1. R3T4RD joe can’t even say infrastructure or make it up ONE set of stairs…supporters should be shamed enough to get him some help.

  1. Whether “caregiving” is considered infrastructure or not, it’s a bargaining tool for republicans to save face. We have to become modern and also update our bridges and overpasses. The state I live in, the bridges are literally becoming impassable.

  2. I’m excited about all these great innovations and builds that our nation is about to begin! It’s time we start investing in the future!


    1. @Erica Tejas I’m sorry the children are this countries future… Just because you don’t have them doesn’t mean we don’t invest… That’s some selfish BS… How about this reality… People who have children invest and sacrifice for this great nation’s future those who don’t are loafers who only see their self interest…

    2. @Demetria Karnavas yea you are mistaken. Obviously you dont pay property taxes or you would know better.

    3. @Robert Cancro The future is lovely but it’s immoral to neglect and abuse us that are here right now, the present. Hello👏 right here👋hi human here.

    4. @Erica Tejas I care for all my American Brothers and Sisters equally.. I want not one to be treated immorally or abused like you said.. However if you choose to sacrifice for 18+ years to raise those who will help us when we can no longer help ourselves.. That deserves respect… Not “live with your choice” like you say… children are not a luxury they are an extreme responsibility if we want to raise a great nation… I see you and feel you.. but fair is fair where it counts…

    1. @Lee Pyper TDS? Oh, right…Trump Derangement Syndrome. You’re right – DumbDonald (R – Failure) and his MAGAloser fans ARE deranged.

  4. *All of Non-Deplorable (decent) America supports you and appreciates your competent and adult leadership, President Biden!*
    *Pay no attention to the Hater MAGAfans. They are now irrelevant, insignificant and don’t count.*

    1. @Eric Wittman so it’s clear where you really live it’s 30% Dems and 25% republican AND 41% INDEPENDENT… Be red or be blue we are the white stripes and stars… Your our counties enemies weapon… Deutschland crap

  5. Infrastructure Bill is in Part an Economic Recovery Bill. The Repaving of our Roadways & Highways, Refurbishing our Bridges & Overpasses is just the tip of the Iceberg. Maybe we can turn the old Telephone Poles into Broadband Signal Towers to create more internet access. Have Electrical Charging Stations at all shopping malls by using the Parking Spaces that are already there.

  6. LET’S GO!!! Invest in us… Infrastructure bill should be #1 on our priorities… Knuckle down and get it done…

  7. Last estimate by America’s engineers to fix infrastructure was over $4T in 2016. This is NOT ENOUGH MONEY to even fix the BASIC UTILITIES. NOT ENOUGH!

  8. Why do they have to rely on bullshitting their agenda under the wrong title? Infrastructure has a common definition. Why not have a separate bill for the other stuff?

  9. Debbie Stabenow, Could you possibly be avoiding the Line 5 issue interview, and how dire that situation really is?? In gfavor of politics mentioning Flint water, Mitch McConnell, & jobs!???!

  10. YES; highest standard of living UBI of $3,000/Month for life will eradicate homelessness, poverty, labor exploitation and many other suffrage related issues!

  11. If Trump wanted to make a shrewd power-play, he would get his allies to support popular items like this.
    He could show that he runs the RNC, noone else, not even Mitch McConnell.

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