Biden: U.S. ‘Will Respond If Russia Continues Its Harmful Activities’ 1

Biden: U.S. ‘Will Respond If Russia Continues Its Harmful Activities’


President Joe Biden said he will convey to Russian President Vladimir Putin that he is “not looking for conflict.” Biden reaffirmed support with Ukraine and said “we will not fail to defend the transatlantic alliance.” 

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    1. @John Cocktosun Yeah, high approval ratings translate to reelections. It’s why Republicans are hellbent on suppressing Democratic votes in various states so they can reinstate their fascist dictator.

    2. @keytwitchy approval ratings are fake. Always have been aways will.. It’s basically the democrat trash heap pushing thier lies through polls.

  1. I am sorry for Putin when Biden threatens him for associating with China. I am sure that he will faint with fright.

    1. @Walker1444
      Biden has always been well respected around the world. he already knows most of these world leaders.

    2. @Cindy Talbott Funny you have 1 upvote Asterisks fox is currently at 40. You really think Biden cares about you? He is a zionist snowball flake with no spirit are girth. Welcome to the zio NWO, we will replace you and in the eyes of the globalist you are great to wage war on.

  2. it doesn’t matter what Russian does, US will always act. US will put its troops at your doorstep but won’t allow others to get remotely close. US does this for any other nations. that is its imperialism nature.

    1. @Mario N. you seem bitter. did your fascist guy not win? awwwwwww Poooooor babyyyyyyyyy

  3. Nobody I’m praying that you use wisdom because that’s what I’m praying for when you go before a man like Putin that is cunning and craftiness you have to have wisdom and knowledge and understanding and how to approach a situation because wisdom outweighs cunning and craftiness

  4. Use wisdom and use understanding use knowledge but overall things use the things that God said to use because wisdom will outweigh the things that are cunning

  5. So many dislikes to likes ratio that I bet not a few Russian bots are present here. Just to make a point what is Biden talking about. Thank you! You made it so much easier for him.

  6. Putin ..” can you believe Sleepy Joe tried to threaten me ?
    “ I think I’ll “ trip him “ when he gets close to me

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