Biden To Visit Site Of Tulsa Massacre 100 Years After Tragedy 1

Biden To Visit Site Of Tulsa Massacre 100 Years After Tragedy


Biden will travel to Oklahoma to mark 100 years since Tulsa massacre as descendants and survivors mark the occasion with somber ceremonies and calls for justice and reparations. We discuss with Caroline Randall Williams and Tim Miller.
Trump's first National Security Adviser, Michael Flynn, seemed to suggest at a QAnon conference that the U.S. needs a coup similar to what occurred in Myanmar. MSNBC's Brian Williams discusses with our legal analyst Neal Katyal.
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    1. @Truth To Power listen to the covid tapes, Trump knew how bad covid was but insisted on installing fear and misinformation. If Biden was president before or a sane republican then we wouldn’t be in this situation.

    2. Underrated Failure, the Covid isn’t in fact “bad” it’s merely the flu with a different name. It also has about a 99.7% survival rate.

      Tell me why if you go to the hospital with cancer and Covid, and you die, they’ll say you died from Covid and not the much deadlier cancer? If you go to the hospital with any ailment AND Covid, and you die, they’ll always say you died of Covid.

      Why do they need to play with the numbers if in fact Covid is so “deadly”

    3. @Truth To Power covid is NOT the flu and is 10x worse than the flu. Your survival number is misleading, it implies you live or die. That is wrong, with the remaining percentage it means millions will die from covid, thousands are hospitalized, thousands on ventilators, thousands will have lifelong health issues. People with cancer stayed home, they are now overrunning the emergency rooms. You can contract covid while in a hospital so there is that. NO, they will NOT always say you died from covid, that would be lying, doctors, hospitals, coroners can NOT lie, they would lose their licenses. They don’t play with the numbers.
      What makes covid deadly is how quickly it spreads and quickly it kills in a short amount of time

    1. I’m sure it will end with Joe being creepy… poor girls are just as good looking as the rich girls… come on man

    2. It will be better that Gov. Stitt, but he WILL NOT BE THERE, And neither both of my U.S. Senators or the congress man that represents Tulsa. Now what do the people have in common? Ohh they are all REPUBLICANS.

    3. @Richard McKinney don’t you worry buddy.. Joe will make sure your kids don’t grow up in a racial jungle. At this point we need to move on you weren’t a slave and there are more Important things to take care of besides stoking race wars.

    1. Doesn’t the Jedi council take kids from their parents, ban the kids from ever seeing their parents, then force the kids to learn their way of life? Doesn’t sound just to me.

  1. Also on this day in history this country fought one of many battles to end slavery: Battle of Seven Pines, also called Battle of Fair Oaks, (May 31–June 1, 1862), in the American Civil War, two-day battle in the Peninsular Campaign, in which Confederate attacks were repulsed, fought 6 miles (10 km) east of the Confederate capital at Richmond, Virginia. The Union Army of the Potomac was commanded by Major General George B. McClellan and the Confederates by General Joseph E. Johnston, who was severely wounded in the first day of fighting. Northern casualties numbered more than 5,000, Southern more than 6,000.

    1. Yes I get what your saying….it’s sort of like Republicans not choosing to want to choose to look into the historic tragedy and find out the truth of what happened to our nation’s capital on January 6, 2021, simply write it out of the history books like it never happened like the Tulsa Oklahoma massacre…yep ok I get what you mean.

    2. They fought to restore the Union, ending slavery was simply a tactic. And the freed black people were terrorized and denied basic rights for 100 more years after that.

    3. @terry tee to be honest there. Was nothing serious hidden during the capital riot I want you to also realize there was one before that and also people calling them insurrectionnist those people could not run a government if they tried

    4. @terry tee lol the capital was nothing compared months of left wing blm and antifa riots. We should investigate why so many left wing terrorist were let go without being charged in democrat cities then investigate why they let left wing terrorist take over public land in seattle and Minneapolis? Also we need to investigate the countless attacks on the federal court house and ice facilities in Portland

  2. It’s too late to save the USA’s representative democracy. It’s already gone. RIP USA.

    1. @Mike W, why are you begging for a Authoritarian leader? We’re you a nazi in your past life?

  3. It’s projection. The Great capitol riots blame Antifa even though they were filmed and came from Trump rallies. Americans are not educated but indoctrinated. Walt Disney should tell black history

  4. This was 100 years ago !!!
    So we are now living in the past ? Is this history ?
    I thought the BLM and Dems want to erase history-
    We have moved on from this !!!

  5. *Joe Biden – 1977* – “I don’t want my children to grow up in a jungle, a racial jungle”
    *Joe Biden – 1994* – “If Haiti sunk into the Caribbean it wouldn’t matter a whole lot to our interests”
    *Joe Biden – 2006* – “hahaha, you just can’t go into a Dunkin’ Donuts or a 7-Eleven unless you have an Indian accent”
    *Joe Biden – 2007* – “look at Obama, I mean he is clean, nice looking and smart”
    *Joe Biden – 2012* – “if you vote for Republicans, they’ll put y’all back in chains”
    *Joe Biden – 2019* – “Poor kids” can be just as bright as “white kids”
    *Joe Biden – 2020* – “if you don’t vote for me, you ain’t really black”
    *Joe Biden – 2020* – “blacks are not as diversified in how they think as are Hispanics”
    *Joe Biden – 2021* – “Hispanics and African-Americans don’t know how to get online”

  6. Biden loves to make tragedies of the past seem like they’re continuing today for propaganda.

  7. makes one wonder how it went through 100 years of administrations including Biden being in office
    over 50 years and not a word being said until a high chance of reparations.

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