Biden Warns Of Climate Change, Requests Additional $30B From Congress

President Joe Biden visited New York and New Jersey on Tuesday to tour neighborhoods hit hard last week by the remnants of Hurricane Ida. Biden will also ask Congress to include over $30 billion for hurricane and wildfire relief and resettlement of Afghan refugees in the U.S.

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Biden Warns Of Climate Change, Requests Additional $30B From Congress


    1. @gary quartyif you had to give all the people who misspeak sometimes you would be broke in no time. He meant 2030. I could not vote for him, unfortunately. If I could, I certainly would, like more than 80 % of the people where I live.

    2. @lbrounen How do you know what he meant? Did he misspeak when he said he would leave no Americans behind in Afghanistan? Did he misspeak when he said” we have put together I think the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization the history of American politics” Did he misspeak when he said ” I don’t need your votes to win”.? I prefer a President that says what he means so I don’t have to guess.

  1. Maybe he can just ask the Taliban to sell off those military supplies that he left, and send us back the money, that should do the trick.

    1. Send back the money to who? That money from taxpayers, allocated to the US DOD / Military, was already used up and recycled back into the US economy by payments made to US Defense Contractors (US companies that employ scientists and engineers who make a lot of money designing, researching and manufacturing weapons of wars, which they in turn use the money to purchase new homes, new cars, new consumer goods, vacations, eating out, etc). Unfortunately, the end products are weapons of wars, not clothes or baseball cards or consumer electronics or toys or something else that the average citizen can use and consume. Weapons of wars are only good for when you actually have a war. Do you want to bring them back to the US so that criminals can get access to them and start a war on US soil? In future wars, Congress will simply allocate another 500 BILLION or more to DOD and the US military can purchase brand new, better shiny weapons.

    1. @Gabe Mendoza climate change is not a “new issue”. It’s a story to draw the attention away from his everyday blunders.

    1. The entire planet knows that climate change is real and then there’s the Republican’s in the United States. lol

    2. @DontDrinkBleach I don’t think so, there is no science to back it up, I know because I minored in meteorology a few years ago. You need to read some books and not parrot Democrat talking points

    3. @Peter Parker By the way its not a democrat thing Petey, You do know that there is other nation’s in the world, Don’t you? LOL

    1. Greatest corrupt institution is the Military Industrial Complex… They always looking for foreign wars so they can steal more money from us…

    2. @Joe Potato India and China are close, but US still uses the most oil and has contributed more to pollution over time than either of them. Especially because both countries were manufacturers for US industries, so its still a US contribution

  2. It’s sad that NBC news and MSNBC edited out when Biden said: ‘By 2020 all our electricity will be zero emissions’.

  3. “Competence and Compassion” Now do Afghanistan 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

  4. Heartbreaking scenes for the people who live in these regions, I lived in a flood area and my sons first Christmas @ e month old, was spent in the arms of the firemen who carried him at arms height trying to keep his basket at head high. So I know how these poor people are feeling.

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