Biden Warns U.S. Democracy Troops Fought For Is Now In Danger 1

Biden Warns U.S. Democracy Troops Fought For Is Now In Danger


Pres. Biden used the occasion of Memorial Day to pay tribute to the nation's fallen troops and warn that the freedom and democracy they all fought to defend is currently in danger. We discuss that and more with Peter Baker, Neal Katyal, and Abby Livingston.
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  1. The problem we have, is that we have former Military leaders, like Flynn, that will openly say that we should have a Millitary coup, which suggests that he knows nothing about being an American. What’s going on?

    1. We’re only allowed to have coups in OTHER countries! Iran, Venezuela, Chile…

    2. It’s not a coup if it’s a fraudulent election. Your sides the coup if there is fraud. He will be rightfully removed and if not buckle up for trump 2024 because Pelosi failed to prevent him. He is inevitable.

    3. I just thought this would be a good read.
      “I, ___________, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. So help me God.”

    4. @Scott Jensen hey there do math much? I have to write it down myself, but it doesn’t take long to figure out how widespread it would ACTUALLY have to have been AND it would have been detected quite easily. Truth is Drumpf lost as and is very upset cause he knows what he’s done and is legally accountable for. Sorry.

  2. On this Memorial Day, I pray that the democratic values that our men and women have fought and died for remain strong. I pray that they will not have died in vain!

    1. @Scott Jensen how is taking someone to court nieve, of i want to acuse you of lets say theft, i should prove this in court, or should i win case with no evidence?

    2. Nothing is so sad as a military cemetery, with the neat rows of identical headstones stretching for acres, and the knowledge that most of them stand over young men and women cut down before the prime of life, and that if they didn’t lie there, we wouldn’t be standing here looking at them.

    3. America is not a Democratic nation. We are a Republic. There’s a difference.

  3. Thank You To All Of Our Military Who Fought, Got Wounded, and Many Died for OUR FREEDOM!!! GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!

    1. Yeah they fought for this? Their government overruled the will of the people and installed this puppet Biden as president. Invalidating the election. To speak nothing of the 27 trillion in debt. Not counting 7 trillion spent on covid. The 165 trillion in unfunded liabilities. And all the rest of it.

      I’m sure if they could see where America ended up they would think twice about dying for their country.

    2. @THE TRUTH IS OUT NOW! No they were real. Just because you can’t think for yourself, or do not agree with an outcome, doesn’t make something fake. And they weren’t thrown out, do you even know the basics of American civics.

    1. Relax. Insurrection and the violent acts that go with it are crimes, and the Trump criminals are in the early stages of paying a bitter price.

    2. @Merc 015837 logic like that makes you look dumb. If sleepy Joe stole it. Than sleepy Joe stole it. If he cheated he cheated. I will be happy he is un-seated if the fraud is real. Answer coming soon end of June. If not that Trump is still free to run in 2024 because you failed to stop him. Better get a bogo on tissues and cozy up to your cnn. It’s going to be a looooooong ride.

    1. @Scott Jensen

      GOPartyofoldmenplayingwithbarbiedolls(bruce jenner)whileRNChasinglittleboys(dennishastert)

    2. @Noreb

      But for 8 Beautiful years, the KKK and all Racist Groups had to Kneel Down before a Black Master

    3. @Truth Steers Guilty Obama was a lame duck. Biden’s going to be a lame duck also. Midterm elections you’ll see a change. The rich like it that way. It’s better for them to have a dysfunctional government.

    4. @Louis Gunn

      I smell some burning of buns here. You’re Jealous of Obama/Biden and Biden/Harris teams. Now get off the Stove and do something useful with your life

    5. @Scott Jensen You are not very smart are you. You claimed I liked my own comment now if I did that why is there now 2 likes now? I can only like a comment once including my own. Obviously someone liked my comment. LMAO Again Grow up little boy!

  4. The last guy liked war hero’s that weren’t captured. The last guy couldn’t be drafted because his little feet hurt.

    1. @ronkostars Don’t talk about yourself like that. poor baby mad I said something about your orange God?

    2. @Scorp io- Then which branch did you serve in? Not sure why you’re struggling with a simple question since you have such a problem with those that got a 4-F medical deferral like the 9,120,000 other young American men received during the Viet Nam War. And yes, brain damage is an actual 4-F medial deferment.

    3. Veteran confronting Joe Biden in 2020……………..
      “I’m an Air Force veteran. I’m here with an Army veteran. We are just wondering why we should vote for someone who voted for a war and enabled a war that killed thousands of our brothers and sisters, countless Iraqi civilians? You enabled that war, and you also gave a medal to a man who enabled that war and caused that war. Their blood is in your hands as well. You are disqualified, sir. You are disqualified. My friends are dead because of your policies.”

