Biden White House Felt Israel Invasion Of Gaza Was Imminent 1

Biden White House Felt Israel Invasion Of Gaza Was Imminent


NBC News reports that the Biden White House believed Israel was intent on an invasion of Gaza, something U.S. officials feared would lead to a prolonged conflict. Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent Andrea Mitchell joined MSNBC's Brian Williams with breaking details.
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    1. “Chicken waffles lawnmower when you nap I need to pick the nose bag of groceries” that’s what she said, verbatim

    2. @Rodger Woods honestly it scares me to watch her talk because I know I look exactly like that whenever I try and act like a human. Im so embarassed!

  1. I don’t know what story she was trying to spin there. It started to get more confusing than one of Biden’s speeches. Seems like her main focus was to try to make it look like Biden had some sort of influence over this when he didn’t.

    1. @ruth depew No, I’m not dense and I don’t need to convince myself that Biden is incompetent when it comes to influencing world leaders. Bottom line is Biden talked to Netanyahu several times and at no point did Netanyahu discuss his cease fire plans to him.

    2. @Patient Care Associates Not true. Egypt was the middleman in negotiating a cease fire. Netanyahu deliberately kept Biden uninformed about the process.

    3. @Viva La Raza! No he didn’t. He told Biden he planned to keep up with the attacks. What he didn’t tell Biden is that a cease-fire was being negotiated with Egypt as the middleman. Egypt brokered it, not Biden. Biden was deliberately kept out of the loop. That’s why the reporter in this video is bending over backwards to try and make it look like Biden was somehow involved when he wasn’t.

    4. @Angel 1973 World leaders didn’t care for Trump because he cut off their Free Money ride. Trump got us out of the Paris Accord which was just a money grab from other countries and cost us $3 billion to line their pockets. Biden signed us back up to throw money at them again so, yeah, they celebrated. Biden also just threw $25 million at Pakistan for Gender Studies so, yeah, I bet they cheered too. Next time you cash your paycheck, why not try throwing that money around towards other people and see how fast they become your “friends”. As for the “baby Trump”, no politician created that. It was created by a group of far-left radicals in the UK and doesn’t reflect anyone’s opinion but theirs. You might try to read D Kon’s comment again and your response to it. He made a valid point about Biden being kept out of the loop on the Israel/Gaza cease fire. That is his proof, he doesn’t need a receipt. As for the driving comment, he’s referring to the recent commercial Biden did “driving” an electric truck where a couple of split second shots in the video show that a secret service agent is actually driving using a second steering wheel installed on the passenger’s side of the truck. But it’s your response that’s most telling. Instead of even mentioning Biden or trying to dispute what D Kon said about him, you launched right into an anti-Trump rant. So back up and read D Kon’s comment again, then try to dispute it. Show us any video link where Biden is influencing another country to do anything. And go watch that driving video while you’re at it and look for the shots that prove Biden isn’t actually driving the thing.

    5. @Patient Care Associates How much money did Biden give to Iran?You do know Iran is financing and supplying arms to Hamas. Of coarse war was eminent at the policies and Action and policies to that man in Washimgton. We do not have a Leader.

    1. @Darth Vader dude… Me and the other dude were dropping quotes from idiocracy it’s a movie…

  2. Was it just me ? Or where y’all thinking.”wtf is this female rambling about”.
    When the topic is as serious as these.
    The overall explanation shouldn’t feel to be so disassociated towards the majority of this day and age society .

  3. Yeah! We’re so lucky to have leaders with super powers!! Thank you, Ministry of Truth for informing us of Joe’s gift of insight!!

    1. @Gary Jensen It’s amazing how you can literally just create an entire false reality in your mind…

    2. @Theevilrhino Well generally that’s what people have a mind for but the mindless sheep have the propaganda news to tell them what to think

    3. @MAX MOREHOUSEDon’t you remember Max? I picked up your whole family and we went to the Joetato Psychic Institute. Cool handle. Compensating for something?

