Biden: Trump skipping my inauguration a good thing 1

Biden: Trump skipping my inauguration a good thing


President-elect Joe Biden said President Donald Trump's decision to skip his inauguration is "one of the few things he and I have ever agreed on."

"It's a good thing, him not showing up," Biden told reporters Friday in Wilmington, Delaware, at a news conference after he introduced Cabinet nominees.
"He exceeded even my worst notions about him. He's been an embarrassment to the country, embarrassed us around the world. He's not worthy to hold that office," Biden said.
However, Biden said he is glad Vice President Mike Pence will attend his inauguration.
"He's welcome. I think it's important that as much as we can stick to what have been the historical precedents of how an administration changes should be maintained. And so Mike, the vice president, is welcome to come. We'd be honored to have him there, and to move forward in the transition," Biden said.
House Democrats are preparing articles of impeachment, expected to be introduced as soon as Monday. The President-elect did not weigh in on whether Congress should impeach Trump and remove him from office over his actions leading up to his supporters' riot at the Capitol this week.
He said he and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris are focused on preparing their agenda to combat the coronavirus pandemic and bolster a battered economy.

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    1. @Neville You have the first name of my favorite author his name is Neville Goddard. Check out his work you’ll love it. Be Blessed!!!

    1. @Gemma Cook
      Yes the slave owning Cook family originated in Scotland along with the Morgan’s.
      But I’m not too surprised you wouldn’t Own up to that heritage and attempt to blame it on “those people”

      Why? Because racism is a learned behavior – right?

      Anyway, I provided a name of one of the suspects so you can look it up.
      You claimed all the trouble makers at the Capital were Trump supporters, do you have any names to provide so i can look them up?

      BTW, I’m not an American so silly red vs blue crapola is meaningless to me.

    2. @TrueTubers Really? You’re going to go down that road?
      First, I don’t exactly have a mapped out family tree that goes back to those people, but as far as I know, I am not related to them.
      Second, I have nothing to hide, and nothing to own up to, its absolutely hilarious that you have nothing else to say to me except two slave owners who share my last name.
      Third, even if I am related to either of them, what they did was wrong and abhorrent but you’re doing one hell of a reach to somehow lump me in with them when I wasn’t even born then, there is literally nothing, nothing at all that I could have done to change history, so what exactly are you going for here? You are just making yourself look like an utter fool for bringing something like that up like its a massive insult to me or something, so at least explain what your reasoning is because I am truly fascinated why you felt the need to bring up slave owners who happen to share my last name and I must be related to them then, because there is no such thing as people having the same name but not being related at all right?

      And I have a lot of names of trump supporters who have been arrested and some charged.

      Arrested in pensylvania:

      Anthony Tommaro,
      Tara Coleman,
      James sinclair
      Sean bare
      David booth
      Philip mulhollen
      Dakoda westfall
      Mathew bare
      Douglas Black
      Eric Black
      Tomsa haines
      Jonathan Mckinley
      Leonard Guthrie

      Arrested in Maryland

      Stacey Ebanks
      Ryan Mason
      Alexander kimmich
      Ashanti Smith
      Christopher Alberts
      Thomas kawaihae
      Jessica Reinke
      Tyler sofia
      Zandra Sixkiller
      David blair

      There is more, in fact atm there has been 82 arrests made so far. I’m sure you will pretend to actually look them up and say its all fake but the names have been released by the police so its easy to find.

    1. @Lex Rex “There is no way someone that follows politics is this stupid.”
      Ummm… literally every one of you Trump supporters?

    2. @Sovereign Being yes, the rest was cultish rhetoric. I for one am tired of explaining what is terribly obvious to the majority of the country.

  1. For someone who’s ‘sleepy’, ‘gaga’, ‘doesn’t know what day it is’ etc etc – he sounds pretty much on the ball to me.

    1. @Dudley Burleson

      Exactly! DJT subscribers are 2x what Obummer’s(since 2007 mind you)+ Bidum’s are COMBINED.

      I don’t think the WORLD really is believing much in the 2 demo-morons much.

    2. What a gentleman George W. Bush has proved to be .Sadly ,at the moment there are not many like him in the Republican Party ! He and Mick Romney must take over the Party ,and stear it away from disaster 1

    3. @Primal I think he would have won if he would have picked a decent vice president. I’m not a republican but when McCain won the Primary I thought I I could live with him as a Republican president. That he picked Sarah Palin. I actually campaign for Barack Obama and I’ve never campaigned for anybody in my life. I did not want that nut case as vice president. I would really like to have a president and vice president be smarter than I am. I’m just average. Sarah Palin was an idiot. She was charismatic but an idiot

    1. first step towards poverty. The dems can’t run an errand let alone a country.

      California -FAILURE

      Every big city dem ran is toast.

  2. This is a balm for my weary soul! A president who can answer questions, hold a line of thought, be respectful, and be strongly principled…

  3. Trump: “I want to see Biden in prison.”
    Biden: “Why does Trump think I’d visit him in prison?”

    1. Biden will be giving his “I almost had em” speech in the prison yard to about 10 people listening who are shaking their heads in denial.

      A Trump vehicle will pass by on the highway and the prisoners will run to get a glimpse in admiration of the Donald.

  4. He was going to say “Third World countries…” but then stopped himself because he thought some might consider it offensive…

    1. @C CHIMEX At one time it wasn’t. When I was younger, terms like “Supporting Third World Struggles” meant specifically siding with countries struggling to fight against imperialist oppression. It was considered a term of solidarity, not condescension.

    2. @C CHIMEX It wasn’t always. When I was younger, terms like “solidarity with Third World Struggle” meant being in alliance with countries, usually impoverished countries whose resources had been exploited and stolen, against the oppressive yoke of imperialism. It was a term of solidarity, not disrespect. The anti-imperialist, anti-Vietnam War movement, for instance, proudly identified itself as an ally of “Third World Revolution.”

    3. It’s the truth. I am from and I live in a third world country and it sucks… But yes he at least he thinks before speaking…. Biden

    1. Why does the media deserve so
      Much respect? What do they do for you and your family? They feed you? Respect? This is the problem here you people think the media is honest bullshit!

  5. An articulate press conference where no one has to shout over a helicopter in the background – How refreshing

    1. @mitch dupre You clearly think Trump doesn’t deserve what he got from the media. Maybe examine how HE treated media compared to how Biden treats it. One treats it with respect, the other is Trump with his “enemy of the people” bullshit. I thought this would be obvious.

    2. Chuck Schumer said Jan 6 would live in infamy..He was off by 2 days. Today, Jan. 8th, 2021 is the day that will “live forever in infamy”, for today is the day that America has been attacked truly, and from within.
      Banning the President from Twitter, as well as his whole team, is an act of war on the American people.
      They claim it’s to tamp down any potential violence, but this has only ramped up that potential 10 fold..

      You don’t just silence the President of the United States and not expect some serious consequences, do you?

      No, you don’t.

      Intended or unintended, this big tech/ Dem push to ban Trump is going to backfire spectacularly, and I hope EVERYONE is getting prepared for the consequences..

    1. @Ray Zala And Trump? His vocabulary = See how great I am. Tremendous. Incredible. Amazing. That was about it. Oh, and See how great I am. His only somewhat complete sentence.

  6. What amazes me about watching this exchange is the ease of the reporters and the President-Elect. Something so simple goes such a long way!

  7. Love his unequivocal answers. Doesn’t hold back on his true feelings regarding Trump. Says it like it is.

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