Biden: ‘We know democracy is at risk’ | USA TODAY #Shorts


    1. @Islander 1 Republicans corrupt passed bad Laws to stop voters from voting. This is a crime they should pay for dearly

    2. I agree. At least we know it could be. Trump may not have been my favorite person, but I did like his policies, and he proved it can be done.

    3. @Islander 1 You make me laugh: what was Trump policy? Trump has no policies, he just talks nonsense

  1. Democracy was at risk when the Biden curve appeared and remained unexplained for 2 years. Will it happen again in midterms?

    1. Can you provide a single piece of evidence of voter fraud? It’s been two years with no information. Weird, it is almost like there wasn’t any

  2. We have a Constitutional Republic. If these people don’t understand that then they should be removed from office.

    1. It’s sad because this is what they’re teaching are children in school that we’re a democracy. They should be teaching the definition of a democracy. That is ruled by majority which can turn into mob rule. The definition of Construction Republic is ruled by law.

  3. The more this vegetable talks, the lower his approval rating sinks. No wonder why they have to keep him away from the camera. 😂

  4. Interesting Democratic Party at risk from voters. Not the crimes an lawlessness not that. But from voters.
    Where have I heard that 1930-1945. Whistles

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