Biden Wants To Return To Time Where Filibuster Worked, Says WH | MSNBC 1

Biden Wants To Return To Time Where Filibuster Worked, Says WH | MSNBC


White House Principal Deputy Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre discusses where the president is on changes to the legislative filibuster as voting rights legislation is currently stalled in the Senate.

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Biden Wants To Return To Time Where Filibuster Worked, Says WH | MSNBC


  1. The majority leader has too much power over the senate, they must regulate it. I propose that if the house or senate pass a bill it must be voted on in 90 days.

    1. @Jay Porter okay, the house used to have a filibuster, but they got rid of it, because it kept anything from getting accomplished.

    2. @Richard Whipple the filibuster is an important power balancer. The minority powers are also elected representatives and should be heard. Who believes in a bill passed strictly by party lines with slim vote counts? I think it’s an important tool, but who am I?

    3. @Richard Whipple I know what a filibuster is. That is not what i was saying. I was saying that in the Senate for a bill to pass into law it must have 60 votes. I then said instead of the House passing something with a simple majority of 1 more, they should also have to have a 60% vote. Then if the President Veto’s any Bill passed, then the Senate must override the veto with 75 votes. As far as the filibuster goes, Dems LOVED it under Trump to the tune of 300 times, yet now the Republicans want to use it and they, the Dems and their Seal followers are like, GET RID OF IT. Typical with the left on everything. Just like when Harry Reid did the….wtf was it called.. where a simple 51 vote could be done Republicans said, you don’t want to do that, he did, was proud of it and then when rep, used it under Trump, Dems starting screaming and crying unconstitutional.

    4. @Jay Porter using that logic, the last three appointments to the supreme court should not have happened

    5. @Richard Whipple maybe not, but that’s the gamble one takes with ever changing rules. Precedent is hard to reverse.

  2. Says and does are two COMPLETELY different things. Unfortunately all I’m hearing is “says” and nothing has been done. Dems are running out of time.

    1. @peremptory expression I won’t relax as long as I have facts. Which is something you don’t have or you make up.

    2. @Shawn M Not to worry, pumpkin. I’m not scared of them. There’s a reason Bernie wasn’t chosen as the Democratic nominee. This country isn’t going socialist, although it was very close to going fascist under the Orange Pustule’s “leadership.”

    3. apparently crybaby likes to picture President Trump in a sexual nature. to each their own i guess.

    4. @peremptory expression hahahaha i see what you did there. you put a Q in place of a K how very clever of you

    5. @peremptory expression there it is again. So very clever of you “qaren”. oh my goodness you are too clever

  3. Everyone should take a look at the old B&W movie – Mr Smith Goes To Washington! THAT’S how filibusters are done!

    1. @Lily Jade Let’s not consider something that could actually teach you something. That would go totally against the grain, wouldn’t it?

  4. We need a more aggressive policy to cut through this Gordian knot aka Filibuster. Societal development will not go on with backward obstruction that is the only agenda of the GOP grifter and cheater party.

    1. y’all Democrats are search hypocrites y’all use filibuster 270 times in 2017 now in 2021 y’all want to get rid of it because yall are in the majority now that’s such a hypocrite

      want to get rid of the filibuster so y’all can pass the laws that you want to pass you’re a hypocrite

      If Republicans had that White House in Congress you wouldn’t want to get rid of the filibuster yeah I would say it’s a threat to democracy y’all be against it because it go against Y’all

    2. @GWS That is exactly what George Wallace said when he did not want Blacks to vote. Your reason is very obvious .

