Biden "Won't Order U.S. Troops To Risk Their Lives When Afghan Forces Would Not" 1

Biden “Won’t Order U.S. Troops To Risk Their Lives When Afghan Forces Would Not”


President Joe Biden discusses his decision to withdraw troops from Afghanistan. He expounds about being the fourth U.S. president to preside over this war, and says he "will not pass the responsibility onto a fifth president" when spending more time on the ground would make little to no difference in the outcome. 

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  1. They had 20 years to train themselves. They have better weapons than Taliban soldiers.
    If they’re not interested in fighting for their freedom, why should we?

    1. @Eric Johnson honestly send the CIA or special forces to deal with the Taliban when needed. Think of how we got Osama with a SINGLE seal team. Efficient, terrifying, unpredictable. CIA should’ve handled more after 9/11 too. It just wasn’t a conventional war and we made the mistake thinking it was again.

    2. @John Adams Bahaha! THat is too funny because Trump incited an insurrection to overthrow the electoral process and BIden should resign?. lmao I bet your PO’d his Coup failed. Sure whatever helps you get through the day. LOL

    3. @EVERREADY TO PLAY Let’s play the logic and education game called responsible adulthood. 1st is 1st, if Trump incited a riot or an insurrection then Trump would have been removed from office and charged for inciting a riot and treason. 2nd is 2nd, if Trump attempted a Coup then he would have been removed from office and charged with treason. These are the facts. Your claims of insurrection, riots, and coup are nothing more that political reframing, political spin, and political garbage. The fact that you choose to use those speaking points show how partisan and biased you are. I operate on facts. Trump has 1000’s of factual blunders and failures you could have chosen to make your case and prove your point. You instead choose to spew party speaking points. How disgusting.

    4. @John Adams Yes let’s play the logic and education game Trump did incite the Insurrectiion and was impeached for it but the GOP voted no to not charge him. They protected him again. The Republicans even admiitted he was the cause of the Insurrection but didn’t have the balls to find him guilty. Corruption at it’s finest. Well he is still not out of the woods ……the January 6th Commission is ongoing and they have found more evidence against him. THe attempted COUP goes hand in hand with the Insurrection dummy! It’s quite laughable for you to say you operate on facts … when all you are doing is spinning it to suit your agenda. How pathetic.

    5. @EVERREADY TO PLAY Impeachment is a political action, not a judicial action. If Trump incited an insurrection or attempted a Coup he would have been removed under the 25th for delerection of duty and charged with Treason. In the event he was not removed he would have still been charged by the Federal AG of the U.S. when he left office. Being POTUS does not make you king or dictator. You speak of corruption. Yes, everything is insanely corrupt. But with the enemies Trump had you should realize that If Trump actually did something that warranted such actions then those actions would have happened. You say it is not political. The Democrats tried to impeach a former POTUS after he left office. That is absurd. The point of Impeachment is to remove someone from office. They did it after he left office. What an assult of procedure and our Democracy itself. I want you to realize that Congress did not have jurisdiction to impeach Trump the second time. They ignored the law and did it anyways. They did nothing but waste time and money.

  2. He’s right! As soon as WE left Afghanistan soldiers just turned in their uniforms…they were relying on US to keep THEM safe. F that!

    1. @John Adams What would he do different. The Taliban would attack no matter what. This is the effects of a withdrawal.

    2. @John Adams usa is on other side of map. Three of Afgani neighboars are armed with nuclear weapons. They might go North or they work on healing their country after 20 years of war started by some western military powers. They might be religious fanatics, but that is what you get by trying to impose your own religion or views on foreign nation.

      There would be no castro in cuba without batista. There would be less usa hate in america, if us politicians were not messing with banana republics for ages. There would be less ayatolas in iran without shah.

      Usa just raised next iran in asia, that will not like them for obvious reasons.

    3. @John Adams 45 is clueless and the mess would be worse. I doubt he can tie his own shoes. If he can reach them .

    4. @tokul76 America was not forcing its views or religions on Afghanistan. We went there because the civilians needed our help because they wanted democracy, but not the talibans. We aren’t over there with bibles and crosses.

    5. @Chinfuzz Chet umm we could have gotten the interpreters and weapons out any time after Feb 2020. That’s when Don the Con agreed to hand Afghanistan to the Taliban. Don was too obsessed with playing down a pandemic that killed over 600K people, whining about losing an election, plotting a seditious coup with his handlers and as always golfing.

    1. @BlaQ Bay17 doesn’t help when you characterise arming Afghan’s to defend themselves as arming the enemy champ. I guess we could have not given them the weapons to defend themselves & then you could whine about that eh?

    2. @warpedjaffas1 So this response would be true, if it were in the possession of the U.S. However, since Biden pulled out, those weapons were no longer ours, and they were no longer the Afghans when they took them. Further more, Biden has failed to retrieve our arms from the place, meaning the Taliban are now stronger than ever. The best he could have done was at least take the people to the United states, since they are, or were, dedicated to the U.S, most thankful, and are about ready to be executed.

