Biden's Diplomacy A Shift From Trump's Brash Bombast 1

Biden’s Diplomacy A Shift From Trump’s Brash Bombast


During negotiations to try and quell violence between Israel and Hamas, NBC News reports Biden was muted and took a tougher approach than some allies expected. Biden has also said very little publicly about the negotiations. All of it stands in stark contrast to the previous president.
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    1. I’m not calling him “ex- or former president”. But then, on BoB

      “Salute the rank, not the man.”

      Nah, I still don’t want to.

    1. Never did I. And won’t be to Joey either. You guys bed over too much to politicians. Choosing your flavor of tyrant. Amazing how now in days the people gave them so much power. Imagine of The Peoplw actually exercised the Constitution. People wouldn’t be stressing every 4 years

  1. I’m not sure where I read it (it may have been a Nietzsche work I read in my teens), but there is a quote basically holding that you can discern a person’s intelligence (or lack thereof) by how loudly they talk: the louder they talk, the less intelligent they are.
    I have found that to be largely true for over 20 years, and the contrast between Biden and 45* by this measure enforces this belief.

    1. If being loud and showing strength gets us results like peace in the ME and respect from our allies & enemies for 4 straight years, I’m all for it. Being soft and feeble obviously has consequences.

    2. @Bryan : Well, it didn’t, so that has been shown not to work, Karen. QED. Maybe you should read a book, or at least a paper, next time? Then you won’t come off as so ignorant? Next . . .

    3. @Bryan Arrogance and braggadocio are indicative of insecurity and being measured and judicious is characteristic of maturity.

    1. I mean that good things are going to happen for America now that we have a capable leader like Joe Biden leading the country.

  2. Braggarts usually don’t do anything except brag. That is why when I went out with a man that bragged, I only went out with him once. It was all just hot air.

    1. @Brian W really look at the loser you vote for. shortage of food and gas, crisis at the border. to name a few. and inflation throught the roof

    2. If trump was still president he’d would of killed another 500,000 Americans by now and we’d still waiting for our vaccine’s because of his incompetence

    3. @Diana Beebe incompeticne really look at biden. border crixes, crime way up, inflaation, gas shortage i could go on and on. and the vaccine started with biden. and so did the distributuion.

    4. @KATHY MC allister there is no point in arguing with a half wit such as yourself, keep your chin up cupcake…therapy does exists so, there is hope for you

  3. An Aesop’s Fable – The Contest Between the Sun and the Wind: Walking along a winding road, a man finds himself swept into a magical world where a contest of strength between the sun and the wind takes place. The sun and the wind compete to see who can remove the man’s coat.

    The howling wind boasts and bullies, but the shivering man tightly clutches his coat. With warmth and light and a bit of gentle persuasion, the sun encourages the man to remove his own coat

    1. Trump stood with the people of Venezuela. Democrats stood with Maduro.

      Trump stood with the protesters in Hong Kong.  Democrats stood with the CCP.

      Trump stood with the people of Iran.  The Democrats stood with Solemani and the Ayatollahs.  


    2. The moral is why would wind enter into a no win?? In less the wind blew and blew pummeling man against the earth. Separating his arms thus his coat??

    3. @Regulatory Affairs Baby Cheesus would _love_ to rule the U.S. the way Maduro is ruling Venezuela. Those two have a lot in common.

  4. trump made a lot of noise….
    For a president, who kept repeating, “don’t let them see you coming!”

    1. Seems to have been an effective strategy. Under President Trump’s leadership, we all enjoyed 4 years of peace in the ME and 0 wars. Enemies knew better than to provoke us.

  5. Everyday under the Biden administration we are being reminded just how incompetent trump was. I shudder to think of what epic chaos the nation would be mired in at this very moment had trump remained in office still the president!

    1. You mean like war in the middle east, stagflation, skyrocketing unemployment, child trafficking, a crashing economy? I guess if you stick your head in the sand you never see what’s going on around you. Biden has created these problems that Trump had control of. But whatever keep following this incompetence. Hes so bad for America.

    2. This ceasefire was Egypt though. America wasn’t involved aside from they voted down rearming Israel’s iron dome missile defense. Last thing Biden did was give money to Hamas, and strongly back Iran, whom arms them. The whole thing actually happened, because of Biden’s actions.

    3. @Dewey Lavell So here again we have yet another trump mess left for Biden to fix.
      So much for all the BS about a resolution crafted by wonder-boy Kushner,
      hapless trump son-in-law commissioned with bombast by trump to “once and for all fix the ME conflict”! After more than four years we now see how utterly shameful, wasteful and useless this incompetent jerk turned out to be.

    4. @Dewey Lavell “Biden has created these problems that Trump had control of.” Boy oh boy, just how much a new president can do in 4 months! You’ve got to be kidding, right?

    5. @John Townsend The problem will be fixed once EVERYONE recognizes Israel’s tight to exist. Theres dozens of Muslim dominated countries in the region… its Hamas unwillingness to co exist. The peice was kept through strength nd solidarity with allies. Now that the happlwss Biden is in office ALL international criminals know its open season yo attack anyone protected by America….. be it Hamas or a cartel. All Biden my dude.

  6. Ego is just like dust in the eyes without clearing the dust we can’t see anything clearly so clear and see the incompetence for what it is

    1. @James Smith yeah sure he is keeping the border open and don’t have a clue good luck Democrat lover ill keep that in mind

    2. @James Smith Yes , He was given a clean cognitive bill of health at his last annual Autopsy.

    1. @Debbie Rasmussen I hope you are wearing your double mask while typing these covid infected messages.

    1. You mean like returning billions in funds to a terrorist organization? If thats diplomacy then no thanks.

    1. Yeah,we have a grown up that quotes Mao and helps Putin build a pipeline.Veggie Biden is a complete POS.

    2. @David Eby Russians already have a favorite president, short bus. And it’s your Golden Sow by a mile

  7. There is a lot of confidence we need to build in the world. Very happy we are putting the work in. We need allies everywhere, not enemies.

  8. *Democracy Brain is connected to your desk. Students, Teachers and Police Chiefs including the President are encouraged to sit down and use them in good faith.*

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