    1. @Shirell Stevenson Yes, how dare Fox News give both sides of the issues! Don’t they know they’re just supposed to spout left wing talking points, like all of the main stream media networks?!

    2. @Ryan Rickaby got in your feelings huh? Ok, take care. Haha! The way your typing help us all. By the way, it’s you not u. God bless.

    3. @Christopher Bajet I’m my feeling? Lol I was laughing at u Karen… I know this isnt your english class right now but texts and youtube comments are typed for speed not what your english teacher would be happy with lol, tell me fella what do u say when u read these to things? “U” “you” ??? Hopefully the sounds a u makes is what u think of and in that case why type the whole word? Lol are the YouTube comments that important to you?

    4. @Ryan Rickaby don’t get mad because you and others get corrected geez! ! You still can’t even type good. Have the last word. This conversation with you and I ends here. Haha! Go back to English College class, if your even that old. Bye Felicia.

    1. Step one call the coast guard the navy. Step two insult them for not clapping. Step three ignore the fact everyone at your speech hates you.

  4. I search up the definition of “rambling” on google and stumbled across this video

    Never seen someone say so much and so little at the same time

    1. She was really selling her man Biden wasn’t she? I’m Left Wing and I can say this Israel/Palestine ‘conflict’ has lifted the wool from my eyes on Biden – supplying billions in arms to a colonizing apartheid state. WOWZERS!

    2. If Joe Biden were my next-door neighbor, his condition could be described as sad, and he would be afforded every consideration and allowance possible for someone entering the final stage of the aging process. He is not, however, my next-door neighbor. He is supposed to be the President of the United States. His performance was mortifying. This is one of the most powerful men in the world. He controls our budget. He controls our military. He controls our nuclear weapons. What he clearly does not control is himself.

      And if he isn’t in control of himself, then who is? Who is in charge?

    3. @Ava Parker Israel is the largest recipient of U.S. foreign assistance, $146 billion since World War II

    4. @spymaine89 I don’t think REAL President Joe Biden has ever lived in a trailer park Klansboi.

    5. @FlutzQ Millions of Republicans watch a disgusting amount of Fox News every day to be told what to think.

    1. Tell Putin his silly lies aren’t working. Biden has a 60+% approval rating, about 33% higher than Trump’s old approval ratings and nearly twice Trump’s current rating.

    2. @ruth depew yea those polls are about as trustworthy as YouTube likes to dislikes ratio, don’t be a fool.

    3. @BubbaJones yeah! 63 lawsuits, 63 losses in court of law. Only QAnon think Donnie Boy won.

    1. @BubbaJones Exactly Presidential material, Tells people what they want to hear, noticeable mental decline, nonsensical rambling, outwardly promotes woke politics, still thinks cable news is the gold standard and arbiters of unbiased truth, America has not or ever been great and the US has an obligation to indefinitely stay in the middle east cause we’re on the verge of winning and changing those countries to western style democracies, lol

    1. @Callum Matias No they don’t bro I watch Fox News and they literally haven’t in a while since I’ve seen

    2. Ali or no Ally we should always stand up for human rights and against the fascist Israeli apartheid regime and their ethnic cleansing and forced brutal and sometimes deadly removal of Palestinians from their homes who are not allowed to take any of their belongings with them.
      Check out vice news they interviewed a yakub that Israeli seller from Long Island to stealing the Palestinian home in the viral video

  5. I love the way they’re trying to spin this. “Because we didn’t do anything they stopped fighting”

    1. It’s talk about in the bible.when jeues shall walk the earth again God bless brother an sisters

    2. @Daithi Hallock Thank Iran for the two ship loads of missiles,and Uranium used as Navy Defense gun ARTILLARY.
      Sad that you don’t have sense enough to laser the Missile Clusters before they branch out. Your too busy attacking the Whitehouse to be of any help.

  6. That’s a lot to say for someone saying nothing at all… I was thinking maybr she is having a stroke I hope someone is checking on her

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