Biden warns Putin that 'Russia will face a world of hurt' if Ukraine invaded | CTV National News 1

Biden warns Putin that ‘Russia will face a world of hurt’ if Ukraine invaded | CTV National News


U.S. president Joe Biden warns Vladimir Putin of harsh economic sanctions if Russia proceeds to invade Ukraine. Joy Malbon reports.

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    1. @ken lompart really? This all started under Obama, completely stopped under Trump and is now restarting under Biden

    2. @ARK CON it started under putin and he continues to escalate …. Obama was american president, remember ??? re-learn geography and facts.

    3. @BOCtunes what a low intellect response. Who was president when Russia invaded Ukraine? Obama, what happened when trump was in office? Nothing happened, what’s happening now while Biden is in office?

      Obama and biden were both weak leaders and the world is taking advantage of that

  1. React with strong economic pressure, while we ourselves are being exposed to strong economic pressure from our own government.

  2. what sort of hurt will this be? the type like the defeats in iraq, syria, tunisia, libya, afghanistan, venezuela, belarus, south suddan, yemen, etc etc etc?

  3. Was it Joe or The Big Guy speaking with Putin? Maybe Sleepy Joe or Creepy Joe? Possibly Lyin’ Joe or The tough guy that out toughed the toughest of all, Corn Pop?

  4. How did she keep a straight face when referring to Biden in the “Worlds most powerful men” statement…..

    Let’s go Brandon!!!

    1. @MJS and so does your well articulated reply…..though one could certainly argue that a 12 year old could at least string a four word sentence together…unlike that muppet you most likely voted for

    2. @James Fowler your personal attack on me reiterates your obvious intelligence. Keep up the Brandon stuff. You’re so pretty.

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