    3. @Solstice of Snow drivel. When the Afghan government assures the US they’ll fight & give up, that’s on them.

    1. He just sold them to the Taliban like Obama and the Mexican Cartels. How quickly sheep forget. Meanwhile spitting on those who died in service.

    2. That equipment belonged to the cowards who were their army.
      It’s ridiculous and stupid to think biden bought all this 💩 within the last few months since he’s been in office.
      You partisan trolls sure are stupid 🙄

    3. @Random Internet User The “equipment” was paid for with the US tax payer dollars what is leveraged on many future generations .

    4. @Random Internet User we should be taking the equipment with us not just leaving it their. that’s like buying a new tv you move in a few months but leave the new tv.

    5. i could see if the Afghanistan army was going to use it to defend themselves but if they are not it is a waste.

  3. Anyone that has a problem with our troops coming home should consider going themselves to keep fighting this so called war. Bye 👋

    1. @The Homeless Travel Network Airways how many times are you going to repeat that stupid lie I’ve seen it now at least five times you copy and paste it

    2. @Swordblaster Because after 20 years, those humans still can not defend themselves against a bunch of prayers.

    3. @The Homeless Travel Network Airways Biden in turn, can drink water from a glass with one hand, Trump can’t, who is so most demented.

    1. @Patrick Baer Trump said in April that Biden’s decision to withdraw troops from Afghanistan was “a wonderful and positive thing to do” but criticized the timeline and said the U.S. “should get out earlier.” EARLIER Trump said. That was his plan. EARLIER!

    2. What ur media didnt tell u is talibans are the local tribes of Afghanistan and people love them…we just wasted our tax payers money and lives for nothing, it was never our war

    3. They did, they played the long game and won in the end, don’t you get it? The Afghan military were always the Taliban, now you’ve left them all your military hardware and a treasury full of billions. You’ve been duped.

    1. You should have trained Women and girls they have everything to loose. Did you notice at the airport it’s mostly men fleeing.

  4. The Afghanistan government survived only thanks to the support of a foreign power. Afghan identity is closely tied to resistance against foreign invasion, particularly the invasion of infidels. (Afghan history glorifies the century-long struggle against the British and the jihad against the godless Soviet Union.) It is easy to use these tropes to mobilize nationalism and religious devotion, which powerfully fuel the will to fight and die. The Ashraf Ghani government had no countervailing narrative of equal intensity to inspire its troops.

  5. Afghanistan is proof that if you want something you have to stand up and fight for it. If you’re not willing to fight for it you’ll give someone else control over your hopes and dreams. It shouldn’t have been so easy to take it over

    1. We threw away our Moral Compass🧭 We are over as a SuperPower🇺🇸 Thanx bunches Retreat Joey/joeblowbama

  6. Flip all that Shi over aircraft tanks trucks and their so called capital send them drones in no American blood

  7. Bingo.

    These people had 20 years. 20 years to build a solid government and military that has the backing of the civilian population.

    We cannot prop them up forever. If they were too weak to retain control, then they deserve to fall.

    So be it.

    1. The US army was there to protect the poppy fields for big pharma. Now that we had the opod crisis they no longer need the poppy. Hence the troops are returning home.

    1. The US army was there to protect the poppy fields for big pharma. Now that we had the opod crisis they no longer need the poppy. Hence the troops are returning home.

  8. All those weapons the Taliban took from the embassy should have went out to the residents to fight off the Taliban

    1. Ask the democrats , they probably know . It’s their same agenda lol. Or a nazi.. they seemed to be very keen of the same idea.

  9. It was obviously a correct decision! After 20 years of assistance and training, the Afghani troops didn’t last one week!!

  10. No wonder we always thank and support our troops. So glad we don’t have the Afghan troops to have our back lol! Homeboys bounced!!

    1. Did they though? Or were they never really against the Taliban to begin with? They never put up a fight because as soon as the US left they became the Taliban.

  11. It’s clear we were never going to win. 20 years and the government fell that easily?
    At this point it’s better to just cut our losses.

  12. As one officer said in an NPR interview, “Afghanistan isn’t a country. It’s a region.” We may as well face the fact that secular democratic republics are the rarest form of government in history for a million reasons.

    1. Well, you didn’t listen too closely. According to Biden the Afghan people are to blame, the military, and Trump for arranging the pullout over a year ago. The deadline agreed to at that time was May 1st. Biden wanted to change that to September 11th to make us feel good. On May 1st the Taliban began advancing as they agreed to. Recently Biden woke up from his nap and realized that the Taliban had conquered most of the country and he hadn’t even started pulling out yet. Now, with only one airstrip left in the country and completely surrounded by terrorists, it’s Trump’s fault.

    2. @Shane Man It’s funny. I remember Joe telling me a month ago that his 300,000 strong Afghan Defense Force would be ready, willing and able to defeat 75,000 ragtag Taliban fighters. I guess former-President Obama was telling the truth when he said, “Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to (expletive) things up.”

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