    4. Military conscription is a form of slavery. So “draft dodging” is pretty reasonable IMO

  5. Nice to hear a heartfelt and genuine recognition of our fallen dead as opposed to being labelled “losers” by tRump.

    1. trump never said that if you did ur research lol, the media just hates him and want to make him look bad. don’t be a fool

    2. You people are so smart, its astonishing how easily duped you are! Im praying for you, its amazing youve made it this far in life!

    3. @emily This is what is wrong with you Trump supporters. You think the media that you hate invents news out of thin air. It wasn’t the media, it was a former Trump official who heard him say it.

    1. Election day, not month. It doesn’t take a month to count votes unless you need to gather what you need to win.

    2. @Aaron you need to take into consideration that absentee ballots from Americans all over the world don’t come in until after Election Day. And if we want to get away from machines counting votes, then manually counting takes a long time. By your logic, Al Gore would’ve been president in 2000.

    3. @Jim M. No. There is a deadline, election day. Doesn’t matter where the people are. If you mail it late, too bad, that’s your fault.

    4. @Aaron most states required mail in ballots to be postmarked by November 3rd. Anyway, manual counting of millions of votes doesn’t happen instantaneously. It takes time…..days. But I can tell where you’re coming from…..and that’s unfortunate. If you don’t like the player that won, you hate the game.

    5. @Fair Dinkum Why does almost al the countries of the world. We don’t have the resources and they need to assimilate or else we will no longer be America.

    1. He’s a supposed blue guy in a red state. He’s not really a Democrat. He’s just playing the political game to stay in power.

    2. @Jim M. Yes–to stay in power in the energy committee–which I’d bet Mitch has already assured him.

      We have to go back to Gov. Dean’s 50 state strategy,

      And while I realize there were specific election reasons for Biden’s campaign, the campaign only convinced enough Rs to vote Biden-then red down the ticket. It had no legs.

    3. Why get rid of the only way we have to stop radical people from taking over like the squad and extreme leftists. It’s because you want a socialistic government. Is that why you want to get rid of the filibuster. The left is so radical.

    4. @Debra Johnson Yes the left is “radical” when it expects the other side to actually care about governance rather than naked political power grabs.

      BTW–since are so convinced that the left are the extremists I’d love to hear your thoughts on 1/6/21. Please let me know your opinion of the “tourists”” who smeared feces on the walls of our seat of government.

  6. If America doesn’t wake up soon and kicks the traitors out of its political system, land of the free no more. No more leader of the free world either.

    1. @robert hart You’ve been brainwashed by Fox News running the same few close up shots over and over. More violence breaks out at a typical football match than in the protests last year.

    2. @w4fjhDU514I1 yeah, most football match riots cause two and a half billion dollars worth of damage. And I think I would notice the same 3 minutes of video looped over and over again. I most certainly do not watch Fox News. Can you say the same about CNN and MSNBC or are you a faithful viewer?

    3. @robert hart Where are you even going with this? Is there some amount of property damage after which you think the Republicans get a free pass to overthrow the government and install Trump as the head of a military dictatorship?

    4. @w4fjhDU514I1 So a bunch of unarmed right-wing nutjobs were going to overthrow the government and install Trump in a military dictatorship? Do you think about what you type before you type it? And where are you going with downplaying all the civil unrest that Democratic politicians have been encouraging and in some cases outright financing over the last few years? Are you even in the u.s.?

    5. @robert hart The people who were dumb enough to believe Trump’s lies turned out to also be incompetent. No surprise there.

  7. Voter restrictions are only apart of it, these people saw just how out dated and vulnerable the Electoral College is so they are making it easier to have legislators overturn the results of a legal election. Time to get rid of a system like that, it has out lived its purpose

  8. Happy Memorial Day to all American heros who died in Iwo Jima ww2 Korean War Vietnam Pakistan Afghanistan will be honored to all soilders men and woman who fought for America .
    And my grandpa Dennis who fought in the Korean War but came home as a hero

  9. The most worrying thing in TX bill is giving legislators the right to overturn an election should there be allegations of voter fraud without any proof

    1. You are absolutely correct! Why should a Judge have the rights to overturn an election because Texas politicians don’t like the outcome! This is such a bad thing to do!

    1. MSNBC is Satan’s propaganda machine. The Peacock is Satan’s symbol.
      Satan is known as the Peacock Angel Melek Taus/Shamash’s/Utu/
      The castrated Crown Prince of Allah/Nanna Sin.

  10. Of course it’s endanger, him and the democRats are doing a wonderful job transferring to socialism. Print that money,pay people to stay home, go biden.

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