Biden: 'We Brought This Economy Back From The Brink' | MSNBC 1

Biden: ‘We Brought This Economy Back From The Brink’ | MSNBC

President Biden delivered remarks on his administration's economic recovery plans and infrastructure negotiations and celebrated "record growth" as the nation begins to recover from the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Biden: 'We Brought This Economy Back From The Brink' | MSNBC


  1. America is actually prospering under the competent leadership of the capable Biden administration.

    1. @James Smith Yes, like how the Biden admin, the Surgeon General and other like-minded tyrants conspire with big tech to suppress the truth they deem to be misinformation? Crack kills.

    1. Did you vote? Clearly, not enough people voted for the kind of support we’re expecting. If we don’t put the power in position, we can’t expect results. Period.

    1. Suddenly the bot messing up the like and dislikes ratios. It’s just like Ghost Buster 2016 all over again

    2. @Hugh McBoo Well, there are a lot of them, and they’re fellow Americans, but they are encouraged to hoard their wealth (which shows in their apparent lack of understanding anything beyond the stock market). Austerity presents no threat to them. But oh no, unionization? Oooh nooo, scary pooh socialism? Oh nooooo, Taxes?

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