Biden: Trump ‘Surrendered,’ Waved ‘The White Flag’ In His Handling Of Pandemic | The ReidOut | MSNBC


    1. @NDFOOTBALL   Who’s Excited about having a Real American First Lady instead of a cheap mail order Russian stripper 💙🤣👍

    2. Remember REAL Americans… Democrats WON in 2016…………. 💙💙💙💙👍😄👍💙💙💙💙…  The electoral vote won’t save you uneducated turds this time.

  1. He has willingly, knowingly and deliberately allowed people to get sick and die.
    He attacks war veterans
    He attacks Gold Star families
    He attacks peaceful protesters
    He attacks anyone who questions him
    He has surrendered to The Russians
    He has surrendered to the Chinese
    He has surrenders to the North Koreans
    He has attacked allies

    And every step of the way he has been aided and abetted by Mitch McConnell, and the rest of the Republican Party.

    1. Don’t forget this in November. Please get out and vote the disgusting Republican out of every office.

  2. 2008: Biden became VP during the worst economic crisis in 70 years.
    2020: Biden could become President during the worst pandemic in 100 years.
    Man, why Democrats always gotta clean up the mess left from GOP presidents? 🤔

    1. mark martin oh Marky…you NCTs and your need to emotionalise the issues and go for the ad hominem attacks because the facts simply contradict your puerile vitriol.
      Stay safe
      Wash your hands
      Keep your distance
      Wear your mask
      Come out of the shadows and bravely accept the truth that only the Democrats can save you.
      You can get the help you so obviously need on the Obamacare friend.

    2. @Gage Lutz Oh really?
      White people without a college degree ages 18 to 64 are the largest class of adults lifted out of poverty by such programs, according to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities. The think tank’s 2017 report stated that 6.2 million working-age whites were lifted above the poverty line in 2014 compared to 2.8 million blacks and 2.4 million Hispanics.
      But yes Lutz, please, go on with your point. 😂🤣

  3. Biden : a full conversation about complicated topics
    Trump : “I found the elephant on the IQ test!”

    1. It was not even a IQ test, it was a dementia investigation test. First question should have been, do you know what kind of test this is. But I can imagine the doctors or his staff told him it was an IQ test, to make him do it.

    2. I think he failed. He picked the Elephant but out loud called it a gorilla. By the end of the test he was flipping on and off light switches with his pants down.

    1. NDFOOTBALL North Dakota… where all there is to do is cut and paste the same post repeatedly on YouTube😂 Have fun with that deplorable 🤠

    2. @NDFOOTBALL its already over for trump. Texas went from lean republican to toss up. He won’t carry Florida. He’s not a president, he’s a charlatan.

    1. @Tom Valveede All presidents lie. Have you been watching the news? Americans are horrified with the left wanting to disband the police and they are watching in disbelief as liberal governors let their cities burn to the ground. Gun sales are up 80% due to the radical left.
      It appears that the majority of the people in the United States agree with my assessment.  The Helmut Norpoth Model which has correctly picked 24 out of 26 Presidential Elections, including 2016, gives Trump a 91% chance of re-election and also predicts he will earn 362 electoral votes. The recent GOP victories seem to reinforce his predictions. 

      I say keep rioting and looting as this only helps Trump. At this point I’m just gonna sit back, relax and laugh.


    3. @Lilac The democrats want to enact plans that will completely destroy our economy. $17 trillion for reparations, $93 trillion for the new green deal, $2 trillion for student debt cancellation and $35 trillion for universal healthcare. The United States is $25 trillion in debt today, not counting trillions in pension, social security and pension obligations. And not an inkling where the funding will come from. I guess all this makes sense if you lack common sense, logic and reasoning.

  4. And Trump is being guided by “Christians” ???????? “The Love of money is the root of all evil”. The Bible

    1. Trump was never a Christian, Trump is an opportunist. He only apologized for the Access Hollywood video when he thought Mike Pence (a professed Christian) would abandoned him so he issued an apology, Trump is not a person of faith, he doesn’t have a favourite scripture or passage and doesn’t live by ANY of the principles of Christianity. He even said he doesn’t believe he needs to repent for anything, He is on his THIRD wife who he cheated on TWICE! But Evangelicals made a deal with him so they support him and he does what they want in terms of conservative justices on the Supreme Court and judges in the lower court.

    2. @Jerry agreed. I don’t know if you ever heard of this guy named John Hagee who about 10 years ago said that Barack Obama if elected would be as (John the Baptist was for Jesus) the lead to clearing the way for the arrival of Satan which I totally believe now because personally, i believe Vlad is Satan and tRump and the entire rethuglikklan party are his imps. I didnt believe it when I heard this sermon and soon thereafter, stopped watching the guy however, i believe it more now than ever befor. He also commented that the head honcho Satan would be coming from a European nation. Scary!!!!
      My other point was that recently my church was lost to foreclosure because our pastor stole the money rather than pay the mortgage and just last week while a friend was passing the church saw a moving van in the churches parking lot removing the organ and materials from the church. I was devastated. End times is nigh. Hope you’re ready for His glorious return.

