the two hundred years ago. Sad to see this country destroy the democracy it’s use to be.

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