Biden Wants To Move Quickly On Relief, Says WH Comms. Director | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Biden Wants To Move Quickly On Relief, Says WH Comms. Director | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1


  1. Yes, the education system needs a major upgrade. How? When? Where on earth is 74 million is greater than 81 million. If a large population of people failed basic math, greater than, less than, then this is a nationwide emergency!

    1. @Mike Sommers The science of worldwide carbon output per year for instance continuing to grow with U.S. pretty stable and now only about 20 percent of total with the first graph I studied on google. So even Kerry I believe knows the far east would have to stop growing their output.

    2. @Sam Harris So let me understand you “Climate freaks are cuckoo” because you think a single country contributing (optimistically) “only” 20% of the world’s carbon would be better to do nothing because some other countries are also increasingly producing carbon? I think you’re projecting your own stupidity.

    3. @Mike Sommers If carbon output contribution from U.S. really went to zero, that would probably mean no solar panels or wind production parts would be manufactured for us. Also existing oil and gas would have to be shutdown. If U.S. went down 50 percent with great grief while the far east grew, that would not allay your cuckoo fears of climate destruction. And why would China and India go down, they want strong economies. I can’t predict technology break throughs so it is possible the next 10 years (the short term) will not bring greater prosperity to our country, but you could pay more for everything and have rationing if too green too quickly.

  2. Some state do have the school open, some districts two days face to face, two days on line, some are open five days with testing and guidelines. The CDC guidelines will be helpful. States should be and have the Teachers teaching plan needs to have a closer look and requirements for the teachers and students.

  3. I agree completely,. Teachers need help . If I were in a class with lots of kids 30 or more is to many , but that is the norm. Schools teachers have protested for years about over crowded classes. Our country doesn’t give a hoot about our public schools. Or the teachers. My daughter’s kindergarten teacher was paid 17 thousand dollars a year. 4 years of college and that was all she earned..

    1. It’s truly astounding Bernie Sanders mentioned routinely that teachers should get paid 50k a year and he got labeled a “radical.” It’s comical that Sanders would be labeled a “radical.” in Canada, such as my Province of British Columbia Teachers get paid 50k a year. Furthermore, in other Provinces they actually get paid even more, such as 60 to 70k a year.

    2. Never heard a collective group complain as much about their easy job as teachers. They work 9 months of the year and most teach kids virtually nothing. The pay was no secret before they got the job.

  4. Three weeks and Biden hasn’t gone on a single golf weekend yet. Very “unpresidential” based on the last guy’s standards. 😅😂

    1. @Benjamin Berlinsky Ooooo, did Ro G touch a nerve? Or should I say “bone spur”? That was insensitive of me, afterall it’s not like a corrupt Oligarch that mishandled a epidmic so bad that it cost 400k+ lives got canned like the patetic slug he is. Oops, there I go being insensitive again.

    2. @Awkward Llama I like how Ben’s argument in defense of the laziest president ever is that he could play golf, as evidenced by the 298 days spent golfing in 210 weeks.
      Solid move there, Benny! 😂🤣

    3. @Ro G No kidding right? lol, didn’t realize that a spray-tan massacre could un-screw a nation by waving a golf club around!

    4. Also very “unpresidential” that he hasn’t spent 290+ days golfing at Americans’ expense, including cost of Secret Service, etc, which benefited Tr**p properties which he usually stayed at!!

  5. We are behind so many other countries .It is the irisposible leaders for years don’t blame teachers. War chests big business always came first. Schools were not a popular item for government Republicans.

  6. There aren’t any comments on this subject. Nobody cares about kids and public schools. They Republcans don’t want to fund them. There kids go to private schools.

    1. I suspect there is a trend in both parties at the base level towards private schools, but I am far from the action with no kids. Also the argument is government funding to school of choice so you misstated the complete equation.

    1. Really? Cuz not even a month in and his promise of 2000, $15 min wage already broken, bc he wants to negotiate with ppl who want to give nothing except to their big $$$ donors..I live not far from his home in delaware..been thru it with him as a constituent, rooted for him as VP n now Prez, but tbh, I’m already disappointed..dems need to stand up n stop kowtowing to the greedy selfish gop who give zero shites about us..

    2. @CherBear You live next him and you haven’t seen a miracle in a pandemic… So your disappointed in your neighbor what else how many days has it been?

  7. Working with Republicans is a black hole. Jam progress through. Unity doesn’t have to include politicians. It comes from results. Unify up and get rid of the filibuster. Want to never need to use the filibuster? Get rid of it and produce actual results for people while you have the power.

    1. It works both ways because incumbents like the game, and bad policies should be blocked, that is a lot of separate discussions.

    1. @Chiefchief4444 There are 2 sides that are not great friends, I claim the LEFT thrives on claims of Repubs are both uncaring of most and also racist, but if that was true why did Repubs get so many votes since the FDR era? Nixon, Eisenhower, Reagan were not generally seen as magnets for racism so that leads me to say you have been sold a bill of goods

    2. @Chauncey W So, you just said it though. Biden’s admin is already getting more done in under a month than the previous did in an entire year.

    3. @Chauncey W he did put ammendments in that Republicans wanted and then they didn’t vote for it anyway. they tried to reduce it to 1000 checks.. Republicans did. if they had it their way you wouldn’t get anything. they try to negotiate in bad faith so u pay attention

    4. @laura tomczak Exactly, republicans always procrastinate when it comes to these things so they can hold it in negotiations for months. This is why the also lost the Senate and House, they always wait months until there’s just a few days before a government shutdown to finally get things done.

  8. This was a great interview and this White House Communications team is so much better than their predecessors. I’m sure it helps to have better policy, but they are also more talented.

    1. You have to be a real moron to be black and vote for Biden,the man who just defunded black colleges and created the 94 crime bill

  9. What a privilege to have intelligent women presenting truthful, useful and smart information. Thank you Mika B

  10. Biden is doing everything he can to get us ALL back in order…….but due to the neglect from the Prior administration there is a lot to be done!!!! And must be done right. 🇺🇸

  11. He said 2,000 checks immediately now hes dragging his feet on 1,400. Bidens so insufficient for the problems this country has, it should’ve been Bernie.

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