    1. Trump lies while he’s sleeping. Everyone messes up because nobody is perfect. But trump doesn’t take responsibility for anything. He probably didn’t claim his kids until he knew they were tax breaks lol. You Trump bots your time is coming.

    2. @18BRiARHeart Lol yes all life forms do have biological features. I assume this person is ESL because that doesn’t make sense.

  5. And to think people think Trump is a better choice than Biden!!!! 38% of America is a lost cause…

    1. @Gary Campbell Other people will click on it. Lots of other people. And they’ll be shocked and disgusted when they see what Trump is guilty of. So I’m happy.

    2. Is all basement boy has done in fifty years is get rich off the tax payers backs. I have hear that man call black people the “N” word in so many past speeches it is unbelievable, Killary Clinton too. They have also called them coons. He is a RACIST PIG

    3. @Trixy …yet pales in comparison to the treasonous bigot in the WH… he’s still fighting for the Confederacy…

    1. @Gary Campbell “Ahhhh! Listen to me parrot every talking point I’ve been fed! That’s all I got! I’m a TROLL.”

    2. @David : So everything I named is not happening and just a talking point by a troll ? WOW ! No wonder Trump’s going to be re elected.

  6. Trump will hate Biden doing this interview because Biden was fully coherent so that was another Lie by trump

    1. John Wilkes Booth Trump talks exactly how he always talked, even in the 80’s lol. Go compare Biden in the 80’s and Biden now.

      Again Trump’s right Biden is in cognitive decline you’re blind if you can’t see it. He only does interviews with friendly outlets, his campaign gets questions ahead of time and has final say if they can be asked and has his answers written out a head of time and still doesn’t always make it through without getting lost. He has a list of reporters friendly reporters to call on, he will not call on any other reporter. Sadly he’s so “sleepy” in one of his recent interviews he tells reporters his team gave him a list of reporters he could call on and he reads the first name if the list, Joe so n so from the A.P. and says is there a Joe A P? Lol can’t make this up. Good luck.

    3. @Arron Smith I hate to answer in such a general way but basically everything in trumps interview were difficult questions even liberal media sites are praising this interview as a “interview America deserves”

    4. @Don Jon Trump at the time. Wasnt as bad as he was now. Biden has a speech impediment. Bot to mention Trumps tilted stance, weird posture, short fuse, incoherent rambles, all leads to signs of frontotemporal dementia. It’s all projection from the Republican party at this point.

  7. When Biden speaks: “The American people, our healthcare…”
    When Trump speaks: : “I did, me, me, me, no one has ever seen, fake news….”

  8. The fact that Biden didn’t use profanity when talking about trump shows he might just be ready for Office.

    1. @Paul Ford Everyone struggles for words when it comes to discussing Trump’s idiocy. It’s too brazen to be real.

    2. I am surprised he didn’t call her the N WORD, since biden used it all the time, now he is trying to bite his lips, plus ask him about the crime act of 1994 since he loves BLM (Burn Loot and Murder).

    1. @Peter Hernandez and Graham, Grassley, Meadows, Nunes, Ernst and so many more useless, criminal republicans.

  9. Let’s go Team Biden 2020 let’s go team Biden 2020 the next president of the United States 2021

    1. @Phil Achip Not with an under water approval rating. And it will get lower with no end in sight for this virus.

    2. A lot of #BunkerBabys
      fool’s Really Don’t See what’s happening in the Real World 😅🤣

    3. Biden is over-playing the “empathy” aspect and missing the opportunity to get in a few good points. Trump says, “We’re signing a healthcare plan. . . full and complete.” Why didn’t Biden question that? There are currently NO healthcare bills before Congress. Does Trump think he’s just going to wave his magic sharpie and POOF! — it just exists like a hurricane in Alabama? And if it works like that, why wasn’t it done in 2016? I don’t think it’s cynical of me to wish Biden would spend less time “emoting” and more time on POLICY!

    4. @M John the virus?? Nobody cares about the virus. The BLM movement is bringing this election home for Trump. Pay attention.

  10. I don’t blame our Trumpublican friends for saying Biden has “dementia“ — I just think they misinterpret Joe’s struggle (and anybody’s) to come up with the language to encompass the monumental failure that this president is.

    1. @EcClair Mayo Exactly—now I understand our Trumpublican friends’ confusion. I used to think it was just ageist nonsense they copied and pasted from Faux News. Glad to know they weren’t going that low.

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