Biden: We'll Give Those Impacted By Ida 'Any Help You're Going To Need' 1

Biden: We’ll Give Those Impacted By Ida ‘Any Help You’re Going To Need’


President Biden met virtually with FEMA officials and the governors and mayors of areas that have been impacted by Hurricane Ida. The president pledged the federal government's support to help with power outages and response efforts as the National Guard is deployed.
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  1. So he’s not going to simply throw paper towels at them and ask who’s boat that is??…..How refreshing…

    1. @My Perspective the irony of MAGA blabbing on that Joe’s a racist is hilarious You should tell Obama champ

    1. @Keith Johnson – Shelby GT500 people have alot of reason to be anti trump.was Proven news . not fox. Never proof

    2. @Keith Johnson – Shelby GT500 Then your claim is wrong. I hope you got your money back when Trump University folded.

    1. Instead of blessing the USA he blessed taliban This is a natural disaster. Not a war. Thank him for the things they help create like death

  2. How dare the government force their help on my destroyed state! I should have the freedom to chose to drown in my own home! Fake hurricane from chinya

    1. @zek Baker Yes, that was evident in Florida after Surfside condo collapse. Even DeSatan expressed gratitude.

  3. Now this is how a president acts and speaks! Thank you president Biden, I live on the Mississippi gulf coast one of the affected areas!

    1. You are just another sheep. Led by blatantly racist “leaders”. I’m sorry for that… check out “Officer Tatum, Candace Owens, Conservative Twins and Turning point USA.” 3 African Americans changing the viewpoint of brainwashed Americans with truth and hidden secreta

    1. @N Q , Joe : I think my handlers told me to tell you all that I NOW regret having stolen the election. C ‘mon, man, I have MORE flunking to do !

  4. Thank you sir! Alot of our info structure was damaged & we need to get alot of it back on board so many folk can continue what they can.

    1. So far there is anywhere from $40-$70 billion in the federal highway trust fund. 1 billion of those dollars should be given to the Louisiana and the other states that have been stricken by this weather event.

    2. @T. R. Campbell that would be a tremendous help, even though we know funds are often missued we have to understand that it’s still helping and impacting many life’s & families

    3. Good luck. I feel for you guys!! He has spent so many trillions of dollars out the window for stupid things! I hope to goodness you guys get the help you need!!

    1. It’s insane the bs you people bring up but ignore of Biden. You orange man bad people should seek help

  5. Unhappy Gilmore would’ve been out on the golf course…”Ida…I’ve never heard of her…just write her a $130,000 check so she’ll go away”

  6. Meanwhile, at Maralago, the Stable Genius is asking his the undocumented workers there to gather up all the paper towel rolls for a humanitarian mission to Louisiana.

    1. @Matt Campbell Trump surrendered to the Taliban and released 5000 enemy prisoners while our troops were still fighting in Afghanistan. Trump committed treason, treason is an offense punishable by execution.

  7. You mean to tell me he is going to offer them socialist assistance? Does he care that these folks claim to hate any socialist handouts, especially from the commi Biden administration

    Why doesn’t Biden just crop dust them with Ivermectin and be done.

  8. Do vice presidents make good president?

    I was looking at the list of presidents and realize how few of them had actually been vice presidents and would later be elected president, only six. Looking at those only half I would call good president. Then looking at Biden it dawned on me why, the qualities that make for a good vice president are completely opposite that of being a good president, ones a leader and the other a follower and in Bidens case it really shows which one he was and is.

    1. Are you thanking him for the family of 9 he killed yesterday. Two two year olds , a four year old are dead directly because of his incompetence?

    2. @Relativity1 no! She’s thanking him for arming an entire terrorist organization with the Moto. “DEATH TO AMERICA”.

    3. @Zackary ShepardTrump surrendered to the Taliban and released 5000 enemy prisoners while our troops were still fighting in Afghanistan. Trump committed treason, treason is an offense punishable by execution.

  9. “I’m here with — with my senior adviser and **boy** who knows Louisiana very, very well — man — and — and New Orleans, Cedric Richmond.” – President Joe Biden. I guess the liberals really don’t mind racism do they?

    1. Joe Biden isn’t liberal. Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi are Republican Lite. If you don’t understand how corporations pay… err “make donations” to both policemen parties, then you’re just as much a sheep as the people taking bet medicine to cure covid.

      Joe Biden is conservative, and so is Nancy Pelosi.

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