Biden’s Message To GOP Fighting Plans To Defeat Coronavirus: ‘Have At It’

Former Obama White House Health Policy Director Dr. Kavita Patel, former Republican Congressman David Jolly, and executive producer of Showtime’s “The Circus” John Heilemann discuss President Biden’s blunt message to members of the Republican Party who have vowed to fight vaccine and testing mandates.

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    1. @Aaron E I felt almost bad posting my commentary since my country has a lot to be grateful for to America: it did not seek revenge after WWII, as the British, Russians and French wanted to (and understandably so), but it helped us rebuild, create a fairly stable democracy (democracy is always insecure – it must be worked at constantly), organized this amazing air bridge to Berlin, when Berlin was totally isolated and locked in by the Russians, so yes, America was our “hero”. I simply cannot fathom why people want to be Nazis – don’t they read history?

    2. @reality you need a “reality” check. tRump is a loser. Has been his whole miserable, craven, cowardly life. He was voted out in the most secure election ever. Lots of other Republicans won. Rump lost. Reality.

    1. @Michael Shepherd You use that term like you just shoplifted a new dictionary and reading that word made you giggle like a little boy. Grow up little boy. No one is impressed by your “command” of a four-syllable word.

    1. @Fat Freddy’s Cat thank God 🙏 those right wing faux news didn’t exist back when the polio vaccine came out or there’d be a lot of crippled people with those Republicans claiming it’s their freedom to not get vaccines.

    2. @Diane Bannister
      A ++++
      I remember the same stuff,
      graduated HS back in ’83.
      My boys were vaccinated per protocol right down the line.
      Science and State Health Boards !!!
      Those Iron Lungs used by Polio
      Victims were terrifying…

    3. I was also born in 1955. If it weren’t for incredible vaccines, we would still be fighting polio, smallpox, measles, etc.

    1. Joe Biden drone striked a U.S Aid Worker in Afghanistan… killed 4 kids as well at the same time. MSDNC is not reporting on it… wonder why!

    2. @daveapplemotors that’s exactly right. _We_ haven’t become petty, craven & feckless, and _we_ haven’t made “selfishness” the new “freedom.” _We_ didn’t mock Capitol police as they testified about what was likely the worst day of their lives— certainly the worst of their careers. _We_ didn’t feel a single positive feeling as we watched Americans lay siege upon our United States’ Capitol; despicably, _there are others who cannot say the same._


    3. @crocodile2006 I wonder why right wingers didn’t report the fact that trump dropped more bombs in 4 years than Obama did in 8 killing more civilians or the fact that trump had the record keeping of these casualties terminated after he noticed he wasn’t looking good.


    1. @Gerald Knight – I am white. You really need to have proof if you are going to call me a racist or if you think I am not empathetic about race.
      The time has to take the responsibility for your own hatred.

    2. Neither Republicans or Democrats will determine this upcoming election. Both of your parties have been drinking the kool aid. Independents will determine this election.

  1. This is not a battle against a pandemic, it’s a fight over whether or not you can reach stupid before your political opponent!

    1. @David Eby – It’s good that you recognize herd stupidity. Now you just gotta work on that projection problem you have.

    2. @David Eby You are wasting your time with these tools. Organize together patriots. That’s the only way we can turn this sinking ship around. Peace brother.

    1. @Biden will get us all killed how kind of you to offer yourself as fuel for our barbecue. The hot air in you shall cook us some juicy burgers

  2. all biden has to do is ask for the argument that allows for people to die when there is a cure. what is the “pro death” argument.

    1. @Victor Castaneda so your solution is to take all protective measures away when we already have a 9/11 amount of people dying daily? And then the numbers are 5x as much and more mutations until the vaccines don’t work anymore… yeah great plan for our country.. complete unpatriotic is what you bunch are

    2. @SickShotSnipers I have yet to have some one close to me or some one that I know have somebody pass from COVID all of you say the science the numbers these people have shown them selves untrustworthy but you guys will do anything you are told

    3. @SickShotSnipers umm… Does the vaccine prevent you from contracting covid? No Does the vaccine prevent you from becoming a spreader or super-spreader? No.

  3. The “country has changed” in the last 20 years because of Fox News and the rest of the right wing media. Period.

    1. @millenniumman75 – it’s not about politics or policy, you just need someone to hate. Fox has propagandized you into believing it’s the Democrats. Own up to it.

    2. @Poverty Spec – Oh, wow! That’s such a compelling argument! Did you copy/paste or did you think of it all by yourself?

    3. @Paul Kern BS. if the Democrats weren’t openly trying to ruin the country, they wouldn’t have such low ratings. They truly earned our disrespect and loss of support years ago….but you keep feeding them. Insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome.

  4. If all of us scramble to protect our own personal freedoms over the usual day by day, then none of us will have freedoms, for we will all destroy ourselves and eachother with our precious freedoms.

  5. If Biden was doing the opposite of what he is doing he would be raked over the coals from the GOP for NOT doing enough to end this pandemic….I’m so tired of the politics

    1. Please turn off cnn and read a history book. Preferably the French, Chinese or Russian revolution, for context of our current situation, there’s actually some good videos on the YouTube. Friendly advise from a fellow American.

  6. I few of my conservative friends aren’t voting Republican in the midterms or 2024 purely because of the right running this antivax antimask propaganda. A couple aren’t going to vote till 2026 and the others are going to vote Democrat in 2022 and 2024.

    1. Here’s hoping 🤞🤞The fear-mongering from the R’s right before an election can be pretty persuasive to someone who usually agrees with R’s. They’re gonna need support if they consume any conservative media. They’ll need someone who corrects the garbage Fox, etc. puts out, and a reminder of the reasons why they decided to change their voting habits.

  7. Mr Jolly, please run for office again, as an Independent! as a Floridian and ex- republican, you sir, are a breath of fresh air

  8. President Joe Biden has shown he has steel in his spine and can draw a line in the sand. Glad to see a President act in the interest of the people. Well done Joe ✊

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