Biden: You Will Know My Opinion On Court-Packing ‘Minute Election Is Over’ | Ayman Mohyeldin | MSNBC


  1. Pence is so far up Trump that the fly got confused. Time to Liberate America from Trump and his Republican enablers.

    1. When was the last time a presidential candidate said “ I’ll tell you after the election “ that’s not wisdom that hiding true intentions

    1. @gary grine “There are no constitutional requirements for age, experience, or citizenship of Supreme Court justices, nor did the Constitution establish how many justices would make up the court. Instead, it left many of the details up to Congress and the president.”

    2. Which didn’t matter to Republicans, when Obama picked a centrist moderate judge…. And there’s no limit on the number of appointees in the constitution. We’ve had four and ten in different years.

  2. The Covfefe-45 virus will go away once the weather cools down in January, it will be like a miracle.

  3. Biden can be as transparent about court packing as Trump has been about his taxes. What’s good for the goose…

    1. Regardless who wins the election, 50% of the country is automatically against you. Biden should simply say that if Trump fills the Supreme Court spot, and if Biden is elected, Biden will put in more Supreme Court justices to even the numbers. It is a very straight forward answer and is what the USA needs to get away from the extremists (on both sides) and back on center. That is what will get Biden the Independent voters.

    2. @Akra Seil it sets an awful precedent that you do not want to see the next ‘Trump’ have at their disposal

  4. No reason to pack the courts if you kick out a couple of illegitimate appointments. Just a thought 😀

  5. Let’s keep an eye on impeached Trump too. America must not lose an eye on Trump he’s a danger to America.

  6. This right here is going to lose Biden the presidency. Not because he is a worse choice than Trump. A tuna sandwich is better than Trump. But this question will end up losing the presidency. You just wait and see.

    1. @Anthony Egidio yup treason by the corrupt dems! and the very dumb people who follow these communalist who let BLM burn down our cities! the BLM owned by China! Funded by China!

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