Biden to send longer-range rockets to Ukraine | USA TODAY

Biden to send longer-range rockets to Ukraine | USA TODAY 1


  1. More targets for Russian Air Force😅😅😅😅😅😅Please, send more🤓🤓🤓🤓

  2. Ukraine is losing the war and losing badly at that. Ukrainian army is crumbling. We can see mass surrender and desertion. Western supplies are a drop in the bucket taking into account the amount of already lost hardware. Without direct intervention of Polish or Romanian armies Ukrainian army will be done by the end of the year. 40+ billion in American weapons without even minimal oversight is mostly about corruption and kickbacks as usual.

  3. When is he going to combat the more pressing inflation issue on home soil ?
    thanks to Joe’s policies we have x2 gas and grocery prices, your 9.6% inflation and drop in annual real wages. My condolences to anyone like myself retiring this year. 30years of nonstop work just to have a crooked system swallow all your earnings

    1. Think yourself lucky youre old and not young. We’ve got no chance of buying a house, investing or getting a pension.

    2. my local supermarket have started selling their meat joints and steaks in hard plastic security tagged casings here……l kid you not.

    3. keep buying gas like a sucker lol I bought an EV 6 yrs ago because I no longer want to be a prisoner to oil and gas companies lol

  4. And PooTin’s RottenSia whines by saying it’s like ‘adding fuel to fire’. Well, it’s not fuel but extinguishers. Who started the fire, and who’s the aggressor? PooTin’s RottenSia can stop the fire without the help of those powerful extinguishers if they want to by any chance.

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