Biden's Covid-Focused Agenda Runs Headlong Into Reality | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1

Biden’s Covid-Focused Agenda Runs Headlong Into Reality | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


Biden came into office laser-focused on the Covid pandemic and fixing a sluggish economy. However, two mass shootings and a political fight over the border have forced the White House to – at least partially – shift its focus. MSNBC's Brian Williams has details. Aired on 03/25/2021.
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Biden's Covid-Focused Agenda Runs Headlong Into Reality | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


    1. Just like the numerous democrats that supported and encouraged the BLM/antifa summer riots. Did you contribute to Harris’ bail fund to free the rioters?

    1. @Eric Luitjens TR45H ignored the problem for 4 years and bannon stole the money you donated for a wall.

    2. @Sarah F not from me. Donating to Steve Bannon made about as much sense as donating to the Clinton foundation. Trump encouraged ICE to uphold laws already on the books and the left freaked out. For 4 years.

  1. We need to help fix the problems in Central America and lift most of our sanctions that we’ve put in place there

    We need to clean up Reagan’s drug mess and help them without looking for returns that way they can feel the need to stay in their own countries and buy us time to sort out the border.

  2. 18 republicans made a visit to the border…

    …to see what the past 4 years of doing nothing can accomplish?

    1. @Bewnie Sandals , wow, peeps do her extreme. I hadn’t heard that comparison. Biden is working to expand housing and it’s in progress. I understand things like permits take time. And don’t forget, Biden want given any info to transition in as POTUS, so he had to catch up. Give it time. I have faith, especially with all this attention, that more will be done.

    2. @netzoned The only policy that Biden changed was regarding how to deal with unaccompanied minors at the southern border. The remainder of US immigration policies are still in effect. The vast majority of border immigrants will still not obtain legal immigration status and will still have to go through the official immigration process. Republicans simply lie, misinform, and politicize everything about immigration and virtually everything else.

    3. @Bewnie Sandals You failed to see the real facts coronavirus has been in our country for over a year now and so I have the criminals all these mass shootings and the people who stormed the capital we’re all American citizens not illegals so before you lay all the problems of this country on the illegals maybe you need to take a good look at the citizens that already live here The Republicans going to the border is strictly for show And it’s embarrassing with all the problems the country already has

    1. LMAO….love it when DC wins and twits like you are too dense to realize that you lost. HINT: based on what your Biden Admin is invested in …buy oil stocks.

    2. @Senza Senso Funny that people were buying oil stocks when Trump was president when oil was going up too.

    3. @David C Still crying that the orange clown lost I see what’s your proof that the democrats cheated other than what Trump told you tell us put up or shut up.

  3. Lindsay Graham was a pro illegal immigrant and open borders guy before Trump. His rank hypocrisy on a plethora of issues makes politicians look bad. Like how is that even possible?

  4. Lindsey Graham Trump was chaos for four years. Now republicans that did nothing for 4 years. Want to go to border and take video so they can put on Fox New Entertainment for they opinion that sounds like republicans chaos. Lindsey Graham be part of the solution not problem. Fear tactics for there voters.

  5. The initial spring surge under Trump last year was an increase of 31%. Under Biden this year it is only 28%. So, although it is only baby steps, we already have promising statistics. Trumps policy was not orderly, but a chaos born of cruelty and human rights abuses that have left asylum seekers in a most dangerous Mexican city for nearly three years.

  6. Don’t show the opinions of Republican politicians when it is based on known lies and gaslighting. Only show Republican responses when they start to make sensible arguments from points of fact, not the propaganda pulp fiction.

    1. So all opinions of Republicans should be mandated be shown by that logic. That’s basically what you just said.

  7. TRUMP LEFT PREZ biden this mess after trump left office prez biden will FIX the PROBLEM at the border

  8. No Lindsey Trump brought abuse and horror to our boarder. I wonder why Steve Bannon was “pardoned” by Trump for the scam of buying boarder wall space. Hmmm, seems like the Donald would be enraged! Unless he was also stuffing his pockets with “boarder wall” bucks.

  9. Cute. Graham actually thinks the thousands of children sadistically forced from their parents is not Trump’s fault. Etc.. And, he did not worry about Trump, himself, and most republicans then and now in government, and supported and still supports Trump, the corrupt, criminal, want-to-be- dictator.

  10. You have “un-reality” and “Biden” confused.
    TRUMP was dealing in fiction.
    JOE is rock-solid in reality.

  11. Biden has no plan for covid, he is planning to collapse the economy. Fact check: 100% true. This fact check provided by Youtube’s independent fact checkers.

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