Biden Transition Blocked From Key Intelligence As Trump Appoints ‘Screwballs’ To Pentagon

Biden Transition Blocked From Key Intelligence As Trump Appoints 'Screwballs' To Pentagon 1


    1. Hopefully Biden pulls Trump’s security clearance once Trump is out of office. And I don’t mean like the pissy tantrum Trump threw where he threatened to pull Obama’s. Trump is an absolute security risk. Anyone in potentially billions of dollars of debt would be.

    2. @Michael Dougherty I’d pull the security clearance of every Trump appointee and only give them back after a through vetting.

    3. @Michael Dougherty I think they are working on it already. They are looking to pull the security clearance from inside their basement kingdom aka the office of the president elect!

  1. LOL, David Bossie is not an Attorney, and then he got COVID so couldn’t lead the legal team either way. Just sad.

    1. that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of those in heaven, and of those on earth, and of those under the earth, 11 and that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.

    2. AN
      1776 33 72
      Gott Mit Uns. Ewige.
      God Bless Our America. Christ Willes It.

  2. In other words, they’ll fit right in? “Two-bit crooks meet the military industrial complex. They’re going to show you around, and show you how to make a quick buck off suffering…. with drones. “

    1. JoeyB transition team is a farce, they will never be in the white house, Biden needs to go back to his basement….

    1. We the People includes those with differing views. But those differing views must have proof to be valid.

    2. @Legendary Skinman You say that, but there is no proof of that. Why do you think both Democrat and Republicans judges have denied Trump time and time again? Not even that dumb nut lawyer Sidney Powell provided any proof.

  3. It is a lot easier to delete damaging information and destroy documents relating to unethical or illegal activities when you have your Henchmen in charge.

  4. we as a people deserve everything that happens to us for letting this kind of corruption go on just because they’re rich and powerful

    1. @Lisa Butt Keep reelecting him? This was not an election for Joe Biden. Absolutely no one including the left wants him in office. People voted for and against Trump, and thats that.

    2. @LotWizzard and was called xenophobic by your boy Biden who obviously d8dnt seem to care he was trying to help the peopl out.

    1. @Sean Hettenbach We, in other countries are in the SECOND phase now. You, in the US have not even peaked the FIRST phase yet.

  5. When the citizens of this country wake up and realize that the people have the power not the government, this would all come to a swift end, as long as we go day after day letting it slide, we deserve whatever happens.

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