Biden's 'American Families Plan' Will Face Republican Opposition | MTP Daily | MSNBC 1

Biden’s ‘American Families Plan’ Will Face Republican Opposition | MTP Daily | MSNBC


Biden's "American Families Plan" will face opposition from Republicans, reports Yamiche Alcindor.

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  1. If Marjorie Taylor green wants to debate even b4 reading AOC’s 14 page plan that just tells you what the gop game plan is during Biden’s presidency.

    1. @Viva La Raza! That’s my point. She is NOT strong. She’s turned out to be a twitter warrior and nothing more. Believe me that it is a huge disappointment to realize this. I had very high hopes for her ever since I first heard of her in 2017 when she appeared on the Jimmy Dore show. Yes — Dore was the FIRST person to give her air time. MSDNC wouldn’t even acknowledge her until 2 years later.

      But, AOC decided not to fight for what she said she would. She’s turned into a careerist politician. And that is why the progressives are abandoning her. Remember — the progressives are her entire base.

    2. @Harvey Manfredsenjenson I know you find reality lame. The fact you whine about twitter despite it being one of the few things Trump could do is just sad.

  2. Why would Republicans want to help low and middle income taxpayers and ensure that some of their tax dollars are spent on them. It really didn’t matter what the cost was when the tax cuts were for the rich and big business.

    1. @Woody Trickle down economics has NEVER worked. The ‘lower 90%” does not have discretionary income. Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt.

    2. @J M M Trickle down economics is a talking point, not an economic plan that’s ever been tried. There is no starting Pot-O-Money waiting to be divided up. Study what happened this last year…

  3. And we all can be proud of your country this’s a great country please let make it work for of us please

    1. @Paul
      Don’t forget..Within the first few months of Trump’s Presidency the Republicans rammed through a 1.9 Trillion Trump Tax Plan that was a total give away to the rich corporations and individuals..And without a thought of the vast majority of citizens who really needed help..Including those that elected them..And didn’t even bother to consult with the Dems..But now Biden is investing in the future for those citizens..

  4. Sergeant Robert Justin alford green at nellis AFB and Deborah freedman where is my daughter Jahmela and her 4 children and what have you done to them.

    1. @Joe Who: Nobody is “trapped” at the border because the border is wide open for “anybody” who has a means to get here. Biden even invited them all in to take all the rights we have paid for our whole lives…

    2. @Rolo Thatcher you are WRONG, Biden did NOT invite them and the border is NOT open and no ones rights have been taken away

    3. @psycobleach46 tullis : OMG! You really do have your head in the sand, don’t you? Do some research. Biden halted construction of the border wall on the first day in office and it hasn’t started back up since. Even the MSM is talking about that and how VP Harris won’t even go down to the border in person to see what is going on. People like you who blindly just go along so they can be taken care of by the new slave government are the reason we are in the mess we are in right now…

    1. Biden’s making corporations more powerful. Look up “Social Impact Bonds”. The corporations can not lose! Biden and Trump attended the World Economic Forum where corporations collude with Governments.

    2. @Klaus World Meanwhile, back in reality, Trump was the one giving the rich their tax breaks.

      The only reason business is starting to move “left” is because they’ve begun to realize they no longer have control over the GOP and it’s base. And those people have no problem burning down the entire country to get what they want.

      Surprise. That’s bad for business. Who would have thought.

    3. Let’s destroy the family for 60 plus years, then we can say we have a good idea to fix the family. That’s what these evil people do.

  5. Most of the United States videos are all about complaining, protesting, insulting, and hating.
    Most of the positive videos about normal people are from other countries.

  6. Anything Biden does will face Republican opposition. He could try to pass a bill welcoming Jesus back and Republicans would oppose it saying Jesus was leading a caravan.

    1. That is absolutely incorrect. 42% of Americans pay no federal income tax. The rest of the tax burden is made up by the other 58%. The tax breaks are perfectly fine because we should allow people to keep their money. At one time Democrats were called the “tax and spend party”. Let’s not fall back into that. We need to return our supercharged economy so all of our American workers can earn great money.

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    1. The market makes a comeback amidst accelerating institutional adoption. Since falling alongside the stock market early last week, Bitcoin has bounced beyond $50K, bringing most of the crypto market back into the green.

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