    3. @Jaqan Jones using filibuster to undermine democracy and perpetuating lies that destroy societal context, is unacceptable. It is an Instrument gone rogue. WHAT IS SO DIFFICULT TO UNDERSTAND HERE? THIS SHOULD NOT BE PARTISAN, BUT IT IS. GOP IS INSANE IN THEIR AGENDA AND CONDUCT, AND THAT

  5. Remember when Congress actually worked for the people and did what we voted them in to do?
    Yeah, me neither.

    1. @Upper 90 He NEVER EVER presented a replacement plan. Repeal and Replace is what he promised and ONLY presented a Repeal. If Trump had his way, you wouldn’t have had any insurance. Republicans don’t care if you have health care and really don’t think you deserve it if you have pre-existing conditions like diabetes, cancer, heart disease. They call “health care for all” Socialism. We call it a Human Right! The libs are fighting in the house now to include optometry, hearing and dental as we speak. Dems want it and Republicans are voting and filibustering all of it out, a big ol NO.

    2. @Elain Still you just admitted that the bill got voted out, now that I show you how you contradicted yourself you go full emotional outburst. I just told you about the health insurance because I have it, there are tons of a restrictions on it. It’s not my fault you choose to remain ignorant and ignore the facts. All you do is repeat talking points, please tell me why Democrats won’t allow me to choose my own doctor, please tell me why Democrats won’t allow me to choose which school my kid can go to called school choice. Stay ignorant you’re really good at it 💯

    1. 😳
      100+ day of Biden in office
      And just now seeing what a
      Clown Biden is…
      That’s sad lmao

  6. What the Old Sniffer means is that he wants to return to when filibusters worked for him and his fellow conspirators.


  8. I usually embrace diplomacy. However, now, there just appears to be a lot of talk and fluff – saying the same thing over and over. On the surface, there is no real action . . . maybe it’s taking place behind closed doors? Can’t wait until it comes to the forefront. Otherwise, heads will roll. Those who are not able or who are unwilling to get things done will be voted out . . . all parties. (Repubs, Dems, Ind). Enough is enough already.

  9. Geez! We don’t live in a vacuum! You can’t go back again!! Deal with Washington as it works, or doesn’t work, today! This is exactly why democrats lose!

  10. I always enjoy this show so much more when Joe isn’t on it. His preacher-like rhetoric gets old fast.

    1. I agree and scarborough is full of hot air and repeats himself A LOT. I yell at the TV, “We heard you the first 5 times you said it Joe, move on”. scarborough is also rude and interrupts others a lot and hogs the conversation.

    2. @Scott Pulver Shoes? are you saying Morning Joe sells hate and fear ? you must be on fantasy propaganda channel (fox so called news).

  11. “Biden Wants Only Democrats To Use The Filibuster When It Benefits Them And Not Republicans In His Latest Act Of Double Standards” – There, I fixed the title for you.

    1. With all due respect, the Republicans are the last to talk about double standards, From blocking Democrats Nominee, then Rushing Their own Supreme Court Nominees, From Claiming to be supporters our men and women in “Blue” then turning their backs on the Capitol Police! from trying to dismantle the ACA, to blocking every single basic legislation…and going as far as attempting to overturn a legitimate election despite losing by over 8-MILLION VOTES! THE NERVE!!!!

  12. Democrats opinion on the filibuster changes depending on how they can use it (or) how it can be used against them. If they lose the house and even worse the Senate in 2022 they’ll start wearing it out again like they did during Trumps term.

  13. the White House and dems in congress are living in a fantasy world. they do NOT realize the threat we face from republicans and that scares me

    1. You are so right my friend! They are acting like this is a freakin stroll thru the park and the GD House is literally on FIRE!!!

    2. @Ahmad Abdullah LITERALLY!! I’ve watched videos of Holocaust survivors saying how they wished they and their parents had paid more attention to what was going on and actually took the threat seriously early on in Hitler’s rise. People said Hitler was a joke and would never be the leader and we all know what happened after. That might be an over the top comparison but the republican party is in fact a fascist party in the making.

  14. “This is the biggest threat since the Civil War, but we need bipartisanship.” How can President Biden be SO obtuse after all we have experienced? The filibuster HAS been working exactly as designed- the fact that the filibuster is a tool to maintain white supremacism is the problem.

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